Saturday, March 10, 2007

And then there was Music....

Hera is here now and we have been having more and more fun! The concert is tomorrow and I believe, having spent nearly 24 hours in each others company, that we are ready to rock. We even spent some of it practising, kid you not.

I have been showing her the sights, we went to the grocery store, took Misty-Cat to the Groomers, ( more on THAT mistake coming soon, NEVER again, she looks like something Henson's dreamed up! or something Malena's husband sculpted after a bad nightmare! ) and then off to the Fish Farm for Trout. And she thinks LA is going to be wild, hee-hee!

It seems to be turning into one of those friendships and musical partnerships that just sort of forms immediately and gels in to something, uh, gel-like ( ok, so I am pretty tired here ) Very like Malena she is, actually. They are both beautiful, both brilliant musically , both chocolate worshipers, both believe firmly in set lists and they both do the same kinds of goofy things.

I think they both like playing with me. I know I love playing with both of them.

I can't wait for the show Sunday night.

I wish more than ever Malena was going to be with us.

Love and Music,

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hera and The Fabulous Lorraine!

It is less than a week now until the Concert with Myself and Hera from Iceland! Next Sunday, in fact, March 11th at 7:00pm at Charlies Pub in the Water Street Inn, no cover.


The owners of the Water Street In, Chuck and Judy, are opening up the big room for us to play in. The pub is wonderful and cozy, but small-ish and Hera and I don't want anyone to be turned away for lack of space, so the big room it will be. And yes, Chuck is bringing out the tables so you will have somewhere to put your drinks!

Miss Kitty from La-la will be handling the Merch end of things, and those of you who have bought things from her at previous events know it is as much fun buying from her as it is owning the things you buy! Hera, and I, will be signing things too, if you would like, after the show.

I was thinking about my bands today and recalling First Gigs. The Flash Girls played our fourth gig about three months after we formed the band. We opened for a sold out Warren Zevon show in the main room at First Ave.

With Folk UnderGround we had been together six weeks when we opened for the Tim Malloys in the Main Room at First Ave. It was our first gig.

Malena and I formed Lorraine a' Malena, set up a website and blog, did a photo postcard, and decided on recording dates some three months BEFORE we MET. We spent a week together, where we met for the first time and then went into the studio and recorded MIRROR MIRROR. We then played our first gig a month later, with Garrison Keillor.

And now there is Hera. We meet Friday. Become a duo on Saturday. And play the gig on Sunday.

Come and see us. It's Hera's first time playing in the US . It's going to be a Very fine time. ( I.e. We're going to ROCK that House!!!!! )

( Malena would be rocking with us, for the record, if she wasn't making a movie, alas, now THAT show might well have changed the world forever more! )

Here , for you, is my version of the Cute-little-peeking photo, courtesy of Miss Kitty....

Love, Iceland, Music and Film,