Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bye bye Birdie!!!

Fablo left last night and is now safe at home. Before she left, we had dinner with Danth. What a darling dude he is!! With all of you...BALTICON will be a *&%^*&-ing blast, no doubt! Lorraine wrote a song called, Race you to the Moon..FOREVER ago. It's on the Wild Queen album. Anyway, I loved it the first time I heard it and have been working on it ever since. Fablo says I might have time to sing it at Balticon. Yeah!!! Some songs just stick in your head the first time you hear them. Fablo and I are quite a pair. So many of us couldn't live without her. Me and my spider to start!!!

Speaking of Miss Fabulous saving the day..
I love spiders, but I hate what they eat (crickets). I went to the pet store to get a few of the evil fiends. Hey! It's better than feeding her baby mouseys. Oh DarlinG I couldn't do it. The sales guy couldn't understand how I could be afraid of crickets, but had no problem holding a 5 inch tarantula. When it was time to feed Cruella, Fablo saved the day (as usual)!!Who would believe an undead thing like me would hate crickets. Ewwwwww nasty! Dirty! Filthy! Crunchy when you step on them. So, Lorraine opened the cricket box and shook a few into the spider cage. (As I feared) one got out and was hopping all over the front room. I don't think Lorraine has ever seen me that grossed out. Poor Miles thought the world was ending. He laughed when he found out I was screaming on top of a chair over a lil' old cricket. Here's my rule:
If it's furry, I like it. Except Rhino beetles. They are cute too, thanks to watching a Bug's Life.

With me having an unset broken arm, Lorraine got a little taste of LA driving. All I could tell her was, "No one obeys the traffic laws. And if you do, you'll get reamed" For example:
The speed limit, turn signals, right of way, stop signs, and stopping at red lights jus to name a few. LA is truly another world.

So, now it's back to work. Kitty is producing a movie called, War in Heaven. Sounds like we will be filming some scenes in a month or two. Wehoooo! Yeah baby! Jehovah speaks! (that's me) I've got to practice speaking with a RADA accent... (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) Think Peter O'Toole. Cause HONEY! There's NOTHING worse than an actor who speaks with a BAD English accent. Better to do it right or not at all. Lots of cool projects going on here in Hollyweird. As usual, I'll keep you posted.

Love with NO CRICKETS!
Malena the spider woman

Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day!

Hello there ,all of you, and a very happy Beltane/May Day/ Night of the Wolf and all!

( And a Happy Birthday to Adam Stemple! )

Sometimes when we are together there are weeks where there is a lot of time, we do exciting things, and we blog and we go places and take wonderful pictures and see our friends, and come back with many a tale to tell.....

And sometimes not. I would love to be mysterious and let you think this is one of the Oh-la-la weeks where it is a full on rock star diva extravaganza, but, ah, actually it might have been a little more mundane, and I am too tired this evening to say more than: Uh, Work..Lots of work where we have been. Our jobs are very similar and tend to go in the same sort of trend, so work again, lots of work.

Mr Miles has been designing another Super Hero suit, like he did for Batman, and had a film crew fly in from the Philippines to do a documentary on his work for the show, which was all very fun, and my big news would be a report from my Most tolerant Housekeeper in the World about a bear that has been hanging around taking down and destroying bird feeders at an alarming rate.

( not the Nice Little ones that hang from a tree , but the HUGE METAL poled jobs that require a Hot Bird Chick to install, custom ones )

( Bird Chick has, apparently taken Bear safety Classes and when called today, told me just what to do. No Food. It will leave. How very comforting. )

( Almost as comforting as my Boss's idea of going out early in the morning with peanut butter sandwiches and making friends with it. I believe him to have been kidding )

So there you have it.

We have been singing every night and making sure all the tee-shirts and goodies are wending their way to us, and last night , for the first time for me, believe it or not, we watched MIRROR MASK.

( I had seen bits of it during production, but never the final version ye gads, what a wonderful , magic , lovely , gorgeous most perfect movie it is!!!!!!!!! Those guys are REALLY good ! )

( Malena, our one armed bandit, says it is a trippy Edgar Allen Poe-esque experience that could otherwise only be obtained or experienced by taking some sort of Psychotropic drug. Of course, she does only have the one arm right now, but I am inclined to agree with her )

( No, no idea why I am talking in parentheses tonight )

( Love and Mirrors )
( Lorraine )