Saturday, March 10, 2007

And then there was Music....

Hera is here now and we have been having more and more fun! The concert is tomorrow and I believe, having spent nearly 24 hours in each others company, that we are ready to rock. We even spent some of it practising, kid you not.

I have been showing her the sights, we went to the grocery store, took Misty-Cat to the Groomers, ( more on THAT mistake coming soon, NEVER again, she looks like something Henson's dreamed up! or something Malena's husband sculpted after a bad nightmare! ) and then off to the Fish Farm for Trout. And she thinks LA is going to be wild, hee-hee!

It seems to be turning into one of those friendships and musical partnerships that just sort of forms immediately and gels in to something, uh, gel-like ( ok, so I am pretty tired here ) Very like Malena she is, actually. They are both beautiful, both brilliant musically , both chocolate worshipers, both believe firmly in set lists and they both do the same kinds of goofy things.

I think they both like playing with me. I know I love playing with both of them.

I can't wait for the show Sunday night.

I wish more than ever Malena was going to be with us.

Love and Music,


At 10:24 PM , Blogger tuaregblue said...

Glad to hear you actually had time to practice sometime in all that fun.:)

So Misty got mangled? Poor kitty. Did they take clippers to her or something?

At 10:35 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

"I sing the body electric" Walt Whitman
Lorraine, I'm certain you and Hera will be just electric on stage and set off many sparks of fire and light! My prayers and best wishes are with you! Break a leg and flash like a comet across the sky!

At 10:45 PM , Blogger Malena said...

I wish I were going to be there girlies! I will be filming tomorrow. Sooooo,Queen of the Improv Stage, someone else likes set lists too huh? You MUST post the photo of Misty. I am a fan of freakish creatures you know! Have fun tomorrow.
And to everyone who is going...YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Take lots of photos of Fablo in all her red riding hood glory and Hera as the Nordic goddess that she is. I LOVE THE HENNA! Fablo knows how to flash when getting a henna tattoo. Trust me on that!

At 5:02 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Break a leg and have heaps of fun !

At 7:44 AM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

They shaved about HALF of my poor cat. She looks like a POOD:E CAT. She has her head hair, rough, legs and tail. Like a lion maybe.

I'll post a pic next week. Some more of Hera's cat too, she sent me a picture f her cat which I thought was Malena's DOG, a baby Boston Kitty!

Freaky cats.

We are just up here on gig day and finding tea and brains. I can't wait for tonight!

At 9:30 AM , Blogger Malena said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 9:37 AM , Blogger Malena said...

Hera Hera :)
I'm having a wonderful time.. I saw my very first squirrel yesterday and got overly exited -and just now, as typing.. another one!
Am really looking forward to this evening, and playing with the Fabulous Lorraine!
(we found out that we have a very -very strange thing in common... you'll find out what it is later tonight..)

At 9:57 AM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

Oh yes, i recall the henna tattoo/flashing incident well--that would be Venice Beach circa 2006 (2005?)
(Quiche forgot that i was there, ahem!)
Malena, you would have loved to be a fly on the wall of the LorraineaHera practice room, i could hear them a-gigglin' and a-laffin' all the way from the
kitchen, where i was chopping veggies for the salad...
tonight i will take loads of photos, so all can see.
xox from the frozen lakes of the midwest

At 11:09 AM , Blogger tuaregblue said...

Poor Misty..that does sound rather Henson-esque!lol

Break a leg ladies:)

At 11:46 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

dang disappearing comments...

Poor poor Misty... cat fur should not be shaved except in cases of surgery... I expect that pride in their fur is half of what keeps kitties going.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC time Lorraine and Hera!!!

At 1:09 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

I gotta join Rubius on this one. What kind of idiot shaves a cat that doesn't need surgery? Grrrr!

Break a leg tonight, ladies!

And thanks in advance for the photos, Kitty.

At 8:52 PM , Blogger invincor said...

It was a fine and sublime show tonight. I can't wait for the next time you get Hera up here, whenever that may be. :)

- Steve Manfred

At 4:46 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

Yay for new, fruitful musical partnerships.


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