Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mostly Regarding Martin Millar

I saw two sights today that literally made me stop and stare in wonder. The first was a flock of migrating Trumpeter Swans. I might have taken a quick look and dismissed them as geese, but I have been hanging out with the Birdchick a lot this year, and she is teaching me Bird Skills. They were white, and had long necks and sang differently that geese do. SO lovely.

(ok, the second was a BUTT in the grocery store. Not a crack. A BUTT. You would think the guy might have noticed, BUT neither myself, nor anyone else in that asile felt able to mention it to him. Cleared the place OUT...)

I have been following the release of Martin Millar's Lonely Werewolf Girl with pride and satisfaction. His publisher mentioned to me that Barnes and Noble has got behind it and that it is currently hanging out at #4! That's the way to do it!! Here is a bit from the Telegraph in the UK I quite liked.....And another from Softskull And yet another fine review from a Gentleman who started off skeptical and ended up raving!, just sent to me by Softskull Press........

And here is a lovely picture of Martin. You will have to go to his website to find the answer to WHY the chainmail bikini is very important. Hey, we're all for it! (Having seen my bandmate Malena in one, I am here to tell you, they ain't half bad!)

Ok, ok, here's a link to MALENA in leather, chainmail bikinis and some regular clothes just for fun. For those of you who think Martin isn't exciting enough. To look at compared to Malena, anyway (heck, who IS??) but, the man can write.

Very, very well. Now back to Martin....

Starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist! (tho Publishers Weekly seems a little at odds with itself as to whether or not they are raving or nix'ing the book. The things they seem to think of as "Problems" are pretty much what makes this such a great book. Our sort of people get this sort of thing.)

Here are my favorite couple of sentences, from Booklist, which I think, sum Lonely Werewolf Girl up better than I ever could..To read the entire review, on Review of the Day , I might add, click HERE.


This complex romp features scores of characters,
multiple races, enchanting fashion trappings, business, family dynamics, music, sex, enduring love,romance, business, eating disorders, drug addiction, back-alley fights, epic battles, politics, and, most prominently, the contrary nature of werewolves, not to mention 236 (!) chapters. And it’s so compelling you don’t want to it end. The grungy, gory, glorious world that World Fantasy Award–winner Millar has created is unforgettable.

— Diana Tixier Herald

I knew before this book that Martin's writing was good. Better than good. And then some. He makes me laugh. He makes me think. He takes the half formed fancies I dream about and brings them to life.

In Lonely Werewolf Girl, he will show you the world as it just might actually exist.

At any rate, it does now. And this makes us happy.

Love and Werewolves,

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Weird Life

Hello again all! I have missed you lot! Thank you for all the comments and nice words, I am feeling right better, and am about to catch you up on all the News..But first, a lovely photo of me, by our own Miss KItty!

I love that shot! (and not to worry, read on, LOTS of pics this time!)

And here's me and Madame M. Mim and the Freaky Venus. It takes a LOT to get kitties in a shot, and Miss Kitty is REALLY good...I miss her, she is now back in LA living her rock-n-roll dreams. Or earning a living, sometimes the line is rather fine...

Ah, spring came this week, the snow is melting, the snowdrops are up, I am finding the Dog toys all over the yard, things are covered in mud (mostly Dog. Dog likes mud)

I enjoyed it. Spring I mean. And then came home tonight to this lovely BAD WEATHER ALERT! April Fools indeed!!!! (This is NOT fair..)

. Heavy Snow Warning in effect from 7 am Monday to 6 am CDT

The National Weather Service in Twin Cities/Chanhassen has issued
a Heavy Snow Warning... which is in effect from 7 am Monday to
6 am CDT Tuesday.

Heavy wet snow will overspread much of east central and south
central Minnesota and portions of west central Wisconsin from late
Monday morning through early Monday afternoon. The snow will
persist through much of Monday night before diminishing
significantly by daybreak Tuesday. Snow accumulations of 8 to 9
inches are likely.

A Heavy Snow Warning means severe winter weather conditions are
expected or occurring. Significant amounts of snow are forecast
that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in an emergency. If
you must travel... keep an extra flashlight... food... and water in
your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Hmmmph. I say. Hmmph.

Betsy Stemple, Adam (LaM producers) wife (whom I've know longer than Adam, heck we MET while we were both dating Big Johnny, THAT will make or break a friendship!) and Big Johnny's girlfriend, the lovely Karrin came down to the gig last night, largely so that Johnny and Karin could make an Announcement, for me mainly. Yup, it's Leap Year, she proposed! On my Birthday! (he said Yes, by the way..) This is a Good Thing. She asked for both Betsy and mine's blessing, and I said , of course, and Betsy said Of Course, but you can't give him back....Congrads to you both! (FINALLY we have settled him with a truly wonderful women!)

In other family news, not so fun, I played, with Adam and Johnny, at Betsy's Mom's Funeral today. I hope, quite sincerely, that when (and if) I ever die, that there will be as many people with as many wonderful memories as there were there for Myrna. Betsy, our thoughts are with you. You did Good today. Know that.

Our Malena just called, (OK, like an hour has gone by, but hey, we had a lot to talk about) and she said MORE PICS, so here you go, my dear, more pics......(she has been working long hours these days, you know Hollywood, and sending me the most interesting text's....If she stays sane, it ought to be fun.)

I think this is my favourite of all. I look so happy.

I got a letter today from someone who said, basicly "Miss Thrix, you were right, Lonely Werewolf Girl is the best book ever! Thank you SO much for introducting me to Martin Millar's work. "

Very cool. (Thrix being my first favourite character in Lonely Werewolf Girl. My little ego had already seen me as Thrix. Good to know I am not far off..) Look for an entire Blog on Martin this week, the book is out in the US and doing WONDERFULLY.

As well it should. This makes me happy.

As do most things. Tomorrow I take the big 4-wheel drive thing and snow or no snow, go off to the airport for Boss. Thinking of bringing Dog and tying a flask of TEA (since we don't drink brandy) to his collar, in case we end up snowbound.

Love, snow, work and Betsy...