Saturday, November 19, 2005

Who Knew?????

I have been trying to figure out what to get an artist friend of mine for Xmas for some time ( not my Boss , for the records sake ) He has everything, I can't afford the kind of art he would appreciate , and one doesn't want to get him something dumb of course.

Then today , I had my idea. Saw Art. Of Course! He has never set foot in the upper Midwest so he most likely does not even know what saw art IS!!!!

( uh-hem...Saw art is scenes, generally of deer, moose, geese , wolves, snow, cabins ect painted onto Saw Blades, generally the round chainsaw types. This is real. It exists nowhere else that I know of. Many cabins are decorated in Saw Art. )

So I googl'd " Painted Saw Blades " and found many Saw Arts for sale, and thought , well, I'll just pick one out and it will be a Merry Xmas all around.

Then halfway down the list I found it.

Go here

Of Course. Who Knew?????????

Merry Xmas all,

Friday, November 18, 2005

Calenders and Service

Today I went to Office Depot, one of my favourite stores ( hey, I live in the country, there's not a lot out here ) to buy my next years calenders. One large plastic year long thing that I put up to write down the next years schedule and keep track of where the Boss will be when and one for the desk to keep track of daily appointments.

The large year long one was $15 , a little steep , but, well, I need it and it IS plastic, what the heck.

The desk calender was $25.

Now, I am talking about your basic , plain, month by month, tear it off , paper calender. Not coloured. No Cartoon charecters. No inspiring sayings. No eagle picutres. No gold inlay on leather.


I ask the nice Office Depot Person " Can this be right ???? Possibly an error? " No, says she, that's right. " Doesn't this seem a LITTLE steep? " asks I

Yes...Says she. Then tells me , in a sort of conspiritory way, that Office Depot has a version for $2.99.

Sign me up I say, and she takes me to the apparently Secret Calender Area , in another part of the store, and Yup, there they are. $2.99.

It is the same calender. Except for a very small Office Dept Logo in one corner.

$2.99. Or $25. Go figure. Same thing.

Thought I would share.

On another note, when I picked Prius up from the dealer ( it was getting it's Detailing ) I asked about getting the little sticker I have always had which tells one when it wil need a Service, oil or whatnot. The dealers looked at me sadly and I said..Oh. You are trying to tell me the Car will let me know. It talks.

Yes, they said.....

Live and learn,

Thursday, November 17, 2005

You know you're in LA when.....

in September you see 90 pound girls in fur snow boots, bikini tops and ass cheek baring skirts with sun glasses bigger than they are...talking on a cell phone saying, "Oh my God Jen it's like soo cold!"

people ask you "What are you working on" instead of "How are you today"

a million dollars won't buy you a 3 bedroom house

a size 8 is considered "too fat to do films"

30 miles an hour on the freeway bumper to bumper is considered "moving quite nicely"

marriage and divorce is a money making operation

someone offers you cocaine as an "acting tool"

your waiter sings and dances with out being asked

straight men get pedicures and use more hair products than you

you tell someone "nice dress" and they tell you what show it's from

7 out of 10 cars on the road are FAT SUV's, driven by women on cell phones with no kids.

you see women over 70 at the gym with better bodies than your babysitter

you call 911 and get put on hold for 45 minutes

cold means 50 degrees

you cook thanksgiving dinner and even the men don't eat because they "don't eat carbs", but everyone drinks like fish!

Ok ok, you know I love LA and it's my home. But these are ALL true. We're livin' it up at the hotel California! I feel so normal. hee hee

Better Now!

Back now and feeling MUCH better. Nasty thing it was, I am quite certain noone wants the gory details, but it involved a LOT of aches, pains, and throwing up. Paul, my bandmate from Folk UnderGround, came out for two days to make me tea and comfort me and be generally wonderful. Many thanks for all the kind wishes. I am certainly over it, but still pretty tired, so this may be short today.

Mimi Ko is a wonderful photographer! I can't wait for these Bond photos. A copy of the new Endless cd showed up at the house the other day ( and I am really enjoying it ! ) and the photos were all Mimi shots, really lovely. ( Endless folk, where can people check this new cd out? )

No gigs this weekend, a weekend off? Who knew???? Next week tho, some real fun, more Tim Malloys, Wednesday thru Saturday at the Half Time Rec in St Paul, 9:30 to 1:00am. Perfect on Thanksgiving after to much food and family!

That's about it for today, except to tell you it is COLD here. As in Winter Arrived, in a not mess around manner. Last weekend we had a tornado watch and and by Monday, snow and below zero windchills. We don't mess around here in the Midwest. I havn't had a chance to test Prius in the Snowing Down Upon Us snow yet, but I hear it handles well.

Love and Healthiness, Lorraine

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bada boom Bond

Sideshow just sent us the life size Darkness bust Miles sculpted. We now have this evil monsterosity sitting on our living room table. Boy, the fundamentalist neighbors will have something to talk about now. hee heee

Mimi Ko is at my house today talking about a "Bond Girl" photoshoot. Like I'm gonna say no to that, right? We are picking out clothing and talking about locations. Today is a weird day. Lorraine has come down with the flu. So, she's out of commission for a few days. It's so weird not to have my phone ring ten times! As you know, this band is geographically challenged, so we do everything on the phone. I've been talking to Lorraine about doing some cover songs for the next album. "If You Want Blood" by ACDC is ringing in my head. There's something very seductive about a screaming-kick ass-no holds barred-rocker song. I've always wanted to jump off the stage and crowd surf. (Lorraine will read this and worry if I've gone mad!) Actually, it's a little late to wonder, don't you think?

I'm talking to Miss Fabulous on the phone right now and she says, "Cough cough sputter choke...I'll be back soon everyone"

Of course, I'm not helping much by talking about guts and gore while she is nauseated. Living in this house makes me immune to being grossed out by scary things. I can talk about brain surgery while eating spagetti no problem.

BTW, if you haven't already, check out the fairy movie on our links. It's diva-rific.
Love and Darkness,

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Belated Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday Neil Gaiman!!!
_Your undead goth assistant_