Thursday, November 10, 2005

Filing and Birthdays with a little Rock to Come

Long day today with much work, none of it too exciting. ( unless you like hearing about filing hundreds of papers and sorting thru piles of yet more papers , heck if this sort of thing excites you, come on over , hee-hee ! ) Did a little work on the press release thingie, so that we can start sending out more review copies and talked to Malena about ways to become re-inspired in the relm of fitness and eating right. She sent me a drawing of an all leather outfit , skirt and top, she has designed for me. Colour me inspired!

I have to go and start getting ready for the gig tonight at Kieran's, but I wanted to take a quick minute and wish my Boss a Very Happy Birthday! And Many Happy Returns Of The Day! I am glad that you UK folks have been getting to see him on the tour, which he says has been going very well.

Ok, I am off to rock, hope to see some of you these next three nights at the club , and I'll see the rest of you here!

Love and music, Lorraine


At 4:06 PM , Blogger Appleblossombeck said...

Yeah, Happy birthday Neil! And um, is it wrong that I actually really would come help file things if I could? I *love* to make lists and organize things, and filing is right up my alley! But, I feel for you Lorraine: doing lots of anything you don't think is fun stinks. Good luck to you with staying focused on your health!

At 6:15 PM , Blogger invincor said...

There's some old Douglas Adams Dr. Who files up in the attic, somewhere, right? I'd like to help file those. :) :) :)
- Steve Manfred, River Falls, WI

At 2:06 AM , Blogger K said...

Sorting through piles of paper? That describes my job to a T, except that I then have to make sense of them and write catalogue entries on them. It is that rock-n-roll.

On the other hand, sometimes I get really cool old documents to do it with.

I suspect your piles of paper were probably not documents of particular intrinsic interest?

Have fun at Kieran's and have a great weekend...

At 2:09 AM , Blogger K said...

Oh, by the way, the livejournal post is now up.

And I overuse italics, don't I?

At 9:00 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

K- At least you can DO italics and links and things, sigh.....I am going to read your live journal.

There could be anything in my piles of paper. Anything at all....Back to the mines.

At 12:48 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

Hello again other K, (Kristina from Vancouver here) I completely sympathize on the piles of stuff issue. I get left with paleolithic piles to sort at my work too. Every week the boss seems to say.. "this week we are going to clean up this mess" and we try and every week the piles grow a little. Every few weeks my boss gathers up a pile in one of the offices and transfers it into a box... and the box pile in the basement is tremendous!! (There is a whole boxland down there... with a box queen and a box king and citizens galore... considering the number of boxes) One day soon we will have 25 years of filing to do... oh the dreaded shoulder season months ahead!

(P.S. I can't seem to get the link through to other K's livejournal to work)

And I still think no one's job is cooler than yours, working for Neil.

At 8:06 AM , Blogger K said...

Sigh. Last attempt to post the livejournal address! I think Blogger's got some kind of routine that stops the link working.

I have no clue how to do permalinks for LJ, but it's still the most recent entry at the moment.

Love and twilight,
Scottish K


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