Thursday, September 21, 2006

All About Bees

Here are some facinating facts about Bees for you....( we have learned a lot about Bees today )

You see, Malena drinks an energy drink that contains Bee Propolis and she was convinced that Propolis is Bee Poo. I might have been nearly asleep in a much needed nap, but as this was CLEARLY important to her, I woke up and hopped on the internet.

Turns out she was right, we found out , those wacky bees! And honey is bee vomit. And bees have two stomachs. Malena has aksed me to tell everyone it is now Bee ProPOOlis. I could go on about bees, but now you have the highights.

If anyone wonders WHY I am sharing these Bee Facts here on our music blog, I made a deal with her that if I got up and did a Blog I could then go back to sleep, not mind you that she has stopped talking this entire time, I am not sure what she is talking on now, nor how she got there, but I have done my part with the bee blog, and can now go to sleep. Notice I have even included some Bee Images.

Oh, LA is wonderful.

To be continued.....

Love and Stingers, Honey,

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Remembering Music

Malena says that Blogs should have pictures, and I don't have much in the way of pics on my laptop here at my House, where I have finally arrived, alive, after my long long long weekend, so I went on the web and found this from long ago, 1993 I think it was. Me and my bandmate Emma Bull, from our first Flash Girls publicity shot ever. Note the Death T-shirt....

It's odd too, as today at the Fest I was walking by a music act and heard them doing " The All Purpose Folk Song " a song my Boss wrote for us to play out there, I didn't know they were doing it, but it's of course fine with me. They also do Girl Needs a Knife and Race to the Moon, which they had asked if I minded. No not at all, cover away folks!

( I said, " It' like having my own Flash Girls Tribute Band " ! )

It's even odder that when I called Boss tonight to check in he told me, without me saying anything on the subject, that he wanted to re-write the All Purpose Folk Song.

I think I have Emma on my mind today. And Malena.

I wonder too, how I got so fortunate to have been able to work with such two brilliant, compleling, wonderful amazing women, as Emma and Malena. ( Who both also happen to be tall, beautiful, thin with long dark thick ( yes, there is envy here ) hair.)

To take it further, how did I get so favored to have work with so very many magic people? Time Mallys, Bedlam, St Domminics, Folk Underground and Lojo Russo so on and so and...

Ok, enough rambling on, I am back, survived and more or less here. No brain, no energy, but I had a great weekend. I do so very much love playing for so many people. There are too many wonderful moments to talk about but I am truly grateful for the chance to sing and play for you. All of you. Every gig , all the time.

If you loved what I did this weekend, or ever , any gig, any band, and you know who you are, know that you gave me as much as I gave you.

I am the lucky one.

And I thank you.

Off to Malena tomorrow.....

All my love, Lorraine

Malena HERE!

Yes, it is my policy to have photos for blog entries. Poor Fablo. We spoke tonight and I was going a million miles an hour. Every few minutes, Lorraine would say,
"Ah! Div, I would be happy to advise you on that subject, BUT NOT RIGHT NOW!"
You see, I AM very shy..unless I like you or already know you. Then......oh honey, it's a one woman show gone wrong!! Out bursts this talkative creature. (For those who have seen us on stage, this is not new info..especially Convergence.) Can't WAIT to get that CD back. Dear God we were wild. Lorraine LEFT the stage a few times I was so , well animated. That's a nicer word than NASTY. Yes?

Yeah. She always THINKS going to Hollywierd is for R&R, but I have other plans for our little rainbow bright. I told her she'd better bring her sassy pants. (rhinestone studded jeans) We're goin' clubbin baby! Yes! The kind where strange women and men (sometimes a collage of both) dance in glass cages, Drag Queens do runway shows, and you buy drinks with sexy names. To bad neither of us drink. Oh Funny story! I was at dinner the other day with Miles and some industry friends. Everyone was drinking but me. Someone said, "oh oh who's gonna drive home?" I said, "ME Dork!" and HERE'S THE PRICELESS MOMENT...
He said, "Malena, YOU are NOT sober enough to drive!"
Miles gently reminded him that I act like a complete ham without any alcohol at all. None what so ever.

So, I've got some really cool things planned, including WORK. Hee hee. Can't forget about that. I've been singing all these old songs recently. They make me cry.
Sexy songs like Deep Purple, Stardust, Stormy Weather, Skylark, Send in the Clowns, There's always One...etc. I LOVE to sing. It is the best expression of my soul. My emotions flow out of my voice and the lyrics becoming a story I remember. As if the song was a part of my life, for a moment. That's one way to describe how I love music. Especially dark, tormented, romantic stuff. (Guess Fablo chose the right writer for that, huh?)

My daughter and I went to Universal Studios today. My friend Kristen's movie was playing there, CROSSOVER. Today was "be a kid" day for Malena. They have this Nickelodeon water park that is FABULOUS.
500 gallons of water gushing over your head all at once. (Although I must mention NEXT time I go, I won't wear a WHITE rhinestone skull tshirt and hippie jeans.) I proudly, was one of 2 parents that chose to get in on the aqua action. I won HUGE brownie points with my Bean for doing this. So, I'm totally drenched, as in my pants are heavy and I squeak as I walk and my hair's all ratty and dripping....and I decide to go say hello to the Dark Horse Comic Shop. I was having so much fun I forgot I was dripping. I wrangled one of the sales dudes over and said,
"Excuse me! Where's the Neil Gaiman section?" (I like to take photos for Fablo when I go places) He sadly replied, "Mr. Gaiman's work sells so fast, it's hard to keep the wall stocked." I just smiled and said, "Yeah. That figures. I'm a BIG fan! I understand these things." As I turned around to leave, I noticed a TRAIL of water following me around the store! No wonder why the guys were looking at me funny. Fablo MUST go to Universal and get soaked. It REALLY isn't just for kids! So between shopping, singing, clubbing and waterparking, I'm SURE she'll get all the rest she needs. Wehooooooooooo come on down baby! She gets in really late. I should just take her straight downtown. (She WOULD kill me...and possibly cry out of desperation for sleep!) We've been talking about doing webcam parties, or PODcasts, for all you tech savvy people. I don't even know how to pull a podcast off and I'm a web geek for certain. So, she will teach me to podcast and I will sing and dress her up in outfits she would NEVER wear.

Sounds fun, ah?
You'll see..very very soon!
Love you LaMies!

And no, saldy..that is not my bum in the photo. I just like it because of the Violin.
That's LaM's instrument right there. Oh.. the sound of a forlorn woman playing the violin. Very Moving.