Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm Baaack!!!

Greetings LaMies! I'm finally home from traveling.
What an eventful trip Fablo and I had. I'm working on some baby LaMie gifts today.
So Fun! Thanks to Kristina and Mistress Mousey, we will be starting a LaMie gift exchange very soon. If you are already on the list and don't want to participate, email me at: Otherwise, I'll put your name in the hat. More information to come in the newsletter. (Hopefully coming this weekend) If you aren't signed up as a LaMie, do it now and join in the crafty fun.

Here's a gross and disguisting tid bit for you. I've been feeding Cruella, my spider, mealworms. (Crickets are Kitty's favorite, so I thought I'd spare their little lives for a while) I had no idea that mealworms turned into beetles. Big freaky ones! So, there I am cleaning the picture window in my kitchen. I took her cage and put it by the sink for a moment. Next to it was a bag of cinnamon almonds, about the same color as the beetles, which I thought couldn't get out! So, I finished cleaning the tiles in the window and put the cage back. Then a few minutes later, I grabbed a handfun of almonds I had taken out earlier and put them in my mouth. For some reason, they tasted aweful. Bitten and sour...ewwww. Well, I'm not certain I accidentally ate a beetle but it sure tasted like I did. I was sooooooo grossed out, I drank an antire bottle of club soda in one gulp. I kept telling myself, "There's nothing you can do about it now" so I wouldn't puke. I ate a few more almonds out of the bag and they didn't taste bitter at all. This made me even more certain I ate a bug. Ewwwwwwwww! Makes you skin crawl doesn't it? Little demonic beetles. How dare they escape! Why aren't they happy to die their painful, slow death? (I really do feel sorry for them actually)

BTW, Michael's crafts is having a sale on Halloween stuff. They have cute little bottles and things for cheap. I bought the whole set.
Now all I need to do is fill them with potions and such.

In a few short days I will be doing another Alter Ego shoot. Kitty is the photographer. Yeah! I'll be sexy! I'll be sure to post a few photos for our LaMies. "See it here first! The amazing bug eating vampire! Only at the Lorraine a' Malena circus" And a circus it is, right Lorraine?

Miles is going to burn me a disc of ALL the convergence photos. Masquerade included. I will post them on the photo page for your morbid enjoyment.

Thanks to all of you for the spooky cards and gifts. Don't send me cinnamon almonds. I doubt I will ever eat them again. I want to save my insect eating skills for TV. Mwauuuuu ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Love you LaMies!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gigs, Lisa Snellings and Melissa Eitheridge

This has been a rather long hot busy working day, so if I seem to lack my usual wit and brilliance, you know why. There are things to say however, so here it is....

First off, Paul and I , with John " Big Sexy " Sjogren are playing this Friday and Saturday at Charlies in Stillater. I mention this as it is not on the appearances Page, being a last minute addition. Sadly, Stilllwater is having " Lumberjack Days" . I don't know what they are exactly , but I think it means it may be hard to park, but we would love to see some friendly faces in the sea of chaos if you are feeling brave. Elizabeth from Dremahaven Books says she is going to try and get thru and bring me a mysterious package that arrived for me from Someone out there........

Lisa Snellings is having a very cool sale. Here it is for one more week only and some of the proceeds are going to the CBLDF , it is never to early to think about Christmas, folks and Lisa's art is so very magic. ( and she is a pretty fun date herself! )

( notice my new linking skills? Hope it works )

I got a chance to see Melissa Etheridge on Tuesday night. It was truly the second best concert I have ever been to . ( NOTHING will ever top ABBA , I was 13 and we got to sit in the fourth row ) Melissa is the most amazing performer I have ever seen, she gives so very much , everything she has I don't doubt. She played for 2 hours and 41 minutes! Never stopped for a moment. ( I have played close to two hours without a break in concert, and let me tell you, it is WORK ) Kitty told me when I mentioned I was going to the concert that someone had said to her, about Melissa, " If you need healing, she will heal you"

Yes, she does. Her music is everything that music should be , and as magic as music is at it's best, but it is the things she says in between songs that made my heart melt, my fears go away , and made me believe that anything is possible, at any moment. Or maybe reminded me of that. And of how very precious life and love really are. It's hard to put into words what a wonderful experience seeing her was. It's funny, I was reading in her blog that some of the critics were saying they liked the music, but she talked to much. Weren't they listening to what she had to say???? I need to write her and tell her, don't stop talking, I can't be the only one you have healed.

Go and see her , if you can, if she is coming your way. You will be glad you did.

I think I will leave you with some pictures of the very, very coolest housewarming present a Boss could ever give his Assistant.

Love, Music and Magic, Lorraine

Monday, July 17, 2006

One Night in Boston

Here are a few photos from our Boston Trip. I'll post more when I return to LA.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wolery House

Here we have photos of House, which my Boss thinks ought to be called " Wolery" ( and who remembers where that comes from???? )

First off here the bathe, with a lovely live plant arrangement done by our Malena, and some candles on my stove, also done by the Queen of Crafts....

And then my find of the year, some sort of Spanish chandeleire, I have always wanted crystal hanging things.....

And the soon to be kind of retro kitchen....

And now, continuing our tour, we have my really horrid porch, which is soon to be coming down and getting itself re-built. Best thing that could happen to it.

And then we come to the very special TWO doors on the front porch, so one can enter the living room OR the dinning room ( which are connected, go figure. )We can fine no evidence that this was ever a duplex, but there you have it.

And finally, Wolery House as a whole.....

I did find the Ice-pack Headphone shots of Malena and some lovely ones of us with Chris Ewen, but this seems to be a house oriented post, so we will leave things there and let Malena pick out the ones we want to post. I am having great fun, and the destruction will soon be done! Tomorrow I pick out more paint, and go look at hot tubs! ( someday I will get photos and text together correctly on Blogger, WHY does the preview bear no resemblance to what gets published??? )

Love and homes,