Friday, July 28, 2006

I admit, my life is weird!

Sometimes, I hear my conversations and think, "THIS is a bloggable moment." I've had a lot of bloggable moments this week and the more I think about it, the more I realize I live a very strange life.

Miles brought home some cool stuff from the studio the other day...including highly corrosive acid.
Cool! I told him that would be MY weapon of choice if a burglar penetrated the compound! I went into great detail about how cool it would be to throw the whole bottle in bad guy's face and watch it melt. He was a little disturbed by my strange fantasy. But, hey at least he knows I can hold my own. Between the acid and the hell boy gun, I'd be set man! (don't we all have Laura Croft fantasies?)

Kitty is coming over today to talk photos. Wehoooo! I'm getting ready for the Alter Ego shoot. (Unfortunately this includes MORE dieting) I wonder, am I ever going to be able to eat bread again? Not as long as I work in THIS town. It's worth it though. I love my job(s)! And Lorraine kindly reminds me, "You're Hollywood fat. To the rest of the world, you're sexy as hell!" Thank GOD for Fablo and her reality checks! What would I do without her?

I called the Mortician the other day. He asked what kind of casket I wanted! I asked for Black and silver or Burgundy. BIG surprise there. I always go with what I call, "The Bruise Pallet". He's so cool. We have to do the shoot at night(YEAH BABY)because they have REAL funerals during the day. It felt like I was planning my OWN funeral. How fun! I gotta tell ya, caskets are cushy! I don't know why they put so much effort into making them comfortable, it's not like the customer will notice. Which leads me to another story....

I went to the Dr. the other day for a few routine tests. First they had to warm up my feet. (Good luck) They tried and tried....even microwaved the towels. After the first try the Dr. said, "Take a look at this! The readings can't be accurate. These results are of a dead person! Do it again" and off they went to re-do the test. After running it 3 times, I think they gave up. RESULTS: Dead, dead, dead. I didn't have the heart to tell them why....not that they would believe me anyway. Hee hee! (This is a true story) This is an example of truth being weirder than fiction.

I've been working on our LaM store, with the help of Danth our web manth. We love him! Lorraine and I are trying to find products we think you'll like. Strange, odd, eclectic things that no one ever really NEEDS, but wants just for the fun of it. Like bats head root...
.....and handmade books to put your treasures in.
..and perfume that smells like sex and chocolate. (no really!)..and of course, Graveyard dirt! No we didn't rob the graveyard without permission. I have a special friend who helps with that sort of thing. LEGALLY of course. (Although the thought of Fablo and I in black mercenary suits sneaking around an old graveyard does sound fun.) I don't think the tenants would mind. It would be the most flesh they've seen since their embalming! We'd love your input on the store. Tell us what kind of products you like, dislike and think are just plain shallow and Paris Hilton merch. I kid I kid!

I made "Supermodel Stanzi" an outfit a few days ago. She loves to wear clothes. Although BOTH of our dogs are neutered, they still get their freak on when Stanzi wears doggie outfits. (who knew Dogs liked lingerie too?)
There IS a reason I call them PIG_DOG_BAT_FROGS!

Until next time, this is your favorite Witchy vampire chic signing off.
(photo taken from a thingie's website)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hot, Music, and Houses

I bet Malena is very happy to be home again, with temps a breezy 119 in LA this week. I thought we had it bad at 100, but 119 sounds like the sort of temp one could BAKE things in....This is one year I am ready for it to be winter. ( and not JUST because I will have a hot tub! )

Paul and I are playing again this week at Charlie's Pub, Friday and Saturday 7:30 to 11:30 without the added joy that was Lumberjack Days , it is air conditioned , and we tend to have a LOT of fun.

I have been working on this Wolery House this week and learning how much I don't know about so many things every day. I bought a Fridge, Microwave and Freezer. My fridge is very tiny because I want to put another door in the kitchen and the only other place to put a fridge is rather small, but I think it will work quite well. I went and picked out carpet, for the bedroom, office and stairs and LAMinate for a wood floor in what Malena calls " The Romance Room " , then it was suggested the carpet was kind of pricey, so I checked another place and the carpet was the same but the LAMinate floor was way cheaper, so I started all over AGAIN, but now I think I have it. Deep Purple for the office and Deep Green for bedroom and stair's, and a really dark LAMinate floor for ye olde Romance Room.

I found my kitchen table and chairs HERE if you want to see them. The set is called, sadly " The BOOM BOOM ROOM.....

I have the coolest doorbell in the world, hands down, and my lovely chandelier is up. I'll take some pics for you soon.

It is really starting to get fun now as things get painted, walls come down , and I am getting things for it. It is starting to feel like ME, a whole space where it is all ME. I am loving the choosing, arranging , conferring that is going on. When I walk in now I am feel all my stress and worries and work or whatever melt away. ( except for the part where I walked to the basement and found torrential rains tend to come IN ) It is like a surprise that keeps on coming, the good bits, the rain. Chris is coming in a couple of weeks to finish up the recording and we re going to record, due to the wonders of a portable studio, right in my dining room with the tin ceiling.

Making magic and music right in my very own house.

Doesn't get any better than this.

Love and home, Lorraine