Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Day at the Beach with Kittie

Yesterday was one of those simply perfectly completely fun days that come along every so often. Miss Kitty came over early ( 11:00 am ) and we woke Nocturna early ( Noon ) and were on our merry way before the sun was full up. ( 1:00 pm )See photo..I'm helping her see in the daylight....

Venice Beach rocked. I am not sure why I missed the obvious ( something that happens to me quite a lot ) but it is a BEACH, as in ON the ocean. It's a long boardwalk with shops everywhere selling everything you could possibly not need. I bought a lot of stuff I did not need and it all made me quite happy. Two silk skirts, two tee-shirts, two paper mache skulls painted in neon, a rope of wooden skulls meant to fung sheui your car, and an Indian Necklace with earrings.

The people were as varied as the shops, and for some reason I made them laugh. Lots. Little mid-western me taking over Venice Beach....

Malena bought me more sunglasses. Before I met Malena I wore the stupidest sunglasses. Now I am as cool as anyone, I would never pick out or even consider the ones she chooses for me, but she is right on every time. I have her buy me several pairs every time we go past the Sunglasses Booths just so I always have a stash. ( just in case the sun ever comes back out in the frozen north )

We did get to GO in the ocean as I was seized with an overwhelming desire to get a henna tattoo, to sort of try on my Celtic ankle bracelet , to see if I might not want a real one someday, and I didn't want to get the thing wet. Next time we spend the day in the sand.

Kitty did take us to a place called Moonshdows, in Malibu , and we sat outdoors ( My LA girlfriends talking all the while about how cold it was . Huh???? ) and we watched the sunset over the ocean.

The ocean is one of California's best tricks. I love the ocean. It's like a great movie that never stops, and never repeats itself. I could have watched for hours, soaking up the light and the sun and the warmth. I feel myself again.

We ended up the night, as perfect days go, at my favorite Indian place with the rest of the family. Hot Vindaloo and coconut bread. Perfect. Then home to watch some Neverwhere, which Malena had not seen before. ( correction, Nocturna watched, while I tried valiantly to stay awake. Midnight is her witching hour , I'll get there someday )

Now it is Saturday morning and , wonder of wonders, the sky is blue, the sun is warm and shining, and at some point Nocturna will emerge from her crypt and we will venture forth again.

I love this town.

Love and oceans, Lorraine

Yes yes we had a fine day indeed. Venice is always fun..the people watching is just as entertaining as the shopping. Kitty came and picked us up. I got to ride in the backseat. Yeahhhhh! I hate to drive. She also BRIGHTENED....actually MADE my day by bringing me a script. As you can see, I am QUITE delighted to say the least..
I had a blast reading it and I can't wait to work on this FILM Meow! You're such a *goddess* Kitty!
NOT all of our activities turned out so well though. At one point, Lorraine had to Karate Chop this fan's neck..(He was trying to kiss me) THANK GOD for Lolo! It takes me at least 20 minutes to realize the person is talking to me. I'm not REALLY famous or anything. I'm always like, "Oh you're talking to me! HI! how are you?" Guess I didn't see the red flags waving!

Lorraine's henna tattoo was an experience...She was wearing a SKIRT. She didn't seem to be alarmed at all when she had to pull it up and tie it in a knot. I had to remind her she wasn't in MN anymore and men DO look up women's skirts. She so calmly replied (in front of the henna dude),
"Oh, I just want you to know I have panties on, so It's ok! And I'm sure you've seen it before anyway!"
I was so embarrassed I about died. (I get self conscious when I show a knee in daylight mind you!) Just walk away Div..walk away!
Did I mention ALL the guys were checking out Kitty? Yes, we were called "Charlie's Angels" more than once yesterday. Cat Calling has been reinvented I think!

Ohhh, did I mention Kitty learned to Ohm yesterday? Yes, she learned to "make the water dance with energy" via the Feng Shui dude. Just breathe Meow Meow! We've got lots of New Age BS in LA, like John Edward, Syliva Brown, that weird goth Malena chic...Charkra reading anyone? Joking dahling! Isn't life colorful and grand? Only in LA baby...ok maybe Sedona too!!

When we went to our fav restaurant last night, I decided to play a little trick on our waiter. I said, "This is my sister Kitty" Oh yeah. They bought it hook line and sinker. Notice the resemblance?

Today, we are off for a little hiking expedition. I have decided to wear "comfortable" shoes and keep my heels under 3 inches. Tripping and falling is my specialty. Lorraine says we're beauty and grace.....although neither one of us exude either of those characteristics very often. Only in public daaaahhhrrrlllingG!

Love, Leather and Lolo


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lost with Wendy and Lisa

Went for a walk yesterday instead of the gym. I lovely long walk. Very long walk. When your bandmate lives on a twisty turny mountain , you need to watch out very carefully when she says things like " I've never been down that road, but it sure looks pretty"

Lost. Very lost. Good workout tho.

I think that Malena and I have the directional sense of newts. Kitty I am certain will agree. Strongly agree. She sent us directions, very nice, very clear directions, to the club last night, which me managed to muck up completely, tho I will say on our defense that we DID make it in time. More or less. She needed her Crystal Ball..

The Wendy and Lisa show was wonderful fun! Many thanks to Kitty for making it happen. It was my favorite sort of show, small club, only 150 and seating and people there to see the band. I had not heard them in many years and really liked what they were doing, tho I thought the band to big for the spot, perhpas they were trying it out, bandwise for a larger venue. I would have liked to hear more of the lyrics, as what I heard were lovely...oh and yes, that IS a Rhino Beetle on my chest.

Malena's wonderful friend Beth made it for her. I wore the RHINO Beetle necklace and my new RHINestone pants..gracias Mister Teves..I did look CUTE. Rainbow Who?

Today was a slower day, actually made it to the gym ( safer than walking around the roads I am thinking , for us anyway ) and had a lovely dinner here at home. Tomorrow Kitty is picking us up ( methinks she does not trust us to meet her at a specific spot at a specific time, hey, SHE is the tour manager, WE are just the rock stars! ) and taking us to Venice Beach, which ought to , by all accounts, be lovely.

Hope your week is as fine!

Love and Lost,

Oh WOW! Yeah! Yes. Ok Cool Dev..Deva? Yes we had great fun. Great fun, lots to see,,anyway, here's a photo.....Muaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaaa.

It's early. I'm getting up a little at a time. What time is it Lorraine....Oh, only 9. Figures..
Hey Wendy and Lisa! Oh my favorite band at the age of 15 all the way on to now. Loved LOVED LOVED PrinceWendyandLisa!...

Hey, the outfits, what can I say! Darh-ling!!
Waterfall...Oh it was THE BEST! Thank you Kitty Meow Meow.
She's magic, did I tell you?

Tomorrow....biking in Venice Beach. (Kitty and Lorraine...I'd get my long gown dirty..? NOT! Inner dork here man..)Do I have rhinestone workout pants? Oh, I'll just wear Miles' sweats. My Mr. Gorgeous Lover! You make me weak...

I think I want to go back to that Cosmic Pizza Cafe Place on Fairfax again. I mean, comic books, 7 Foot Cthulhu Monster, MIRROR Mask Dolls, Underwater Alien Battle Fields, oh yes. Nerd Heave. Oh, make that heaven. Heave..Don't get us started tonight man!!!!Nerd? Yes, That's me...mixed with a few feet of leather and some lip stick.....Wow. It's night time..I'm awake everyone...Wehooo..

Psychic Reading anyone? Yes, Heather you're next..I really do have a serious side.

Embrace the Night!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Loving the Sunshine

Sun. Warm. Malena . NOT three words you would ever expect to hear in connection with each other. Ever. But there you have it. That is everything that is wonderful about life right now.

I did yoga outside this morning and am now drinking tea and wearing the very coolest new rhinestone studded jeans ever, a gift my my West Coast family. Paired with my Shut Up And Rock Tee Shirt, I feel hip enough for any of the current Hot Spots out here. Of course, it's pretty early yet, so perhaps I will have more tea and keep working via cell and e-mail until Malena, little Creature of the Night that she is, gets up. We stayed up pretty late planning and plotting together , but I am an early riser from a different time zone, and so am wild awake.

I think today is gym and music.

How's that for the wild life?

Love and Oceans,

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Livin it up at the Hotel California

Sittin' in the morning sun, I'll be sittin when the evenings comes....
Sounds great doesn't it Lorraine! (She will be here tomorrow around midnight. She's on MY time schedule now) Mwaaaaa ha ha haaaaaa. We have lots of work planned for LaM. I have found the ultimate printer/embroidery place. They will be making all our t-shirts. g-strings, journals, hats, etc. We're getting so pro about all this "swag" as Lorraine calls it. I'm sure Sherpa, our faitherful bodygaurd would love a g-string..he could use it as a sling shot when we do small bar gigs. So, we'll keep you updated.

I also want to publicly swear to play the violin more often. I used to be a first rate violinist. Oh how I loved the symphony and the opera. For many years I put my violin away and didn't play it. When I met Lorraine, she sent me her old violin...(the one she wrote all the Flash Girls songs on.) Because I hate the fact I can't play like I used to, I don't play very often. Something happened to me today that made me remember how much I loved to play. I shouldn't let that talent waste away. So, as of this day, I will start playing REGULARLY. There's no NO reason to let the past repeat in the future. (Maybe I could bribe Lorraine and Kitty to go see Joshua Bell.) He did The Red Violin Soundtrack. Check out his
THAT music inspires me!

We will be sure to let you know what day we are doing the LaM-CAM conference. I'm sure it will be hilarious. Dan, you'd love to play dress-up in all these costumes! Ce-le-brate good times COME ON!

photos taken in Santa Barbara on Sunday..

Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Jody!!!!!

Happy Birthday to our Sexy Librarian, Jody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see, Jody, or Jodyth as we sometimes call her, is bringing in a LOT more readers to the library since she started working there. At first her co-workers were somewhat , astounded, but when they noticed how many more guys were suddenly reading young adult , Sci-fi and FANTASY, well, now they are all for her somewhat un-librarian outfits.

Says Jody " I believe in wearing what's comfortable in the office, and nothing fits me quite so well as my Alter Ego Corset and my little plaid mini skirt., slip into a pair of thigh high leather boots, and you have an outfit that can go from the office to the dance floor in no time "

Jody is the inventor of the theory that any name can be a FANTASY Renn Fest name simply by adding the letters TH to the end and can be seen hanging out at all the hotspots in the Twin Cities, ( everywhere any of my bands gigs ) and hopefully, at Baltic Con, complete with corsets , this May.


Introducing Gemma

The gigs this weekend were so much fun. I've said it before, but Charlie's is everything an Irish Pub ought to be. Small enough so that you can see everyone, and the people who come are there for the music. Paul put it best on Saturday night when he said " It's one of those nights when the family just got a little bigger " We had so many people back from two weeks ago, and they in turn brought more folks, including Gemma a 70-something Irish lady , from Donnegal, I believe. She grew up with Irish music, and seemed to know all the players from Ireland well. As in, " oh, yes, he lived down the road a piece. " She knew all the songs, and we talked her into coming up on stage to sing for a bit.

Not difficult.

In fact, she came up twice during the evening. You could have heard a pin drop . Amazing she was, the entire bar went silent and listened, and nearly gave her a standing ovation when she was thru. Stole the show she did. I think she may be in the ( as yet un-named ) band now, we know a good thing when we see it! We are back there on February 10th and 11th I think , and I hope , that she is coming back. Sadly, my camera died and I didn't get pictures but I certainly will if she joins us again. Wonderful lady, Gemma, they were there when we arrived and they stayed until we quit. Did I mention she drank the entire time as well??? Never seemed to effect her, she just kept right on going. I myself would have been on the floor.

There was a wedding party too. They had just gotten married OUTSIDE ( Huh? Says I, what were you thinking??? ) and we pushed the tables around and gave them some special dances.

It was just one of those nights when I remember why I do this. Everyone is a part of the evening. I just play the music.

I am still loving my workouts. I am still so sore I can hardly move. Tonight I am taking a class called SWEAT. Delightful I am sure. It is such a great feeling tho, I can't even tell you, but everyone should do this. It makes every part of your life better. I have so much energy. I am even writing again and I am not the writer in this household, but it keeps coming out, and I can't seem to stop. I am hoping that my little poems will grow up and be songs for the new cd. My winter sadness is gone too.

Tomorrow I am off to spend a week with Malena. This , too, makes me happy.

Love and Sunshine,