Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can This Be My Day?????

What a time it has been, lost power last night and only now just got it back. It was a bit weird ( no, of course I was not frightened being alone in a dark house with no one around and severe storms raging ) Simply called Malena on my cell and told her she was going to talk to me till I went to sleep, whenever that happened, and of course, it being two hours earlier there, and her being a LITTLE Nocturnal, this was not a problem.

One might think that the loss of power in an entire town and the street turning into a sea of mud might halt the DEStruction going on outside my house, but NO, those loyal devoted men were out at 6:00 AM , right on schedule.

I always wondered ( well, no not really ) how one would go about taking out a concrete sidewalk, and now I know. Clears up a lot of nagging questions ( well, no not really ) but in case you are curious, they take a steam shovel, huge THING with the scooping action and BANG it on the sidewalk until it gives up the ghost. This is not quiet. Not at all.

There being not much else I could do today at Work, I spent the day in the garden, ( except for running around trying to find an open store to buy candles, flashlights and ice, nearly jumped the man with the ice truck we did ) weeds , weeds , weeds! How do they grow so fast???? This would have been all very nice, and indeed, I thought, how relaxing, no e-mail, no phones, me and the veggies, ahhhh , Earth Magic, I shall tend the little guys and connect with nature.

At least I thought that for the first 5 minutes. It topped 90 here today.

I came home today to find , well, a HUGE hole in my front yard. My front yard is a very steep hill and this hole took out half the bank. Like if you fell in it, it would be Bad. I asked the workers, something tactful, like " HEY what the heck???" and they, when they were done laughing, told me, " well, They said we needed to go in that far"

Who are they and what are they doing??????

( I would have pictures of this Amazing Hole , but I took some HAIRSPRAY to my gig the other night , as I was having a truly bad hair day, and the top was coming off and hairspray gel stuff went all over my purse , coating my camera in goo, which was , apparently the last straw for the already on it's last legs camera )

The storms went onto 3:00 AM and along about 5:00 Adventure Kitty , Venus Seaweed discovered another wonderful thing about Adventure Land ( which is my bed , hours of fun to be had with a Sleeping Person, mountains to climb, acres to race across, and when Sleeping Person starts , in desperation, to kick out at Adventure Kitty, well, that only adds to the fun ) But Sweet Venus discovered that there is a subterranean facet to Adventure Land. Yes, she can now go UNDER the covers. A Cave of wonder and delight.

I write this to give you a wee look into my day, just in case you thought it was all glamorous video shoots, gigs full of adorning fans and Hollywood movies....And because I am now home, with power, have eaten dinner, SHOWERED and have many episodes of SVU, Top Chef and Gene Simmons Family Jewels ( yes, the secret is out, I LOVE that show, ) to watch until I go to sleep. ( very, very soon..)

And I can laugh abut it.

Love and the Good Life,


At 6:46 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

That sounds like quite the night!! (I really do love stormy nights) but to wake up to bulldozers.. ugh, that's terrible.

Imagine ... all these generations, thousands of years of evolution, we can build technological wonders that can take people clear into space, disect atoms, map DNA and build skyscrapers hundreds of stories high ... and when we need to get through something solid, break through concrete, we use our technology like a primitive club. I think that says a great deal about the human race.

and despite the gardening in the sun (dreadful sun), I STILL think you have the best job in the world.

sorry to hear about the camera chaos. Thy kitten is too cute for words (but I would never trade my LaMie) :-)

At 7:14 PM , Blogger Mary said...

Those were some good storms though, weren't they?
I did the garden thing too, since of -course- the damn weeds would come out so easily, the ground being good and soaked....and then steaming....and then everything sticking to everything else in the heat and humidity.

Ah, 'tis a good life.

I have to grin at the description of the kitty crazies, Max has mostly outgrown them.

And like Rubius said- you do have the best job.

At 7:24 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, I do have to confess, I love my job and would not trade it for Two Goldfish.

Rubius, you may be right about the human race, I am still lauging...

And Mary, my thoughts exactly, the weeds did come out easily, but MAN oh man, was I dirty! Some great storms they were . Weather Girl was happy.

I think the Universe makes young things so cute so we will put up with them. Venus makes me laugh and laugh, and she is SO sweet.....I would have dozens, if it were practical.

Has anyone else noticed that Safari seems to be melting down? I can't get it to load anthing with Google and now it won't let me post this...I will copy and go to Firefox.

At 7:34 PM , Blogger Mary said...

Firefox ahoy

At 1:42 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Not sure if this is really a good day or not. Surely concrete punching first thing in the morning is NOT a good way to wake up.
And I am horrified to read that your camera has been assaulted by hairspray.

On the other hand...
How sweet of Malena to hold your hand via phone and telling you bed time stories.

At 2:46 AM , Blogger K said...

Ahh, what a collection of events!

Having had our own flooding-and-power-outage while visiting the inlaws recently, I can sort of relate, only it wasn't quite so hot (yeah, about 30 degrees cooler...)

I think the whole thing calls for some napping (preferably in a hammock - do you have a hammock?) once the men have stopped making the big noise.

At 4:17 AM , Blogger ivenotime said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 4:18 AM , Blogger ivenotime said...

You surely have had your share of storms - we have had the heat and humidity, but the storms were south of us, and not nearly as wicked as yours. Thankfully you have Venus to guard you and make sure you stay awake for the entire time! She sounds darn cute! We had a wake-up call this weekend with enjoying our pets - our golden retriever, Maddie, aka The Mattress, died on Saturday of cancer, walked down to the pond wagging her tail, walked up the hill, layed down and was gone. It was odd, it was the only day this summer that all of us were home together, almost like she knew. She has left a huge hole in our family. We buried her on the property, and I will make a tombstone for her.

Have you had any luck getting goo off your camera? ugh, that can be such a mess - maybe you could try goo-b-gone? I've used that, works pretty good! Stay cool and happy gardening!

At 5:45 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

I am sorry to hear about Maddie. Sounds like a smart and loyal dog. I hope you and your family feel better soon. A beloved pet is a hard thing to lose.

At 8:35 AM , Blogger LaM said...

Oh, I am sorry about yr dog! That is SO hard...You have my deepest sympathy!

Hammock, yes, hammock, good idea....Malena was and is , as ever, so very sweet. Couldn't do what I do without her. And that's the truth.

At 5:14 PM , Blogger Angie said...

O Fabulous One, this is blue-haired Angie (although my hair is decidedly pink at present), she of the erratic communication. ^_^ I'm going to be staying with my brother in Mendota Heights for three weeks starting Friday (with exciting weekends on the family farm in North Dakota), and was wondering if we could maybe get together for coffee sometime?

I missed Emma and Will while they were in SF due to other-trip prep (I drove back from Seattle yesterday), so have been hoping we might manage something, as I spent most of yesterday's drive listening to you lovely lasses, including Live Deadly Circuit, which really took me back.

I'll also be at the Ren Fest this Sunday (the 19th), earlier in the day with my brother's wife and kid, but couldn't figure out from the website whether you'd be performing at any point. I'm looking forward to drinking legally, unlike 10 years ago! o.O

If you're available and interested, please drop me a line at bluehairedangie at gmail dot com and we'll coordinate. ^_^ Hope to see you soon!

At 6:19 PM , Blogger LaM said...

Hello my little Blue ( pink ) Haired Friend, nice to hear from you again!!!! Would love to see you, I'll drop you a note.

FYI ( anyone ) I now post my local gigs over at www.paulandlorraine.com

Angie , my Blue Haired friend, was part of a group of about 15 girls in college who used to come to Renn Fest and follow Emma and I around all day. I know this sounds like a Stalker Moment, but we loved it, called them " The Entourage "

Alas, no Renn Fest this year. Way too much work for not enough money. Paul and I gig every weekend and it is just too hard to do Fest all day then work at night, and frankly, the Pubs pay better. I have a House now, and Kitties, and want to be here.

Weird tho, I did the thing for 20 years, and not to sound like an old person, hee-hee, but it sure isn't the same place as it used to be. I think this may be it's last year , if anyone wants to see it again. I'll be visiting, and having FUN there for a change!

At 6:31 PM , Blogger LaM said...

OH! Yes, I had forgotten about Live Deadly Circuit!!!!! That was the Last Flash Girls Show, before Emma went away to write in LA. Adam Stemple and Todd Menton opened for us and then came on stage for the last few songs.

( one of which,I recall, was " Son of a Preacher Man" love that song! )

I still have a box of them, if anyone wants to hear it, it's a two cassette show, no CD and I don't have the cover we did anymore.

If you want one, send me something cool for my house, but don't go overboard, folks, the sound is not the best, and it has no cover , I am talking something small, like a spider or bat or lightswitch cover or a rock or anything wee and cute and cuddly..I won't take money for it.

At 6:34 PM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

It's good to be able to laugh at such things. ^_^

At 11:09 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Suppose you give us a mailing address? Just in case?

At 6:56 AM , Blogger LaM said...

Picky People. Mailing address. Hmmph.

Dreamhaven Books
912 West Lake St
Minneapolis MN 55408

Roadie Elizabeth ( Manager of Dreamhaven ) brings me out mail every week...

At 3:14 PM , Blogger elizabeth said...

Or two, or three, or four. Usually. Except when I forget.


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