Friday, October 03, 2008

Off to the Stew Party!

"Your plans don't need to be kept secret in order to succeed -- so feel free to spread the word! If they like what they hear, they just might want to chip in and help you out! This could be an expansive day for you, but only if you reach out to others. Show your excitement and other people will catch on, too. This is a wonderful day for hosting a cocktail hour or even a small dinner party."

This was my Horroscope for today. Sounds like MC'ing a Stew Party to me! Which is where I am off to shortly. And hungarly. Hope we get some of the Stew.....Bad luck you know and all, not to feed the musicians.

I came across this book while unpacking one of the many boxes sent home from the road to me by our own Miss Kitty. I love un-packing these boxes because you never know what is in them...Today? Spam-ku. Yes, someone has not only Written an entire book of Haiku odes to Spam, but managed to get it published. (John Nagamicchi Cho, if you are reading this, I am not making fun of you, on the contrary, they are wonderful, and getting them published is am admirable coup! Good on you!)

They are delightful, funny and very well written. All about Spam. Read it. You will love it. You will laugh. They will make you happy.

But last week someone mentioned a book of Zombie Haiku they has seen in a bookshop.

Spam and Zombies. Where are these publishers who are seeking Haiku? Do they not know that the Fiends here on this blog write the best Haiku going???? Have they, for some reason not SEEN our Fiendish Haiku? Did we not one day comment ONLY in Haiku???? They are missing out, if Haiku is the new It thing going.

Or are we simply ahead of the trend here?

Fiendish Dark Poems
Make us happy all year round
Where is OUR book deal??????

Right. Off to the Stew Party, which I am looking forward to. I'll let you know tonight how it all goes. Hope you all have something as fun planned, or plans to get tipsy!

Love and Spam,

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Catching up on the news....

Well, I am back after a couple days letting myself be, well, to be frank, asleep most of the time. Achy, fever, and very very tired. I think it was my body saying "If you don't do some down time, we will take it for you" It was nice, except for the feeling like crap bit. Cats liked it during the day, and dog liked it at night.

Cabal seems to be feeling better, he has a new Dog Walker who comes every morning, with her dog Kota, a fast little Aussie. Cabal can't catch her, but never stops trying, and he makes his laughing face more often, but still isn't eating right. I am trying all sorts of things at different times, and cooking chicken and going out and pretending it is agility class seems to work the best.

There is a chipmunk in here who delights in teasing Cabal....I don't know who has more fun...Hours of entertainment, and no danger to the little guy, trust me. Chipmunks are SMART and FAST!

I have had a serious inquiry about my Fosters!!!! I have had several, but it has never seemed like the right home, and now this one has gone so far as to apply and has been accepted! Fingers crossed, it sounds like a lovely home. I'll miss them, but they need their own people.

Kali seems to have integrated well into the household. Venus remains a little reserved, but Kali and Mim are full on wild things. I think the Bengals are teaching her bad habits. Kali bit Kitty a good one before she left, and now Kitty says she is suing me.

(For what one wonders? With Miss Kitty you never know...)

Here is Mim saying "I will teach her Everything I know....Oh yesssss......" (To Kali, not Kitty. Darned confusing, these Kitties and Cats....)

And Venus with Gargoyle, not to leave her out....Kali sadly, gets left out today as I have none of her here.

I am hoping now that things are back to normal that I can get some work done on my new site. Which I believe means telling someone what I want done. Easier said than done, believe me. This weekend seems like a time where things could happen. Only one gig, a house party on Friday. Half the couple is actually Irish. Might be in some trouble....

It is a stew party, and we get to play in the Garage. (hey, we aren't picky, we'll set up in your bathroom if the price is right...)

I like that tho. Playing a Stew Party.

Right. Back to work. Sod is coming on a truck, with dirt, and lovely things from China, as well as more e-mail than you could shake a stick at. (What does that MEAN anyway?????) And I want to catch the Vid's of Bosses readings. Cabal always likes to listen to him. He runs back and forth to the door. The only thing better is cat videos...

Missed you lot!

Love and Rest,