Friday, September 09, 2005

Kate's Clothing

Thought I would pass onto you quickly, that I found a really Fabulous store on Ebay late one night last week ( oh the Danger of late night Ebay! ) It's called Kate's Clothing and her website is ( sorry , still no linking skills ! ) but she also has an Ebay store.

I recieved everything I ordered from her this morning, very quickly, tho she is in London, and they are wonderful clothes! And unlike many retailers, Kate doesn't seem to feel that all Cool Witchy Gothy women stop at size 10 and seems to know that we come in all shapes and sizes.

She was very friendly and the clothes arrived complete with ribbon and wrapping. Did I mention the prices are most reasonable?????

Have a look and you too might own 2 new shorts plaid skirts, a pair of spider arm bands, some skull socks and purple striped stockings!!!!!!

Love and cool clothes, Lorraine