Friday, March 21, 2008

St Pats Day Part 2

Or not.

I mean, that WAS a week ago. And there are, blessedly, 51 weeks left until I have to do it again. It's not something we want to dwell on, it's not pretty and the best thing about it is that it is over, and I am taking the check to the bank.

Here is a picture that pretty much Sums up St Pats Day, and says it ALL.....(poor Paul, it only LOOKS like he is in his Happy Place)

That being said, it was fun, the people were lovely, we made both the weekly What's Cool to do paper, and the main Stillwater paper, on the cover. Paul was (and is still) very sick with the Evil Virus of Doom. Had to cancel tonight as his voice is GONE. (also it might have been a problem because there is a WINTER STORM going on, more on that later...)but we made a lot of people happy, and we made it thru, and made some friends along the way.

Miss Kitty is out here, which is always wonderful fun, and SHE is loving this Winter Storm, that came from no where, and promises to create sheer havoc with driving. She says she CAME for winter. Malena is sad because SHE is not here, and is missing WINTER (not to mention US) too.

LA folks are weird. (shakes head sadly) I would SO be there right now. I always thought the phrase "The air was perfumed with the Night Blooming Jasmine" a kind of overdone silly sentence until last week, when Malena took me on a hike around her neighborhood.

Here's what we look like right now. Night Blooming Jasmine being in short supply....

Thank goodness Kitty is here, my picture taking skills are also in short supply.

Here some Mim Cuteness, as we never have enough of that going on.....Can you believe how HUGE she is getting????

Here's me pouring tea for Miss Kitty in my Drawing Room. Ok, so it's not tea, it's Gatorade, we were too tired to make tea. And it's not my drawing room, can't draw either, have not that skill, but my Sun Room, but there is no reason not to break out the tea pot and be elegant even if one IS drinking BLUE sports drink. I say anyway.

The cool teapot, as I can hear you asking , is from Artifacts, who are, besides being my Sister, a really cool pottery/costume site. Want skulls? Pirates? Flags? Custom dishes or pottery? THAT is the place to GO. Trust me. She and her husband, will make ANYTHING you can imagine. I am getting a Culligan Water Dispenser with Bats and Skulls on it soon. Pictures to come.

I am now taking Miss Kitty out into the Winter, to a Small Store that is closing today and selling everything off , and a small stop at the antiques store, then onto my Spooky House to feed the Beasties, off to the store for MEAT for a large white dog...

(.....Who loves the snow....Here's a Kitty picture from this morning , which she went outside and took in her Bathrobe....)

And then back to work for us, cozy and warm, covered in Kitties, and myself for one, dreaming of Warm, and of Sun...

Happy Full Moon and Spring , Everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St Pats Weekend, Part 1....

Well. Hello there. This was MEANT to be an account of the weekend so far, and be complete with pictures and witty bits, but I hadn't counted on having the Brain of Zombie, tho I should have seen it coming, truth be told. You can't PLAY this much and not have Brain of Zombie. We shall see what happens....

St Pats started on Friday, full house, and these people were READY. They may still be ready. And despite flying from LA late Thursday and getting up for work early on Friday, I was feeling pretty fine too.

Until Paul called. Paul is sick. No, make that SICK. He has a "cold" that is affecting him like the potato famine affected Ireland. Did I mention his VOICE is gone???? Good thing the crowd was one who seemed to like my funny bits and fiddle tunes as much as anything. It would have been BAD to have had to play the kind of show where we had to depend on singing, like the kind of crowd who wanted to hear Whisky in the Jar, over and over...( read: foreshadowing )

Skip to 2:00 Saturday. St Paul. I had never been to St Paul on St Pats. They seem to take it much more seriously than, oh, say, ANYTHING else going. We were playing a place I had never gigged, and scheduled to play in the tent they had set up in their parking lot. Oh, how cute, thinks I, who is going to show up to hang in a little tent, in the 30 degree temps, and listen to music at 2 in the afternoon...

Well, maybe 1000 people?????? And it wasn't one little tent, it was two huge ones hooked together. It was FULL at 2:00. And they were Not At All Sober. And I felt SO under dressed (hard to do in black velvet and rhinestones) These people work all year on their Green Outfits.

It then got fuller. And wilder. And Greener. I've never seen anything like it. Ever.

Fuller. Wilder. Greener. That is as much as my Brain of Zombie can bear to recall, tho I am sure the stories will come back in bits and pieces over the next few weeks.

Every so often bands of pipers would come piping thru. And every so often, someone would come to the stage and ask us to announce things like "if you are on the Killian's Buses, numbers 2, 5 7 or 8, they will be departing in 15 minutes..." Buses were lined up around the block and kept coming. And coming.

Onto the evening gig. Yes, same day. Fuller, wilder. Greener. But very very fun. The Mighty Fitz came down with his pipes, which was just exactly perfect. And everyone concerned, with the possible exception of Paul's voice and my fingers, had a wonderful time. (tho Paul was reduced to quoting Dr Suess, or rather, SPEAKING only in Dr Suess. A lesson in mixing 5 different cold medicins, Red Bull and Whiskey. Fortunately, it was hilarious..)

Which was just exactly perfect.

Tonight, the video with the Tim Malloys, and I am sure some sitting in will happen, no doubt, and tomorrow, all day and all night again.

Which sounds just excactly perfect too.

To be continued....(hopefully)

Love and Brain of Zombie,