Friday, August 26, 2005

Trolls , Thunder and Rock

It's Thunderstorming here , one of those I Am Not Messing Around With My Rain thunderstorms , which make gardens so happy. All week I have been wanting to go out and start yelling Rain Already, would you!!!! You know, the air is heavy and it's hot and humid and FEELS like it is going to rain, but never actually does. I even got as far as putting on a Corset last night for my gig, and liking the way I looked in it and then realizing it was WAY to hot and I would sweat to Death if I wore the thing. But I NEARLY wore one of our corsets to a gig. Big step for Country Mouse, Malena ought to be proud of me, such a good influence she is!

She does live in such a different relm tho , doesn't she? I liked the part where she wrote yesterday that she met a Troll walking down the street and got, not only a Bone Necklace, but one that Matched her Bracelet that she had gotten previously from the Same Troll. Some few people could have had this Troll Jewelry Exchange happen to them Once. It takes a Malena for it to happen twice.

Last nights show was ever so much fun!!! Had a lovely dinner with Miss Kitty beforehand and she and Minion Pat spent the evening happily takeing little movies and comparing carmeras and taking pictures of the Sexy Librarian. Playing with the Tim's is always so much fun, that is a band where anything, and I do mean anything could happen at any second. I was welcomed into the bar with Johnny Screaming from the stage " Fabulous Lorriane is in the House!!! " and then they launched into one of the strangest versions of Scotland the Brave I have ever heard. ( hint, it started out Bring me a sheep oh Mother and went downhill from there ) Ah, thought I, it will be that sort of night. Big Sexy ( John Sjogren ) plays with a small fan blowing up at him, which is fine unless one is wearing a short skirt ( he rarely does ) I had to be Really careful when I sang anything and even so that was one bar that knew ALL about my pink thong. The coolest thing about playing with them, besides the fact that they are all hot players and miles better than I, ( I really have to strech to keep up ,) was they did a lot of the same songs I do with FU but in different keys. I had to think all the time and concentrate and it was good for my playing.

Tonight I am going to a Motley Crue concert with Folk UnderGround , the Hot BirdChick, her director Husband and our Band Babe ( a little Tigress who doubles as my assistant most days ) . I may or may not meet any Trolls who will give me Jewels, but there is no doubt in my mind that my life is indeed as interesting as Malena's.



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