Saturday, June 18, 2005

Food and and CD's and Birthday Wishes

I am right up there with Malena on the whole organic GM food thing. Ugh. We grow as much as we can during the summer, and make lots of it up into jars, and then the rest of the year buy as much Organic as possible. When will this madness end? ( don't even get me started on things like Michael Moore's fast Food Nation and all of that " food" ) ( PORK?? In Tomatos??? Dear Gods in Heaven...)

So....Cd again. Had a great production meeting with Adam Stemple this week, and have started scheduling for recording. Day 1 will be Robin Adanan Anders on drums, playing with Adam on guitar, and my bandmate Paul Score , from Folk UnderGround who is playing guitar on a couple of different songs. By a weird twist of fate, most certainly most Non-rock-n-roll, I am going over to his hourse at 8:00AM Sunday morning to practice a bit and hear what he has come up with. Practice at 8:00am???? Who would have thunk it????? Many thanks to Jody Wurl , who despite having a Pah-te tonight at her house, is going to get up and drive me there....

I am off to the airport straight away after that ( hence the most un-Godly hour ) to go back to LA-LA Land and see Miss Malena for a week of final practice. And also, and I am outing her here, celabrate her BIRTHDAY!!!! Which is tomorrow, Sunday the 19th! Stop by and leave her some nice Birthday wishes, even if you have been to shy to leave any comments before..( Malena, and I for that matter, are pretty shy ourselves, no really, we are, not kidding , so step right up and add your bits )

Love and Light and Good Food to you all,


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Plant your garden!

Plant your garden!

Have you ever wondered why the produce looks so perfect at the grocery store? Well, I'll tell you. It's because most fruits and veggies are Genetically Modified. In Europe, the public is outraged, demanding that GMO foods are labeled. But here in the USA, the corporations are keeping things quiet. I had no idea how much this impacted my life until I started reading. What I found was horrifying. So, unless you want Pork Genes in your Tomatoes (which helps them not to bruise), eat organic as much as possible. You can always start small and learn to grow an herb garden in your kitchen window. If a corn worm dies from eating corn, what is that corn going to do to you? Don't take my word for it, look it up for yourself. Here in LA we are BLESSED with KPFK, a publically owned and operated radio station with amazing information. Take a look......

It's up to us to save this planet and education is the key!
Now, I'm off to water the Tomatoes.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Little La'M-ies

Little LaMi-ies and Mini Malenas

Here's a photo from my daughter's party. As you can see, my clothing fits them a quite well...too well! Aren't they cute?

Little La'M-ies

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Countdown Begins....

Had a wonderfuly fun weekend this weekend. The ever delightful Miss Kitty came out from LA on Thursday and tho , sadly, she has left us now, but having her for a visit is always much fun. We got to make Indian food for everyone and spent the rest of the time taking pictures and doing small things. She nearly got to see a Midwestern Thunderstorm of Doom, but the weather did not co-operate and all the storms managed to miss us. ( no fun for frustrated Weather Girl Lorraine I say )

Malena and I have been doing much talking about the upcoming recording sessions. We are still putting the final touches on the cd, little things like " What ARE we going to record " or " Who is playing what? " Adam Stemple and I managed to miss eachother completely yesterday , trying to have a production meeting on the thing, but I did get the notes to him. I imagine he is hard at work trying to figure out what the heck I was talking about in all of them. ( I know the notes for one song read: " God Knows, I sure don't " )

It's an odd way to go about a cd but it does work. In the Flash Girls for the first two cd's Emma and I knew the songs and had been playing together for a long time when we went into the studio. On the third cd, Wild Queen, she had been moved away for several years and we had not played. She came out and we rehersed for three days and then went in and recorded. With Folk Underground we had been playing together for a long time, but had never played many of the songs that ended up on Buried Things, we simply learned and built them in the studio.

Malena and I have had less time together than either Flash Girls or Folk UnderGround. As far as music goes at any rate. I don't think this is going to be a problem, as we have in our heads what exactly we want it to sound like, and we can build these songs with Adam as they go along. Chirs Ewen is doing magic things to several of the tracks and working on the booklet with Malena. It's actually very exciting, to think what is going to come out of these sessions. Next week is going to be all about practice out in LA, then on the 27th, into the studio.

Yesterday I had an e-mail with some more lyrics by Jane Yolen, hurrah and hurrah! Timing is everything and this week more music needs to be written, for they are truly lovely! Also I was listening to what we have already recorded with the truly talented Lojo Russo, and as Malena remarked, " Even if we do nothing else, it's worth it right there"

Now I am going to weed the ever growing full of weeds garden and hum little songs to myself and think about fiddle parts and harmonies and the fact that in a very short time, I will be spending all of my time seeing just what Lorraine a' Malena is all about.

Sounds good to me.