Saturday, November 19, 2005

Who Knew?????

I have been trying to figure out what to get an artist friend of mine for Xmas for some time ( not my Boss , for the records sake ) He has everything, I can't afford the kind of art he would appreciate , and one doesn't want to get him something dumb of course.

Then today , I had my idea. Saw Art. Of Course! He has never set foot in the upper Midwest so he most likely does not even know what saw art IS!!!!

( uh-hem...Saw art is scenes, generally of deer, moose, geese , wolves, snow, cabins ect painted onto Saw Blades, generally the round chainsaw types. This is real. It exists nowhere else that I know of. Many cabins are decorated in Saw Art. )

So I googl'd " Painted Saw Blades " and found many Saw Arts for sale, and thought , well, I'll just pick one out and it will be a Merry Xmas all around.

Then halfway down the list I found it.

Go here

Of Course. Who Knew?????????

Merry Xmas all,


At 4:44 PM , Blogger Appleblossombeck said...

We have saw art here in West Virginia, just so you know. But I didn't think anyone else did, so there you go...

At 7:19 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

DEVA! That coffin site is pure death lovely baby! I've always poo pood the saw art thing. (I grew up in the mid-west where bad saw art is common along with gravy)
Love the coffins lovey!

At 7:54 PM , Blogger Maureen said...

The coffin kitchen got me. Who knew, indeed?

Saw art is common in the middle midwest too, and I can vouch for it still being alive and well as I had a brush with some (literally, as I went up a staircase) today in a tiny little town that has the only store around that sells Victorian microwaves. Quirky wouldn't begin to cover it - but I'm glad weird spots like that exist. Otherwise t'would all be strip malls.

I'm surprised someone hasn't continued the artform with the modern canvas of useless AOL CDs. ;-)

At 8:45 PM , Blogger invincor said...

Just don't get him a concrete deer statue, or something like this might happen:

At 9:50 AM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

i am a proud owner of a piece of saw art made by the semi-famous Adam Stab of charm city fame. i love the bad saw art & gravy link, maybe some higher connection? har ahrrrr
missing you ladies loads.
next two days=depeche mode and their rider looks to be a monster. and i don't mean monster in a good way.
love you! me

At 10:18 AM , Blogger Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Now that is some wicked saw art and not something I've seen in the saw art of rural Mississippi

At 2:04 AM , Blogger K said...

Well, goodness me.

The one that really got me was the "blood"-spattered one with the coffins. Glad I was sitting down...

At 12:42 AM , Blogger tuaregblue said... THAT is some saw art.:)

At 8:56 AM , Blogger ariandalen said...

We have saw blade art here in Texas, too. They usually have the ubiquitous bluebonnets on them. The coffin site is pretty cool, but I know I've seen one at least similar to the blood spattered blade somewhere, I just can't remember where.


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