Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cats and Concerts

The Tinka Bat Frog Dog is now, happily, settled into the Teves household, with two grown up Bostons, whom she bullies shamelessly, for companions. There was a little squabbling early on, but all seems well now, tho possession of the Stuffed Squeaking Fish I bought Tinka seems still in doubt.

I kind of miss the little thing, she is quite charming and a lot of fun, but when it all comes down to it , I am a Cat Person thru and thru. ( as if to bear witness to this statement, Princess the Queen of the Household has just jumped up on my desk as I type and I snapped this of her, that;s this blog up on the computer..... )

I am back now in the Frozen north , working on House, and catching up on work. No gigs this month, which seems strange, but restful. I am hoping to have a slew of new tunes for the December shows. Head's up for those of you near, or who can get near, Lojo and I are doing two nights of a Grand and Fabulous Holiday Pah-te, December 8th and 9th , at Charlie's in Stillwater, 7:30 to 11:30. The place is a rather fine hotel too, folks, so if anyone is up for a Winter Getaway, I can promise you some wonderful music and fun.

I am missing Malena pretty badly, as usual. Even tho our plans for eating right and being healthy went right out the window with the sugar cookies ( I never ever want to eat another one! Well, maybe next Halloween ) December seems a long time away. We do have some News for you tho, which will be coming in the next few days, about the recording that we have been working on! So stay turned, and stay warm!

Off now to see Miss Kitty at yet another Rock-n-Roll extravaganza and then home to hot tub , cats and the fireplace. In that order.

Love and warm,

The day after Fablo leaves I get the flu. (it was the truckload of cookies i think) Now, it's back to eating boring things and getting skinny for my next role. (I am aware Hollywood is weird) Thank GOD for Halloween and the ever fabulous cook Lorraine.

If you requsted a reading, hang in there. I will get to them as soon as I can breath through my nose. heee! sad but true. It will be nice to get back to doing readings and writing my book, temporarily titled,
Nerds grow up Sexy_The Malena Story
I need to make up a T-shirt that says that...with rhinestones!

More music info coming soon!

Music and Afrin,
Malena the mouth breather

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photos are IN!

Yes, we rocked. And now we're making cookies. SUGAR cookies with BUTTER cream frosting. I'm even wearing my cooking corset and Lorraine is wearing fishnets and a straight jacket. Hey! She's the one who cooks, she can't be in a straight jacket the cookies will die. Fablo says, "The closer it get to midnight, the closer I'm getting to putting Malena in a straight jacket. It's safer for everyone."

BTW, check out the naked girl!

It was a Dark and Scary Night...

The Fabulous Lorraine is quite a writer. I've been telling her this for quite some time. So, as we try to recover from our night of costumes, and vampire veins (which Miles airbrushed on...they are still on)we're going to chill out a bit. I am going to read you some of the...
SECRET haunted poetry and magical rhymes from the vault of the Fabulous Lorraine.
(Psssstt! Click on the voice message) We are not podcast literate as of yet, so this is what you from LaM. We are going to call Lorraine's Boss' WebElf tomorrow and ask her if she can work some of her magic so we can post audio.

And then, there's video....I want you all to know that Lorraine is telling you to be afraid. "BE VERY AFRAID!", She yells! We've been testing out the new audio/video "movie MAKER" on my new laptop. And trust me, Lorraine says, they will NEVER see the light of day. It went something like this,
Lorraine: I don't think we have this video thing down yet, Div.
Malena: Well, hell no! Not with me looking like this!

So, we're working on our website audio/video capabilities. You know, I told Lorraine,
"Give me a month and there will be pyrotechnics, animated backgrounds, smoke machines, and a wet bar! Move over Madonna. It's LaM on a laptop!

Oh btw, we have lots of cool photos. Some that Lorraine could EASILY blackmail me with and get ANYTHING I POSSESS!

Lorraine says to tell you,
"The witching hour has come and gone, and tomorrow is Halloween. And it's time for all good LaMies to be fast asleep in their beds. (That goes for LaM as well.)"
..she hints darkly. "So goodnight my dears! Goodnight! Sweet dreams, of all things dark and sexy...especially things that go bump in the night!"

Love and All Hallows,

Malena and the ever Fabulous Lorraine.