Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th

I was wondering why I was so witchy today, making facial cleansers, bat soaps and such. And what do you's Friday the 13th! I think my Yoga teacher has given up on me having "inner calm". peace, yes calm, not really. I am always on the go! Movin' and a shaken' baby!
I am working on a film project that is really cool and dark and "of all things nocturnal". I can't go into detail yet, but here's a photo to tie you over. Corrine, my new friend came over to take some snapshots for wardrobe references. I have bribed Corrine into getting sexy for the corset shoot. She's "Booty-licious" so she will be "shaken whatha Mama gave ah" very soon. THANK YOU CORRINE! She is a stand up comic and actress. In the comedy clubs she is lovingly known as "The Jew Rican" I like it. It's controversial, yet multi-cultural. I guess that would make me the "Welsh Witch". (It's the best I could come up with, help me out here)

This corset is what I call, "The Countess".

In real life, the middle is dark purple.

NOW ON TO PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had a few friends ask about how to keep their skin clear. So, I thought about it for a while and figured I'd make up a toner for them. (AKA Sea Breeze)Remember, before I was "Mrs. Teves" I owned a little co. called Advanced Aromatherapy. I sold the stuff at a store I had a partnership in with my friend Cindy Hilton.

I figured I'd test it out on MY FACE just to make sure it worked before I sold it to all of you. It helps minimize pores and helps with breakouts. I made it with Rose Geranium, rosemary, rose water, tea tree, and abunch of other stuff. All the ingredients were grown in my little courtyard, except the vitamin C and the witch hazel.
So, LaMies...I am going to put all your names in a hat (except for the people who have already won something) and send you out some toner and a bat soap for FREE! I will announce the winners this weekend. If you want to BUY the toner, it's $15.00 including shipping. The soap is $7.00 including shipping. The green bats smell like Mango and the orange bats smell like Apple pie. You can buy them here:
Malena's Specials
I made a small batch as you can see, just for us....Because after all, today is for the freaks. And I know I'm a weirdo and you must be too if you're reading this.

Lllllllllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee Ya!
"Countess Teves" well, until I take off the corset anyway!
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Kitty Takes a Holiday

Just spent a delightful week with the new Carrie Vaughn book " Kitty Takes a Holiday". I say spent a week because there are some books you just want to last, instead of gobbling them up in a day. And sometimes, you just feel the need to tell the world about a really great new author and some really , truly fun books.

Kitty Takes a Holiday is the third book in Carrie Vaughn's Kitty Norville series. The first two, Kitty and the Midnight Hour, and Kitty Goes to Washington are on my short list of books that Need to be re-read. Again and again.

A lot of book reviews ( and this is my first ) spend quite a bit of time , it seems to me, describing the plot, ending with " And if you want to see how it ends...." but I know you people, you don't want to know the plot. You can ( and should ) read the books if you want to know what happens. (ok, one sentence: Kitty Norville is a Werewolf who has a talk radio show called Kitty and the Midnight Hour, that's all you need to know )

No, I know you, you want to know " Can Carrie Vaughn write" . Yup. She sure can. More than that, she is a wonderful storyteller, and has created a wonderful character. I know Kitty. She is real. Very real. She could be a friend of mine. I think of her that way. I want to know what's up with her. I wish she would come over for tea someday.

Ms Vaughn does the thing I like most in a writer, and that is she reads. A lot. You can tell. Sometimes it is only one small line, but you can tell ( I have seen writers do this ) that she has read, one, maybe two, perhaps three different books, to get that one bit of information.

( She also includes playlists of what she was listening to while she wrote. The women has great taste in music. There, I have now tied this post into music. I'll even tie it to my new cd, I can tie anything to my new cd. Wait till she hears it! )

She also reminds me a little of Eddi Izzard ( bear with me here ) If you have ever seen his comedy, you know he will throw a whole lot of balls up into the air, and one by one, by the end of his show, he brings them all back in. You may have forgotten they were up there, but he hasn't. Carrie Vaughn is like that. She will surprise you .

These books are fun. A lot of fun. They make me laugh. They make me happy. Sure, Werewolves and Vampires are scary, but they are also people. It's nice to think what life would be like if they were running around with us. I'd hang with Kitty any day.

We'll do steak. Make mine rare.

Love and Stories,