Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beltane, Magic and Kittens

Happy May Day All!!!!!! Even if it is almost over....Well, it was a pretty busy day.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful May Eve, or Beltane or Fire Night or however you want to call it, and did appropriately Witchy type things. I have always loved May Eve, it seems like such a magic night where anything can, and probably will happen . I have a hill that goes out into the woods in my backyard, and it always seemed to me that if there WAS going to be a door to the otherworld, that would be the place for it. I kept hoping one would appear, as one does on May Eve , but nothing much seemed to happen, so I thought nice thoughts , gazed at the moon and went back inside and bought a cat.

Which is a pretty Witchy thing to do , if you think about it.

My kitty is only two weeks old. I won't be getting her for another 10 weeks or so. There are six in the litter and three are girls. She is a Bengal. Bengals are the coolest cats ever. I am sure of it. I have wanted one for years, but we always seemed to have too many cats, strays all, for me to go out and intentionally acquire one, but now that I have my own house, I am going to make this dream come true. If you click HERE you can visit the website and see pics of her Mom, Asia, and some pics of the kittens individually. This is all the little guys together, I think the three on the top are the girls. Wildest cats since Hera's Brjann appeared on the scene....

There didn't turn out to be a door into Faerie for me last night, but I acquired a cat and have a feeling that Kitty is going to be pretty darn magic all on her own.

Love and Kittens,


Malena here. I started off Beltane with a bang. Banged Out Productions came over to check out my house. We are going to shoot a scene in my lovely chair Miles bought for me.
It's a beaut! I can't wait for this (confidential process)to be over so I can blab about the project. Ahhh!
In other news, we did a Alter Ego shoot Sunday night. I can honestly say even I am happy with the photos. MIRACLE. I am a perfectionist from hell about my own photos. I am still pooped. My little skinny modelas, Beth and Corinne, are coming next weekend to do the sexy stuff Mrs. Teves can't or won't wear.

As for May Day, I will be building a LA style bonfire. (A 3 inch caldron with some herbs in it) I wouldn't want to be a "fire hazard" which in LA could be two people smoking. On a more positive note, here's a well written article about
Beltane. And here's a ritual I found.Due to my budding career I won't have time to write you one myself this year. Oh well. When the new CD, The Hidden Variable comes out, you will have all the magic you will ever need.

I will be out in my courtyard relaxing tonihgt. I planted all my witchy herbs today. I can't wait to use them. Rue is my latest treasure. It's growing like a weed, but all herbs are weeds really. I will be praying for all of you, so send your wishes out into the universe and together, we can make things happen. I see magic happen all around me all the time. You just have to look for it. Like when I go to the post office, which in LA means bullet proof glass and a line out the door. I always get a nice teller who speaks english. Small miracle! Or when I think of Lorraine and I go get the phone to call her and it rings. (It's her)

So tonight as you get ready for bed. Think of what you need in your life and ask the universe to send it. It's better not to get too specific. In my acting, I always ask that I get hired for gigs that will benefit me AND my family. That way, only the jobs fit for me will come my way. I don't focus on the specifics because God knows better than I about what's good for me in the long run.
Photos on the way shortly.

Music and Magic,
Madame M


At 8:56 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

What enchanting blog mistresses the two of you are! Lorraine the kittens are just darling! Love tabby cats! And Malena, I was as happy as a clam in high tide to read you wrote that your career is budding! Praise be! You're right Malena, in California herbs grow like weeds! My rosemary bushes, mint, sage, lavender and more are going wild making my bees so happy and making my backyard smell like a witch's kitchen. Happy Beltane to you two beautiful Mistresses of the Magic of the Night! Namaste.

At 9:12 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

I'm glad you each had/are having a wonderful Beltane. Mine was interesting. It is far too wet here for a fire outside, as it has been raining off and on all day today, and rained some yesterday. Still, it stopped raining long enough for me to take my offering out to my personal clearing with altar.

Bengals are really cool cats. Congratulations, Ms. Fabulous, on acquiring one.

At 9:29 PM , Blogger tuaregblue said...

Happy Beltane everyone:)
I've been down with a headache most of the day (stupid barometric pressure) but I'm glad to hear that you both had wonderful days.

I can't wait to see the new kitty Lorraine. I'm always a sucker for kittens.;)

Malena, if you're happy with the photos then they must be awesome!
Have you ever tried to make a cauldron fire with epsom salts and rubbing alcohol? Supposedly it's safe enough to use indoors, but I haven't tried it yet.

At 2:39 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

I can't wait for Hidden Variable!

Baby Nathan received his package yesterday. Thank you! I will have to post pics of him in his onesie and socks.

At 7:22 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

I wrote two short stories and baked a chocolate cake.
Do these things count as witchy things ?

I love those miniature tigers. I wish you loads of fun and cuddles with yours Lorraine

Do we get to see those pictures, Malena ?


At 7:52 AM , Blogger sue said...

Happy May Day late-sounds wonderful, with congrats to Lorraine on the bengal-what beautiful cats they are! Can't wait to hear a bit more about your doings, Malena!

At 7:55 AM , Blogger ivenotime said...

hmm,here we go again on this thing posting my real name...at least this time I can fix it!

At 11:55 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

Adorable kittens. Thanks for the great big AAAAAWWWWWWWW. I am sure you will have a splendid time with your new darling. Bengals are very cute kitties. Maybe you need a kitten to lead you to the magic hidden door. ;-P

That is a gorgeous chair. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the new CD... can't wait. And I am very much looking forward to the new pix.

Lorraine, I was wondering, Malena mentioned I should ask about what you use to reduce cat allergens... any advice?

At 12:04 PM , Blogger Malena said...

Kitty is going to be pretty Magic. I bet I find that door yet......Cat allergens....Wash the cat. Kid you not. It's not the hair, it's the spit. There are wipes you can buy too, less tramatic than a bath. ( tho I hear Bengals love water and will go fish in toliets and fish tanks...Oh for my two remaining fish!!!!!! ( two died, not eaten as in elsewhere that we are reading about )

More Bee Pics soon! Had much hive fun today, found the Queens and they are laying!

At 12:58 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Thanks Lorraine, I have been trying to disuade LaMie from licking me (she turned into little LaMie licks-a-lot when I took her home to the island for xmas... she keeps trying to lick my nose or my hand when I cuddle her) but it is hard to say no when she looks at me with those big eyes... especially when I know she is just trying to show affection.

The kitty's colouring change a bit, won't it? What will you name the little minx? or does she come with a name?

Looking forward to the new bee pix, the baby Nathan pix and the Alter Ego pix.

At 2:02 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I HAVE to get the hang of this posting as myself, sigh.

I think I know what I am going to name her, but I am not quite sure.............Tell you soon! I don't know if she will change or not, the little wild thing!

At 2:23 AM , Blogger Malena said...

I have the new Alter Ego photos posted on my blog. More to come shortly.


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