Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rough Cuts and Wedgies

I FINALLY finished the Alter Ego winter shoot. Karolyn has the coolest clothes ever! Especially if you plan on seducing the planet. She talked me into wearing this hot little number. I felt like a plucked chicken. (And you know how I love to cluck) Miles and I busted up laughing when I came out of the dressing room. I was walking with my butt to the wall. I am, believe it or not, very modest and weird about getting half naked.

This patent leather number will be great for clubbing, or hiding a sword in your sleeve. I Slay myself. LOL.

This dress is my kind of outfit. It covers the legs! I'm sure some of our male fans will disagree, but they will always have the AE logo shot. (I'll never live that one down)
Fablo loves this outfit. I'm giving her the skirt.

We heard some rough cuts today! Wehooo! They are so so good. Emma Bull wrote this great song that sounds so "James Bond". I told Chris I wanted to dress up in a black leather jumpsuit and run down the freeway with 5 guns in tow. One on each hip, one in each hand and one in my bra. He said,
"Don't you want to do that anyway?"
Got me there Chris! We think this album will be out IN STORES by February/March. Wehooooooooooo! So, we're riding on cloud nine here. Now I'm going to unbuckle myself and I'll be out in a week or so. SERIOUSLY!