Monday, December 12, 2005

"she lives in a museum..."

thanks everyone for such a wonderful witchy wacky good time tonight. Now you can all say you've been to the TEVES museum. Well, at least the front room. So, Lorraine and I are off to make some music and post some corset photos. We had soo much fun. We love our LaMies!


At 8:11 PM , Blogger Sherry L.M. Merriam said...

Michael and I had fun too! Thanks for the wackiness...


At 9:46 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Wahhhhh!!!!! I missed it!!!

At 11:21 PM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

hey loves,
i totally MISSED it.
damnit & i just saw you!!!
well, guess what L'ammies,
if you had seen these lovies on my treehouse porch,
you would be even MORE smitten.
xoxox will call you
a thousand kisses.

At 5:02 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

Such fun! And now my head is full of plannings. It's a good thing I've got some time before Balticon -- last time I did drag I had tall girls to borrow shoes from and wasn't yet manifesting a six o'clock shadow.

At 5:19 AM , Blogger ivenotime said...

awww darn I had the last class of the semester last night (YAY!!!!!), I didn't get out of the studio until 11:00 pm est. phooey. Sounds like everyone had much fun and i am sorry i missed it. HOPEFULLY next time...

At 7:24 AM , Blogger Maureen said...

That WAS fun. And I cannot wait to see Dan's wardrobe for Balticon. :-D

Malena - loved the dog! I love all dogs but am especially smitten with most small black and white ones (ask my own).

At 7:35 AM , Blogger K said...

Hello people!

I missed it too, but I have to admit, I'd have been in bed. It's a work night.

Lorraine - I was away for the weekend watching my own Mr Gorgeous graduate, but have now caught up, and WHAT a cute picture of your fluffy meow meow! (Descends into glutinous sentimentality...) though I'm sure Malena's batfrogs (is it?) are sweet also.

At 9:09 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

I'm in so much trouble. Hehehe! I'm going to have to rope some one(s) into helping me with my makeup, and I have no idea what to do about my hair as I wear it a lot shorter these days.

At 1:58 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Malena says you can be part of the Malena Makeover Magic at Blatic Con, not to worry Dan. ( not with her around , trust me, if she can dress me, she can dress anyone )

At 2:26 PM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

Marvelous! I can't wait. I'm going to go window shopping around Boston tonight.

(If I'd know my hotel room was going to have a five disc changer I'd have packed my LaM cd.)

At 5:54 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

Ravyn said I should post and give you S%#* for not giving fair warning. :-) You will, however, be happy to know that Ravyn is doing well after giving birth to a large grapefruit-sized tumor. She was groggy from the anesthesia, but it was nice to hear her voice.

We are trying to think of what to name the thing...any ideas? **snicker**


At 6:40 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

We are very sorry about the lack of warning, and we hope never to have that happen again. We will be doing one at some point between Xmas and New Years, while I am out here. They are just to fun!

I didn't know about Rayvn! Could you e-mail us an address where we might send some fluers?

At 7:39 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

I know you can't always give warning. I'm just picking on you a little. :-) Can you email me at so I can send you Ravyn's address? She will be down for a week. I'm sure she isn't looking for sympathy or anything, but I'm sure she would love flowers...or...CHOCOLATE! :-) That is so sweet.


At 12:13 AM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

I think we should name Ravyn's tumor
"the plundering plum of purgatory"

Tell her I hope she feels better and we'll all pray for a speedy recovery. I guess that isn't something she would tell us on the blog, but I wish we'd known. Here's some virtual flowers for her!
Love and Healing

At 12:22 AM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

Dan! Just checked out your site. So YOU are the lucky owner of the tea pot! How fun. Your babies are the most cherubic little dolls. And the BABY! Ah!
We love our mascot. Remind me to bring you a dress to balticon. Then you'll have an autographed dress to hang out with your tea pot. Would you wear white?
BTW, your profile photo reminds me of a very handsome Andrew McCarthy mixed with a young Judd Nelson.

At 2:05 AM , Blogger K said...

Tell Ravyn get better soon from me - that gave me quite a shock to hear! More virtual flowers: @>-->--
@>-->-- @>-->-- @>-->--

At 6:24 AM , Blogger ivenotime said...

Flowers!!! and Balloons!! It would be nice to mail her get well wishes and a speedy recovery. I've always enjoyed the name "evil spawn"....

At 7:37 AM , Blogger vandaluna said...

I will tell Ravyn that everyone sends their warm wishes when I speak to her this evening (We chat during my drive home from work).

As for names:
"the plundering plum of purgatory"
Can we shorten it to PPP?

Evil Spawn is belongs to my daughter! **snicker** The same child who will be rolling her eyes at all of us at Balticon and thinking that grown-ups are so weird. As if SHE is the epitome of normalcy!! Feh!


At 12:13 PM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

Good grief. Of all the nights to have class. SNUH!!!!!

Sounds like I missed a great chat. And what the heck - Dan in drag? Sadly - that's really easy for me to picture... and he makes a damned fine looking gal. But then, I live in San Francisco, so I can pictures most of my male friends in drag (much to their dismay). And Malena, if you've got a red dress for him, I think it would be more his colour than white... or maybe it's just because that's how I'm seeing him in drag in my head.

Oh, and speedy recovery wishes to Ravyn!

At 12:57 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Hope that Rayven heals well and quickly, and that the pathology is all good!

At 5:42 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

Ravyn says she just doesn't have the energy to post, but she has read the posts. :-)

She did correct me and told me she has a _cyst_ and not a _tumor_. Neither of us fully understand the difference, but I think tumor has a nore negative connotation.

She has a four-inch bikini-line incision, so she will be healing for a couple weeks, but she has meds.

Everyone's warm wished meant alot to her.


At 7:45 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

Best of wishes, frosty flowers, and virtual chocolate to Ravyn from Canada. I hope she recovers swiftly.

At 9:01 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

Ravyn :: Get well soon! Glad it's a cyst and not a tumor -- I believe tumors can grow faster and are more difficult to remove completely.

Malena :: I am indeed the fortunate owner of the Holy Christmas Miracle. It's hard to believe it's been a year since it worked its magic for Maureen. ^_^
My children must get their cuteness from my wife. I need to update the picture of Max -- he's much bigger and rounder now.
Thank you for the offer of a dress! That would be awesome. I could see me in white.
I was contemplating what to do about my hair, given the costliness of a good wig, and then spotted a picture of Mr. Izzard in the airport and thought, "That could work." I'm not sure how well an executive transvestite fits in with two such womanly beauties, though.

Miss Mousey :: You were missed! I *was* always hot as a woman, but it's been a little over five years. Due to quirks of biology I didn't have facial hair back then, and now I'm starting to get love handles I think. I will have to get better about exercise. And buy some fishnets.
You are spot on that red has always been my color. Beggars can't be choosers, though. I imagine with a bit of pancake makeup I can make it work though.

At 3:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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