Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pics and Giant Squids

I ( finally! ) put up some pics of the St Pat's gigs Paul and I did over at Much fun was had by all concerned and I am really glad it only happens once a year.

I have been listening to the New Hidden Variable cd , which arrived today. It is SO close to being done!!!!! ( Chris get out here! ) Chris is a musical genieus , and this is truly a beautiful album. And Malena, I knew she was GOOD. I even knew she was REALLY GOOD, but this is amazing. I am in awe of her. Heck, I may be too shy to ever speak to her again!!!!!!! This girl doth have the voice of an angel!! ( or a weird un-dead vampire creature of the night, I have always suspected such beings could sing )

( my parts, the ones that are done anyway, rock as well, if I do say so myself )

And now here. Well, not it turns out. On my excite page this morning was a great story about some scientists who want to microwave a giant squid, but it is gone now! HOW they are going to do this, well, they said they would get a Really Big Microwave. They also said they don't want to EAT it, just de-frost it.

Go figure.

Love and music,


At 1:32 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

You are such a TEASE!
::sigh:: However, we all know it will be worth the wait.

Maybe those scientists were going to use the microwave weapon from "Batman Begins." And how DOES a frozen giant squid disappear?

Rubius - wash hands and avoid foods with trans fats. Getting enough sleep and not letting stress get to you help, too.

At 3:18 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

Was there a costume change? Where is the rhinstone shirt, the skirt and the skull & crossbones leggings? You look darling though and love the shot of you taking a bite out of the shamrock! Thanks for sharing the photos.
It's 81 in Southern California so the corset part of my date outfit!
By the way -Dan Guy where are you that your heard rocket fire- on the front line of Desert Storm?
Well, I hope everyone enjoys a lovely spring of flowers and wine!

At 9:30 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

Advice needed, please LaMies! I adore my girlfriends but sometimes they give me the wrong advice. Tonight I thought I would surprise my yoga beau after his candlelight yoga flow class only to catch him in a liplock with another real pretty yoga student in the studio. He didn't see me and he has left a message on my cell phone that he can't wait to see me Friday. But I just want to break the date. I mean, we're not a couple, we only been out a few times for a cup of chai tea after class and one real date, so he hasn't betrayed me really. Oh me and pretty men!What should I do? Should I go back into the saddle again and give love a chance or just get out of Dodge? Well, going to spend this evening with a man that won't let me down; Jack Daniels! Think I'll listen to your CD Mirror/Mirror and soak my blues anyway in a bubble bath with a glass of Jack on the rocks. Neil may never known love but damnit I do!Namaste.

At 11:02 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Yoga-Gal, the only advice I can give is be true to yourself, in this as in all things.

I try to remember that, for me anyway, regret is harder to live with than rejection. That said, I have been rejected plenty but I don't regret expressing my honesty about my feelings, that is when I could find the courage to do so. But, be true to yourself!!! What would you regret more, not giving it a chance or letting yourself get hurt? We can only move forward in our lives, but we live everyday with the past as a part of us.

best wishes...

At 4:38 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

My desire to hear this Hidden Variable CD is so great right now.

At 4:40 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

yoga gal :: He's not worth expending any more energy. Maybe he's a flake and maybe he's not, but figuring out which he is will not be worth your time, as there are plenty of other fish.

At 4:54 AM , Blogger ivenotime said...

Second Dan's notions, hope Jack helped, he has been a friend to me in the past, do take care.

At 9:38 AM , Blogger Malena said...

Dan Guy's war seems to be spreading my way. Got woke up to something that sure SOUNDED like a war, but might have been drilling up my street. Apparently they are going to tear it all up , re-do it and put in new sidewalks.

Only my block. That will make things fun...Sigh.

I can't wait for you all to hear ths cd too! Soon, very soon. Vid's too!

( I am posting this as Malena as Blogger is being weird, and keeps turning me into her when I go to sign in as me. What exactly the universe is telling me, I do not know...)

( I am actually Lorraine )

( uh, you probebly guessed that )

At 1:04 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

oooh vids!!!! SUCH a tease... such a tempting tease!!! you are so mean!!!!

and I have to agree with Dan on that too... you deserve much better than a flake.

just don't give up entirely. maybe he isn't the one... but there will be a splendid fish feast for you one day.

At 1:04 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

erm... but hopefully not microwaved squid.

At 2:58 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

I know somewhat what Dan Guy's going through. I live near Fort Hood, and it gets a bit noisy a couple of times a year. I have to admit, it has been a lot quieter the past four years. Usually it soulnds like thunder, only a lot more regular and it doesn't get any closer, or farther away. Granted, they're not training with rockets, just really big artillery. I've asked people that live next to the base how they deal with it and they've all said they just got used to it. It's still not fun.

Yoga gal: I don't know what I'd do in your situation. Maybe he's polyamorous; however, that won't work well if you aren't. The only way you'll find out is to ask him. He could still end up being a good friend.

At 5:38 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

Thank you blessed LaMies for addressing my romance issue. Especially you Dan Guy, I gather from reading this blog you're a computer programmer and therefore have a very logical and analytical male mind! But bless you all! It was very kind of you.

Lorraine & Marlena, your upbeat song about Adam and Eve lighten my heart and gave me the energy to start a huge painting. So I cranked up Mozart on my Ipod and painted the evening away! My hamster Door enjoyed the company.

By the way Lorraine. I thought you were going to wear a skirt on St. Patty's Day. Why did you change it to pants?

Thanks for the support & the inspiration!
"Love doesn't make the world go round, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." Elizabeth Barret Browning

At 6:02 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

The pics were over three days......

Apparently I can be me again.

At 7:13 PM , Blogger Malena said...

Malena here. NO really!
I just finished shooting a few days ago. I can't wait to see the footage. Other than that, I am very busy with auditions and such. I LOVE the new HV album. I can't wait for YOU to hear it.
More when I have time to sit down.

At 2:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guys defrosting the squid were saying that if they cut it up you'd end up with calamari rings the size of tractor tyres.
That's a big squid.

At 4:10 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

Calamari Rings the size of tractor tyres - that's a monster squid! Talk about your 2000 Leagues Under the Sea!

At 11:34 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

That was a squid,
That was a mighty squid...

The old ones are coming, albeit with a wedge of lemon in their teeth.

And if this is NOT to late (sorry, just got baclk from Salon du Livre in Paris):
Yoga gal
Call off the date. If he's interested he will try again and if not you will have spared yourself the time (life being short and all that jazz).

At 2:42 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

I think I found the link you may have been talking about. I couldn't get the 'mighty squid' link to work and realized that we were actually looking for a 'colossal squid,' which is certainly 'mighty' at the least. I recently watched an fabulously creepy National Geographic show about them.

At 5:37 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

All this talk about the mighty squid gave me quite a hunger for calamari. So after yoga class I went to a wonderful Greek restaurant and had their calamari salad. It's just heaven, they have feta cheese, roma tomatoes, cucumbers and topped off with calamari that is fried to prefection! It was a lovely day in LA to enjoy such a salad with white wine while sitting outside.
Oh, for you kind ladies & Dan - I didn't go on my date. Thanks to your kind words of support and the advice from one of my favorite handsome yoga teacher/actor. He's so handsome and funny. Says he only acts if this yoga thing doesn't work out. Because he is so attractive & gives a good practice his class is always filled with attractive young women. Sometimes I feel I practicing yoga in the PlayBoy Mansion.
Lorraine; how is the kitty with the crew cut doing? I have some advice. I have a Teddy Bear hamster named Door and her fur can get into dreadlocks if she goes natual. So I went out and bought a baby brush (not a pet brush) but a brush for infants because it's very soft and gentle. I brush her fur everyday. Keeps her fur dreadlock free and is a bonding experience as well.
Thanks to all you awesome fans of Lorraine & Malena but then they are awesome women with awesome talent!


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