Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fly, fly and be free.....

We have been having a DAY here, Lorraine a' Malena have. Due to the complete insanity that is thee LAX Airport, despite arriving two hours early for her flight, poor Malena missed her flight to Minneapolis, and of course, our connection to Boston. United, helpful airlines that they are booked her on a non-stop to Boston. Actually, this would have been helpful except that the flight they booked her on was not only sold out, but overbooked and had no room even on the standby list.

( This is , apparently, some sort of Holiday Weekend and there are no flights with space anywhere. )

They did however, make sure that her bags got on the flight. Not to worry THEY are safely in Boston for the recording session.

They then offered her a variety of flights arriving in Minneapolis at some point on Sunday. Of course, they were not about to help her get from Minneapolis to Boston, that was Northwest's problem says they. No matter that her flight to Boston left SATURDAY.

Enter me and the most wonderful Northwest agent ever. ( Joyce, if you are reading this, you truly have saved us, the album , our careers and most likely happiness for all time )

I'll make a VERY long story short here. Joyce saved us. She, all the time we were still dealing with United ( I had Northwest in one ear, and Malena in the other )and getting sadder and sadder, held the LAST seat on the only flight with seats left on a Northwest plane going from LA to Minneapolis today and put Malena on it, once our options ran out with United. She then re-booked BOTH of our tickets to Boston on Sunday morning. So we could fly together. I am certain bending an incedable amount of rules in the process.

United, to be fair, did come thru in the end, when I had to re-book Malena's third leg of this trip, as she forfeited the ticket by not using the first part, she could not just do the last leg ( weird airline rule ) they applied the entire cost of the not taken United trip to the cost of the one way third leg trip.

We made 26$.

Malena is now on her way here to Minneapolis, ( after spending the day at the airport, many thanks to Miss Kitty for rescuing her and taking her to lunch ) and I will soon go and pick her up. ( or scrape her up, the flight she was meant to be on was WAY early and she had not slept , nocturnal creature that she is, she was planning on sleeping on the flights ) and , ( again ) WAY early tomorrow morning, we will go , together, on a plane to Boston.

And make some music.

Love and Airlines, Lorraine ( and Malena )

Monday, June 26, 2006

Lorraine a' Malena

WOW! What wonderful pictures! WHo knew we cleaned up so good? Tho I do not recall owning a pair of spider gloves, I sure as heck am a big fan of them.

I have been having great fun with House. We have been deciding on what is going to get re-modeled ( the tiny bathroom, the master bedroom closets and the entire porch, some of the kitchen, the ceiling of the back bedroom ) and what colors it will all be painted ( anything except what is currently there, I do shudder ) I will take some more pictures for you soon.

I have not been having fun trying to get gas and electricity, two things no home should be without. Who knew it would be difficult. I am a ( somewhat ) sane adult women with a perfect credit rating, but it seems the previous were not so careful with their bills and there was a shut off notice there today.

Silly me, I thought that simply saying I had purchased the house and was the new owner and desired to be signed up would be sufficient. I sat on the phone for an hour talking to an increasingly dour set of folks , tho in fairness they started out nicely. By the time I reached the STATE CREDIT INVESTAGOR , as dour a chap as one will ever talk to, the questions had become ludicrous. Background check? Next of kin? Faxes of the closing papers on the house????


Candles people, I will need candles. And wood. For I do not believe the Great and All powerful Gas/Eletric company is going to deem me worthy of anything else.

More on House as the situations develop, as they no doubt will, such an adventure.

As Malena says, we are leaving for Boston on Saturday to record with Chris Ewan, which will be nothing but wonderful, then back here for a couple of concerts at Convergence, which will also be wonderful, then she is off to travel.

I'll just come home and sit in the dark.

Love and light,