Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Day After The B'day Week

I had thought I might be feeling Hum-Drum today, (I knew I would be a Brain Dead Zombie!) after all the excitment, and friends and Gigs (playing with Lojo, Dylan, Adam and Johhny was the best B'day gift EVER. I thank you all, truly.) and Birthday and Valentine's Day (second only to Halloween as my favourite holiday, I love sending out lovely things, Malena and I always do up a Box for eachother, I think she was happy this year as mine to her contained truffles and a spider bracelet I got on Ebay which turned out to be real silver Tiffany!! I wondered why she was so excited and kept saying DIV!!! I'LL KILL YOU, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE!!!!!)

But today has been lovely fun. My Camera showed up and MIGHT be working. (Great timing, Casio) I took Dog for a walk to the voting place and voted. (Turns out he can't vote, but we were pretty popular for the time we were there.) I got a nice card from my Dad, all fantasy art-ish, a relm into which he has not ventured before. I had a fine time transcribing for my Boss, and have been happily putting away all the Things I managed to aquire with Spacelaw yesterday at the MAUL of America. (she was much more restrained, I say because of luggage space, I had no such concerns)

Of course, it's WAY beyond cold out. Here is a picture of what my Freaky Pets would look like if they had sweaters on and were as Freaky as Hera's pets...

I have also been practising my new French Skills. Yes, I am practially fluent after a long weekend with Spacelaw. She also has computer skills and taught me Things most people no doubt know, but that I have been in the dark on. She also has picture taking skills (as does Rubius, the gigs felt like I had paparazzi at times, I loved it!!!!) and now I have a LOT of pictures. Here's some cute.....

Wait. Hmm...Not Cute. That's some sort of Freaky Creature from the Underworld. (and I am not talking New Zealand here)

Trying again....

Hmmm again. That seems to be yet another Freaky Demon biting the heaad off an even Freakier one....Where the heck is CUTE??? (Malena, this is your doing. The things that women can do with her mind.)

Ah..There we are. Cute. The Cute Police are going to get me, no doubt.(as opposed to the Park on the Right Side of the Street Police, and the Snow Shoveling Police, who are WAY out to get me. Remember, it's not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you..) If you look closely, you can see that the ribbon is a Channel Ribbon, brought from Italy for the Kitties. I got Armani Chocolates!!!! (be jealous Malena, very jealous...)

Now I am haveing some Kitty time, and some Fire Time, and we all three may be asleep for a nap soon. A rare occurance. Very rare indeed. Hope your day is as fine.

Love and Cute, Lorraine

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gigs and kitties

How fabulous was the Fabulous Lorraine on her birthday I hear you ask?
Well. LOTS.
In fact she was pretty hot and the crowd at Charlie's would certainly support my statement.
But just don't take my word for it, check out the birthday girl:

Mind you I must say she was well supported by Adam and Johnny, two strapping fellow who had the audience in stitches with their naughty banter. I confess I woke up the morning after with a bad case of giggles just recalling their Scottish version of "Stairway to Heaven".
I wish I had had a video camera to take this piece of anthology...
But let me introduce you to the boys:
And Johnny:

Meanwhile, at Lorraine's house the kitties are oscilating between sheer attacks of cuteness:

Or mischief ...
Ah yes, dear Rubius, she was quite determined to take care of that sandwich for you...

And then there was Paul on saturday, very tired but good fun and I got Frère Jacques'ed to death...

Oh and I forgot to show you the birthday cake!

But I am telling you guys, I am SO not eating at that place on Wednesday or Saturday....