Friday, September 30, 2005

Safe from the Fire!

Malena is safe and all is right again! Now I am ok , knowing she will not have to flee in the night with what she can hold....( no doubt in a long black gown , clutching a candelabra , with bats flying about her head, hee-hee)

Spent 5 hours in the studio today. Got one song mixed. The Scottish one, which we now believe is pronounced " Kay-lick Boor " despite it's 20 some letters.....It is truly lovely, lyrics by Jane Yolen, and music by Adam Stemple.

Taking the weekend off from the studio to catch up on sleep and work here. Be the first couple days I have had in months to do so and I am looking forward to it.

Hope your weekends go as well....

Love and rest, Lorraine

Safe and Sound

The fire is 20% contained today. I never thought 20% could make me feel so safe. People are safe to return to their homes today. Yeah!

Fires and CD's

This fire is no good. We are concerned as it is not far from Malena's , slept with a phone in my bed last night , but as of now, they are still in their house, which is a good sign. Pray for rain indeed! We'll keep you posted.....

I was trying to keep Malena cheery yesterday , tho I have to say, she ought to remember the cd is half HER, and she can really sing, play , arrange and compose! That girl is magic! I am the lucky one and this friendship and project is one of the most special and dearest things in my life.

On a lighter note, some good news. We have a paypal button up for pre-ordering the cd! Delievry by Halloween, of course!!!! It's under the Shop button, and we have some artwork up from the cd booklet too, in lieu of the actual cover. It's a collage that Miles did for us, all sorts of nice shots.

For those of you in Minneapolis, if you want to save shipping, I am hoping when I pick the little guys up from Noiseland, to take some over to Dreamhaven right away. More on that idea as we get closer.

I am off to the studio for more mixing now. I will try again to keep my friend cheery, playing her mixes and making her laugh, from time to time. If nothing else we will get Adam and Leo to tell her some jokes. ( Nope, these aren't the kind we want on our rather respectable website , hee-hee )

Love, Lorraine

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Clean Air Please!

Well, this has been a most interesting day! Both good and bad.
Fires are raging here in LA. The air is thick with smoke and it's raining ashes...the sun is blood red! Days like these make me thankful for clean air and green plants. I look at them in all their green splendor and hope they will survive the fire. Many people have been evacuated and some are without homes. I can't imagine leaving this house. Miles and I live to create and I pray we will have a place to continue our work. Of course, my house is no more important than anyone else's. Loss is loss, no matter who experiences it. So, I pray for rain! Of course, Lorraine has kept me cheery by letting me listen to the mixes. I can't believe the CD's almost finished. Yeah! She can really play, and sing, and compose, and arrange, etc, etc. I'm so lucky to be a part of this project. As I sit here coughing with my eyes watering, watching LA burn, I think of the connections I've made on this project. Friendship outlasts all triumph and tragedy, and plants the seed of positive possibilities in the minds of the troubled.
I am blessed...Now I'm off to put wet towels under the doors.

Phone Your Part In...

Last weekend with Malena was wonderful. It was so perfect to get to be with her midway thru the last bits of the album, and for the last weekend of the Festival. I have been missing her pretty badly durning the recording, and the shows have been long and to some extent, frustrating. It was sort of an ABBA Super Trouper moment. ( yes, I assume, you all being people of intelligence and taste, that you are in fact ABBA fans )

Malena even got to come into the studio on Monday and record a few more bits. Actually , she got to record some more yesterday. She , quite literaly , phoned her vocal part in, with me holding the cell up to the mic. Our last thing we recorded for the cd was a bit I like to call The Party. It will be the last thing on the cd and it is, as Adam said, quite possibly the best thing we have ever recorded. Like a huge lurching Monster of Doom, it weaves and wobbles nearly going off the cliff in a most marvelous way. Un-Dead Dixieland Jazz at it's best. I love this album. It has been such a fun thing to do, no tempers, no arguments, just so much fun. It is the first cd I have ever made where I didn't CRY in sheer desparation. ( tho we got close doing fiddle parts on The Fox )

Now we are mixing. Very soon, it will be done. We got the cover art finalized yesterday and more of the booklet. As Malena said, we are going to take pre-orders just as soon as she can put the page up, and we do have a signing in LA on the 30th! Hurrah and Hurrah!

I hope you like it.

Those of you who read my Boss's blog know that this moning we are over the moon and more happy than Misty the Kitten when she finds somethng to chase. Life is good. I send him out an even dozen Hurrah's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and Mixing,

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dark Delicacies

Well, Lorraine and I are almost done with the album. NO...really! hee hee
We have a signing scheduled for 4 pm, October 30th at Dark Delicacies here in LA. So, stop by and say hello. For more information, go to:

AND, we are now taking pre-orders!