Thursday, September 29, 2005

Phone Your Part In...

Last weekend with Malena was wonderful. It was so perfect to get to be with her midway thru the last bits of the album, and for the last weekend of the Festival. I have been missing her pretty badly durning the recording, and the shows have been long and to some extent, frustrating. It was sort of an ABBA Super Trouper moment. ( yes, I assume, you all being people of intelligence and taste, that you are in fact ABBA fans )

Malena even got to come into the studio on Monday and record a few more bits. Actually , she got to record some more yesterday. She , quite literaly , phoned her vocal part in, with me holding the cell up to the mic. Our last thing we recorded for the cd was a bit I like to call The Party. It will be the last thing on the cd and it is, as Adam said, quite possibly the best thing we have ever recorded. Like a huge lurching Monster of Doom, it weaves and wobbles nearly going off the cliff in a most marvelous way. Un-Dead Dixieland Jazz at it's best. I love this album. It has been such a fun thing to do, no tempers, no arguments, just so much fun. It is the first cd I have ever made where I didn't CRY in sheer desparation. ( tho we got close doing fiddle parts on The Fox )

Now we are mixing. Very soon, it will be done. We got the cover art finalized yesterday and more of the booklet. As Malena said, we are going to take pre-orders just as soon as she can put the page up, and we do have a signing in LA on the 30th! Hurrah and Hurrah!

I hope you like it.

Those of you who read my Boss's blog know that this moning we are over the moon and more happy than Misty the Kitten when she finds somethng to chase. Life is good. I send him out an even dozen Hurrah's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and Mixing,


At 8:06 AM , Blogger K said...

I was about to comment on Malena's entry below and say "we want more details!" and lo and behold, you've beaten me to it.

Super Trouper is the only pop song I know to have the word "Glasgow" in the first line (or in it at all, indeed). You know you've got me singing it to myself now?

Yes, I read your boss's site, and yes, that is just terrific news... of course (as I am a speedreading book-addict) I've read the magnificent octopus (or other eight-legged creature) already, and am hoping to stand in one of those famous big queues to get it signed in November.

But you're nearly finished the CD! That is just so cool. (Gosh, this is a gushing comment, but I am just so benevolently envious of anyone who's finished a Big Art Thing of any kind, I can't help gushing a little.) So Hurrah to you too.

At 8:12 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

When you see him, make sure you tell him you are a part of our Gang of Fun here! I am going to be late to the studio today with all the calls and e-mails coming in, but in the mix , I don't have much to do until they get the song done and then I say things like " WOW That sounds great!

Adam actually gave me another line to say yesterday, so now I regulaly comment: Say, could you brighten up the reverb a little.....

At 1:05 AM , Blogger Prodigo said...

Hello Lorraine--

I was fortunate enough to catch you on your last performance of the day (inspite of the mist) on the last day of Renfest. (The one who asked if you were THE Lorraine)

It was a real joy and privilege to see you perform (All calls of "Booty!" aside), since I'm a regular reader of both this and Neil's blogs.

I'm a MN native, but I was home on vacation (I live in Spain), so just being at Renfest was a treat, but getting to see you and Folk Underground was an added bonus.

I really wish you and Malena all the best for your upcoming CD.

At 6:31 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Well thank you very much!!!

That was a , uh, truly special show wasn't it?? One never does know what will hapeen on the last day.I am glad you liked it and happy you got to see us. We had a lot of fun, and it was beyond fun to have Malena out there with us, tho I wish we could have had her up on stage ( not enough mic channels sadly )

Many thanks again!!!!!

( you do know it's now up to you to make Lorraine a' Malena famous in Spain? Hee...hee )

At 8:34 PM , Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes said...

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At 5:15 PM , Blogger My-Juno said...

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