Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I am alive, I think

Hello LaMies! Kitty and I are recovering from a long shoot. Here's some photos for you. We had a blast. More coming soon....

Here's Kitty and I doing the twin thing....

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And THANK YOU Stephen! He's the cute goth dude in the coffin. He's one of my oldest friends here in Hollywierd and we couldn't have done the shoot without him! Ok, now I'm off to hook up my new Frig. Yes, once again Fablo and I are doing the same thing on the same day. We never plan these things, that's why it's so odd. Lllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee Yaaaaaa LaMies!
Your Angel of Death

Skeletons out of the closet

Here's a picture of yesterday's Mangos of Love! ( Minus one , nice bath that )

Went to the House last night and Cleaned and cleaned, never did see so much dust and painting things, and then one a nicer note, arranged my skeletons in the new cabinet. Yes, folks, the skeletons are out of the closet! ( I slay myself! )

I like the Angel Dude who looks like he is taking a bite out of some sort of Spirit of Light!

That's about all the interesting news for today except to say, Malena and I are often amused by the fact that our lives seem to run parallel so much of the time and we find ourselves constantly doing the same things, half a country apart. In case you all thought they were non-stop glamorous and exciting, let me tell you that today we are both up early , half a country apart, waiting for our new refridgerators to be delivered.

Love and skeletons,

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mangos, Mangos and More!

Malena and Kitty no doubt had a fine time shooting corsets in coffins yesterday. I , myself, had a horrid migraine, I do hate them do. I spent the day in bed with an ice pack. Methinks they got the better end of the deal, witchy ladies! I do feel better tho today.

More importantly, for recovery, I got sent an entire CASE of football sized Mangos! Anne Murphy , I have said it before, you are truly wonderful! I amy finally have enough Mangos to keep me happy. I shall eat them in the bath, which is the proper place for Mango eating. ( tho Malena is not so sure about that one, I think she finds it silly, hee-hee ) Again, my thanks! You guys are the Best ever!

( Hmmph. I took a nice photo of them, but Blogger won't let me uplad anything, guess we have to wait. )

Gigs this weekend! With Paul Score, our own Scored for Life, on Friday and Saturday at Charlie's in Stillwater. Joining us on Saturday is , once again, Lojo Russo, one of the sweetest singers going, we never fail to have a blast and things get pretty comic at points. Lojo is not often in town, so if you can make it , do please come down. Promise it will be fun.

On the house front, the Worlery is covered is dust, with construction things and paint things everywhere. I get my stove and fridge tomorrow. And then have to spend time cleaning the place, the floor and carpet look great LAMinate wood floors are SO
the way to go. ( well, I mean if one is on a budget, hardwood oak looks pretty good too if one isn't ) I am hoping to put Lojo up on Saturday after the gig, my first houseguest ( Malena doesn't count as a GUEST )! ( wonder if Lojo will mind not actually haveing a BED, or dishes, or, uh, FOOD )

Love and Mangos,