Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Art, Canada, Dogs , Cats and Mangoes and Ice Cream

Catchy title, eh?

We got this from our sweet friend from Canada ( or somewhere, might not be Canada, who can say??? I mean, I LIKE Canada. Some of my best friends are Canadians. Well, no they are not, but I wouldn't care if they were, I am just saying I don't REMEMBER if she is the one from Canada or somewhere else...Where was I????) I think it is cute and sweet and everything fun. I like to think of Malena and I hanging somewhere....Kristina will have to tell you were we will get hung, and who actually did the art.

I have decided, having lived now with Dog for some months, read many a book, gone thru TWO Dog School sessions and Netflixed the Dog Whisperer, that I am now COMPLETELY competent , in a very Leader of the Pack way, to introduce Dog to Cats. And not in a Hunter/Prey way. ( Pray for me... If anyone has any tips, I'd welcome them. ) All shall live in harmony. -I- Alpha Lorraine, command it!

I can see it now...

DOG: Yes, yes, oh great one, I bow to your leadership and will share all with the Cats of Goodness...

CATS: Bugger off, you suck and so do dogs! And open that can of food before you go!

As Robert Heinlein once said " Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should just get used to it "

Malena has promised to add to this blog when she gets home tonight, as I told her, " Well, I simply don't have that much to say, surely you are doing SOMETHING today???? " So we will look for the little Missie Vampire later,, and perhaps hear of some great and wonderful adventures.

( No, Malena, no pressure...Hee-hee! )

It's night in Europe. Boss is flying. The USA , even LA is closed. Malena is acting. Dog is asleep. Oh yes! The only question is ice cream before or after the Bubble Bath??? ( Nope. Doesn't work real well IN the bath. Tried it. Now mangoes....)

Love, Art and the Truth about Cats and Dogs,

Hey LaMies!

Yes, I have been busy, as usual. Here's a picture from my shoot the other day. I was leaving and the photographer, David Betances took this in my front yard. He was such a doll to work with. We had the best crew.

AND now on to LaMie things. I just ordered a bunch of Halloween stuff for my friends. I will be drawing names from our fan cub and some lucky person will get a bunch of kitchy Halloween stuff in the mail from ME!

Also, if you are in the LA area, there is a Ouiji Board art show at Copro Nason. Check it out!

I'd also like to wish Miles TEVES and Kitty a happy birthday. They are only one day apart! Kitty's birthday was tuesday and Miles' was Wednesday. I've been so busy, I haven't been able to properly celebrate with either of them. So, today I am making home made cookies (not from the box)!!!! Miracle of God I know!

I'd like to add a few photos of our LaMies. Here's Nathalie in my Red Leather jacket she bought off my charity eBay auction.

She's blessed with such a perfect little nose! What a stunner huh? Speaking of stunners, another one of our LaMies, Dusti makes me look like a non celebrating halloween housewife! Check her out!
This weekend is a killer! First it's the secret IJ4 party ( I can say no more), then the Spike TV Scream Awards. Kitty and Lorraine are busy as hell. I hear Lorraine's Boss is getting an award. I think that will be 100,043rd one. I kid I kid. It's only the 100,042nd. Hey, the dude is an icon!
Although Los Angeles has it's fashion downfalls, we really know how to do it up for Halloween. Even Motion Picture Hospital decorates to the nines. I went to get my blood drawn and sure enough, they have a framed picture of Bella Lugose with a golden plaque that says, "Our father" and underneath it a photo of the phlebotomists that said, "And his children of the night" COOLNESS! And.... it's up all year round. You can't beat that with a stick! Miles loved it so much he's thinking of donating one of our Bella statues to the hospital. Even the pharmacy is done up! A few years ago the head pharmacist dressed up as the DEVIL. They gave me some strange medicine for my cold and the side effects included, "dizziness". So I told them if I came in next time with dyed blonde hair and a nose job, it's the cold medicine!!! I felt so bad because I turned around and BAM! There was a blonde chic with a Joann Rivers nose. Ooopps! Where's my diplomatic Lorraine when I need her?
So, until next time, this is your friendly neighborhood vampire signing off!
Mad Madame M

Monday, October 15, 2007

sent me a picture of her and Brjann. She and I have the freaky-est Kitties going. ( if we win the Freaky Kitty Contest, Malena wins hands down the Freaky Dog contest with her Bat-frog-dogs...Maybe she will post some pics...)

I have been going thru a lot of " Just one more Kitty " lately, and thinking about a marbled blue Bengal, since I love them, but I have just been surfing the web this evening, and I am getting LURED by this Sphynx Breed. Suspected it before this, and am now sure. I am going to have a good think about it, but I sure would love to have one.

The only thing I worry about is how Freaky Venus Seaweed and Misty-girl would take to a little Sphynx Girl. They are both pretty young and it is a large enough house.

And Hera, you are right, black Softpaws is that way to go with Brjann, I forgot his paws were white. I would want one just like him, or dark grey with a black face and paws.

So, another baby? yes or no? I mean, I only have the two here. And my Boss's dog. And his three cats. And two tanks of fish.....And my day job and music career don't take up THAT much time....

( I count myself REALLY fortunate that one of my friends just recently started breeding and raising draft horses, and says that I can have as much time with them as I need.....another longtime love )

Love and Freaky,

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pink Claws and Fathers

Lots of fun today , tho I am pretty beat from the gigs this weekend ( but, oh man, you know it's going to be a good gig when three Zombies show up and sit right up front , I gave them a Table Drum solo at one point, during Bally Bay....Being proper Zombies, they had only two actual words " Brains and Pint " I loved them SO! Malena would have kept them as pets, oh for a camera!!!! )

Freaky Venus Seaweed got her Softpaws today ( Thank you Hera!!!! ) HA! Now let's see her stalk me, stalk away, Venus, I am not your prey!!!! Keep in mind this Claws of Doom Jungle Cat is only half grown...Those claws don't ( didn't! ) mess around!

Here is a picture that more accurately reflects Venus' feelings on the entire process....

I got together with my Dad today, for the first time in years, which was such a good thing, it made me happy. He came out to my Spooky House and I gave him tea and cupcakes. I wish he was in town longer. He is a Doctor, and very distinguished and dignified, as you can see from this Father Daughter Photo Booth picture.

Ok, here is a better one..( Well maybe not BETTER , hard to beat the effects tab on Photo Booth ) I love you, Dad! ( of course, this new-found feeling of love and re-connecting may not out last me posting the previous picture , hee-hee.... ) My favourite moment was when I opened Photo Booth to take these and he said " You're about to tell me your computer takes pictures, aren't you.. "

Now I am having some serious couch time with a lovely special on " Tornados and How to Chase Them " ( handy info, that , one never knows... )

Freaky Venus Seaweed and Misty-girl have curled up on the Stardust costume, which is currently residing on the dinning room table , awaiting my dressmakers mannequin for proper display, and I have turned on my fire. It being nearly FIVE in LA, Malena should soon be creeping from her Crypt and posting some comments on the big Party last night, and perhaps ringing me to give me a full report ( YES! That was a HINT, Girl! )

Love and Fathers and Pink Clawed Kitties, Lorraine