Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Misty, Heat and Kickboxing with the Bass Players from Uruguay

First off the important bits. The Kitty is a girl and her name is Misty. She is growing like the weed she looks like, day by day she gets bigger. She had her first vet visit, and seems to have a heart murmur , which isn't good, but they don't seem to worried. Misty the Muppet Cat does not let this slow her down tho, I never realized how many Things a kitten could get into. Now if she will just learn to use the littler box......

Festival this weekend was nasty and brutal. I am only now recovering from heat exhaustion. It was 90 both days and humid, you could not get enough to drink, and I am talking about Gatorade and water here. By the end of Saturday I was so tired I thought I would drop, and all I wanted was a cold shower, food brought to me and some TV before falling asleep at say, 9. Fortunately the Hotel Sofitel had all of those things right down the road, and I was just finishing dinner, having had the shower, and watching COPS and thinking how I had never noticed what an intellectual show this was before where the phone rings.

It's Big Sexy, from the Tim Malloys and he is saying something about how Adam can't make the gig they have tonight and could I just please please please come and play. From 9:30 to 2.

Brutal it was. The actual playing was a blast, I love those guys and we rocked the bar, everyone concerned had a great time, but now tired has gone so far beyond tired that it's all kind of silly and wild. Speaking of silly and wild , there was a group of people from Uruguay who were great fun and loved the show, about 5 guys and a really beautiful goth girl. After we got done playing, they started , well, wrestleing eachother, all over the bar. The girl took them each on kickboxing, and beat each of them. Then they started wrestleing eachother. It was so funny to be packing up with these bodies flying all over. We started talking to them after things had calmed down, and the girl, who's name is Sol, turned out to be a bass player, turned guitar player. She says she is sending me her cd's and I can't wait to hear them. I wasn't clear if they all lived here now , or were just visiting, but I am hoping she checks in here and drops me a note.

The less said about getting up at 7 to do the festival Sunday the better. I actually fell asleep in between each show for as long as I could. Spent Monday and Tuesday trying to re-hydrate .

It looks as tho we are going to be having an online Halloween Party, with web cams, and sound and IM and anything else we can manage. Miss Malena seems to know exactly what she is doing, and we will work this out, as that would be some fun.

Today is Get a Massage Day, in about an hour. Then work, and of course, practice my parts for recording this coming week. May manage Change Strings and Clean Fiddle up too. And Walk. ( this weekend's one redeeming feature was the weight loss factor, can't eat when it's that hot )

And I 'spect I'll be talking with Malena.

Love and Kickboxing,


At 6:24 AM , Blogger Sherpa said...

Well now I feel kind of guilty for having left fest early and gone home to sleep untill about midnight.
But only kind of.
It was a nice suprise seeing you instead of Adam when I walked threw the door. Not saying I have anything against Adam it's just that you are much better looking.
Great to hear the fiddle with the Tim's music also.
You played great and trust me, Mully is just as hard to understand when you are well reasted as when you are loopy from lack of sleep.
Take care.

At 7:11 AM , Blogger K said...

Ah, that sleep deprivation feeling. Truly you are a superwoman, Lorraine: can you still raise your left arm? Mine would never be able to hold my fiddle up for that long!

(Not that I've picked my violin up in far too long. I heard some beautiful playing recently and felt inspired, but have yet to find any time in which to practise. Bah.)

What do you do to clean your fiddle, incidentally? I've never done more than wipe mine with a dry duster, but then I don't generally play mine in such sweaty conditions...

At 7:11 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

I will admit to being better looking than Adam, and he would look pretty silly in my little skirts and boots, but MAN , that guy can play!!! I can play too, but Adam is Really Magic.....

Mully is like no other, that I will grant you, hee-hee, but I am beginging to adore him and have HUGE respect for him as a player.

At 7:14 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

It was really hard to type on Monday, and I am sore all over, hence this massage. It gets pretty painful, you just have to ignore it, and after a while you don't notice.

Dry cloth is good for cleaning, maybee a little damp if need be. I need new strings for next weeks sessions and I want to play the heck out of them this weekend , so they will be ready for recording.

At 1:01 PM , Blogger Maureen said...

I'm tired just looking at the hours you're putting in! :-)

Worry not about the heart murmur. Jim Dandy is now 16 1/2 and has had one all his life. It's not slowed him down one bit, and as you can see, it has not affected his longevity one bit.

At 3:10 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

I think a massage is definitely in order, and I'm glad you're getting one. Staying hydrated is always a priority at any of the Texas faires, sometimes even North Texas Irish Festival, which is the first weekend of March though it is both indoor and outdoor. In Texas, you just never know what the weather will be like until you get there......maybe. ;)

Misty will probably be okay; she may even outgrow it. I had a kitten that tested positive for feline leukemia, but was asymptomatic. She lived for three years, until she got FIP. Maeve was very healthy until the last week. A heart murmur isn't great, but it's not necessarily a death sentence.

At 5:21 AM , Blogger Starshadow said...

There are four kittens resident here in the house and three have learned to use the litter box regularly. The fourth also uses it, but sometime she seems to forget about it. Still, they are at the age where their cuteness purchases indemnity for many things, including the occasional lapse from the litter box.

By the time you read this, you'll have had, I trust, a fine and relaxing massage. Go forth and conquer!



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