Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Dog!

Here you are, Sally....Sure does look like Boss made the right call. He looks healing and happy in the warm and sun...

I'm off into the cold and dark, with a warm Pub at the end of it, and music to do. See you later tonight. Chatter me some nice things to read, please?


I Didn't Know!

Good Morning, Fiends! Well, afternoon now I suppose, slept late and have been lazy. Which is a good thing after a late night.

Now about last night, it's funny, when Dr Wicked went live, I almost told him not to as I knew that there would be a LOT of unhappy Fiends out there saying HHHHEEEEYYYYYY!!!! No Fair, but I figured it was a cool thing for those who were around, and indeed it seemed like it.

But I knew I would have to face the wrath, hee-hee. All I could think of was " I am SO in trouble!" Next time, and there will most likely be two next times, before we bring out the Big Toys for St Pats, you will have plenty of notice. I truly did not know this was going to happen, blame Dr. Wicked! Mwwhahaa!

It's such a cool thing, the idea of streaming shows.I've so much wanted to share this part of me with all of you who live so far, but we aren't a touring band. This may well be the next best thing to live.

It is very strange tho getting used to, doing a show for a whole lot of people that you can't see. Loved the requests tho!

Right. Gig again tonight, which is not going live, as far as I am aware. Two in a row would be kind of hard, but I think it likely that in two weeks we will do it again.

For today, I am going to get things done here at the Spooky House, and be with Bengals, before the gig.

Which sounds perfect.

Love and Live,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tonight's Gig Streaming LIVE

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV
Feel free to post a request in chat.

Gig Tonight!

Nine minutes until I need to nip off and do my gig, leaving you all to your Fiendish Chatter. Nothing I can do about it while I am at the show, but I get home at 12:30 central, and am likely to be awake, so WATCH out!!!!! I'll have things to say then, you can be sure of it.

What to tell you. Launch proceeds nicely. Once you figure out who every one is and what they do, it gets easier. And you stop being surprised by things too. I can get the most amazing letters now and not blink, but in fact, cooly respond and up the anti. Yes, oh, fine. Penthouse please. And the Jag should be silver.**

(**An example only for purposes of humor.)

I have to admit, I am having a lot of fun. I am really good at the logistics of things and putting them together. It's one of my skills. And this launch has so many different components.

I suspect hearing this is about as exciting as watching grass grow, reading over it. Well this is the short version. I promise a more in depth look very soon.

When I have more time. 3 Minutes.


I am off to the gig. Have a fine evening, and chatter me lots to read on my breaks, yes? Any Fiends coming down. It isn't THAT cold...

Love, and Time,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Live Boss on the Internet...

If you are hanging out and wish to hear cool Coraline things, Boss will be doing some internet radio in about 50 minutes, at 1:00pm Eastern Coast Time here in the US.....

The show will run from 1 to 2.....And it will be him and Stephen Jones talking about the Coraline: The Visual Companion.

Here's the Link!

Reports are the drive is going well, and he has achieved 29 degrees. Cabel seems happy, tho he is getting good at not taking some of his pills.

Love and Radio,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Cold But Parties Are Coming!

And a very good evening (or morning or afternoon who knows when you will be reading this) to you my Fiends!

I read this statement today in USA Today (hey, it shows up, great breakfast reading) It was an article talking about the current cold wave, and they were speaking to an Official Something in Bismark, ND and I thought it might put things in perspective for us, cold wise.....

To Quote: (more or less)

"Schools rarely close for weather here. The current situation of -30 to -40 windchill may force us to make some changes. Our current policy is if the windchill is over -15 below zero the students DO NOT go out for recess."

The funny thing is, these kids out there are most likely HAPPILY outside in say, oh -10 windchill, and bumming out at not currently being allowed out. Only in South Dakota.

Today's forecast was: A high of -5 below. Call me kooky, but I am not sure -5 ought to be referred to as "A High" it did make it, barely.

Earlier today I checked in with weather and it said "Tomorrows forecast is forecast to be MUCH colder than today." Hello on the optimistic!

Here is the current forecast: HIGHS around -10 tomorrow, windchill readings -35 to -45.

Not sure you can understand how cold this is if you haven't been in it. I have seen winters here with real temps (they abandon the windchill at this point) of -20 to -30. The air freezes and hangs there. Your hands, gloves or not, freeze very fast, as do toes. It gets into your bones and STAYS there. Getting to your car, even at a mild -10 and starting it, is a painful process. You really hope you don't have to get gas or add wiper fluid. Or break down.

(If you have teenagers, you pack the trunk with coats, boots, hats mittens and such as they WILL NOT wear them. It's not cool.)

But enough about cold, everyone except Dragonsally and Hera, is going thru it in some way right now. We'll hang in there and whine about it together.

On a happy note, I don't know if I have officially announced it, but I will do so now..Paul and Lorraine are playing Charlie's at the Water Street Inn, in the big ballroom, for St Pats, 6 to midnight! We'll be somewhere else during the day, I'll let you know, but what is special about the evening show is that it will be streamed LIVE over the internet. All six hours, sets, breaks everything.

For those of you in Europe saying oh great, like we are staying up for THAT, you will be able to record it. Tho honestly, not sure SIX HOURS of Paul and I, delightful as we are, will make for astounding viewing, but you can get a taste anyway.

We will also have it set up, thanks entirely to Dr Wicked, he is the evil genius behind this entire stream, so anyone can send up TIPS for the jar, which Fod knows we will deserve, and request songs and send messages, which I will read out loud.

Minneapolis Fiends, Dr Wicked will need a minion or two. You have already volunteered and your presence is mandatory for some portion of the evening. I thank you in advance. There will be a drink or three or five in it for you.

We are having a party. Much like New Years, only live on camera. We will be talking to Fiends and audience members during the breaks, and we will be talking to you. Send us messages, and we will respond.

I know it seems far away, this cold January night, and we do have a party before then. Dr Wicked wants to do a trial run, so maybe...Well I am having a B'day party too...Can't compare to what St Pats is going to be, but might be fun.

Love and Staying Warm,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bits And Pieces Of Happy....

Long day, and lots going on. Done with Tubes, nearly anyway, and now it is all about Coraline. I know I don't talk about work too often, but I feel I can mention this, as most of you know this movie is coming out on February 6th.

And movies, like rockets, do not launch themselves.

The amount of work that goes into it is staggering. And I am only dealing with it in relation to one person. Press junkets, the marketing, opening, travel, e-mails, dates, screenings, mis-communication, great communication, the people who made the movie, the people who distribute the movie, the international people, who the heck does what and the list could go on. And the people who are working on this are handling the Big Picture of everything and making it come together. Kudos to them. It's huge.

Two things that make me laugh tho. It is always a good idea to copy as many people as possible on every e-mail, so the more people who need to know (or not) get in the loop. This can work both ways for you tho. Sometimes I laugh about some of the e-mails I write or respond to that end up copying, 10-20 people...None of whom I know. And I might be writing an answer to a question of "What does Boss like for Lunch?" But that's what makes it work. Think about it next time you see a movie.

And so far, every movie, I've gotten copied on a stream for a completely DIFFERENT movie.

It often takes the entire day before I figure it out.

Anyway, here's my take on Coraline. It's truly wonderful. You will want to see this. As soon as possible. What you will see if something that you will not have seen before. It's a world you want to see, a dream you want to have, and music you want to hear.

Moving on, Stacy told us her exciting news today, which did nearly make me cry. She is getting her first Bengal foster shortly! Stacy, you can't know how happy that makes me feel, that what I do and write, has inspired someone else to step in and help. We're saving one more. I thank you. You are in for an adventure you can't begin to believe. And if I can ever help, please let me know.

Another thing making me happy, is all the people who have been de-lurking and leaving comments. It is SO good to know you are out there and hear from you, and have you come and be a part of all this! Sometimes wonder if the things I am feeling so strongly about are coming thru, making people happy, making a difference. Seems I am. I'll keep it up. Your love and support this past weekend with Cabel (who is doing nicely) meant so very much.

Speaking of which, we are getting VERY close to the new website! Had a 2 hour talk with Dr Wicked about it tonight, tweaking, changing, plotting, planning. He really gets it, or gets me, and what I want. And yes, Greedy Fiends, you DO have your own tab, and all sorts of other Fiendish Goodies. It's ALL going to be there!

And we will have a Party then, won't we????

Love and Adventures,

Monday, January 12, 2009

30 Perfect Minutes.....

I had 30 perfect minutes today.

I had a lot of other minutes that were Very Good, to be sure. That first sip of tea in the morning, a Baby Blizzard that was wondrous in it's beauty (until I had to go out, them it was wondrous in it's treacherous driving conditions.), got lots of work done with the two person-dog-wrangling approach, had several long talks with Canada, and I can really, really see light at the end of Tube Tunnel.

I listened to great music, split a steak with Cabel, watched King Lear the Huge rip a Feather-stick (and nearly my hand) in two. I pet Queen Mab, and Venus and Mim went a long ways towards forgiving me this long Dog-related absence. Chatted me some EG chats with other EG friends from around the country, who responded to a letter I wrote the Foundation user-group (another post to be sure). Talked some with Fiends and found a long lost friend from the far past.

All good minutes.

But I got 30 perfect, complete moments, the kind where you know it simply doesn't GET any better. With Magic.

He came right out, and we started playing. I lie on the still not-peed-on futon. And twice he came up with me. He noticed that Venus and Mim play Claws Under The Door, and he Watched. He Watched, looked at me, and Mewed the Question Mew. He trilled at me. He washed his face with his paw, and hung out, and when I had the audacity to check my inbox on Blackberry for too long he Mewed the HEY! mew.

He climbed his cat tree. He batted his ping pong ball filled water dish, he went in and out of the cave. He got very close and I showed him my fingers, and he hissed, but in sort of a habit way, and didn't Cave.

I can't explain what it is like to watch a Creature who has never known love, or anything but fear, start to trust, and love, and watch their eyes fill with wonder.

I love getting to know him. And communicate with him. We played with a couple different mousies, and feathers off a stick, and if he still is wary about getting too close, he no longer worries something bad will happen when I am in the room, but rather something good.

Magic is the one no one wanted, or could take, that the shelter refused, and who had three different homes in under two years, as people realized "HEY! This is like, a half Leopard!!!! I have no clue what I am doing, why doesn't he act like a CAT???"

Another rant for another time.

Tonight I am just happy. I had 30 perfect minutes.

Felt like 5.

Love and Magic,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cabel and Kylie!

Quick little post before I go back to the couch with Cabel the Dog. Here's a picture Kitty sent us of Miss Selena Kyle! She's getting HUGE, I knew she would, she had the look. And she looks happy. Really Happy. That was a perfect match! I am so glad I found her for Miss Kitty. (Anyone else need a Cat-beastie? I can help you...)

Cabel is still recovering, poor guy. I think he hurts, and seem content to be with me and sleep, tho he wake instantly if I leave the room. Limits things somewhat. I did go out and get a nice futon today, and see me some Bengals, for a couple hours while Hans sat with him. I also ordered him a Soft E Collar, which is more of a squishy thing, MUCH less stressful that the Cone-head, for nighttime wear.

Still coughs some, but not as much, and it is getting better, I'll ask about it tomorrow tho, also about swimming, which some people have recommended.

Other than that, my last remaining fish, whom I called affectionately, Fish, died. He was swimming kind of sideways the other day, never a good sign. RIP Fish. I will get some more, but it poses a bit of an ethical dilemma, I have been thinking about getting some feeder fish for the Bengals to, ah, go fishing for. But at what point does one draw the line? "Ah, you! Swim, be lovely! And you! Lunch! Come here!"

See what I mean? I think they can fish for ping pong balls.

Work on the website is going nicely, more on that soon. Danguy ad Dr Wicked talked to each other, copying me, tho I've no idea why, didn't understand a word of it, but still, I think things are moving nicely.

We have been trying to find a Name for our Party in June, the Fiend Gathering in Minneapolis, at Hotel unknown as of yet. Ideas are welcome but ANYTHING-palooza is NOT in the running!

Love and Night,