Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Lojo and Boo Blog

Ok, I know I just posted this as a comment, but Lojo is simply too cool for just a comment, she needs her own entry, that women does ,so here you go....Go and say Hi, from me and Malena and the LaMmies.....

I am too tired after working and houseing all day to say much, but our rock n roll friend Lojo Russo has her own blog now and could use some friends, her music is magic and she taught me everything I know about performing, she has pics of me up on her blog , if you want to go and say hi to a traveling girl and hear some mighty fine music...

( she rides around with a Skeleton Beannie Baby all over the country, whom she talks to and writes songs to, she is one of us, trust me)

Love and Boo,


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