Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back in La La Land

Yeah! Mr. Gorgeous and I are back home. I found some great stuff on Haight and Ashbury (My fav street). We also ran into Shauwn the Troll in Bezerkley and bought a bone necklace to match my bracelet. Miles is getting ready to illustrate a really wicked Demon Book. We're very excited about that. I want to be the vampire of course. I'm trying to find a way to persuade him. Hmmmmmm....

Miss Fabulous is gigging like a mad woman! I'm SO jealous. We don't get to sing together as much as we would like. So, if the owner of THE HOUSE of BLUES is reading this, give Lorraine a call. I'm sure we can fit you in. Hee hee. I'll even wear one of my corsets and be sexy.
Speaking of sexy, Lorraine and I are on a thin mission. This Halloween is going to be TOO Fabulous for words. Get it?

If you want us to come to your party, you'd better send us the invite now. We paln on hitting all the parties baby! After all, Halloween is my day as you all know. We're thinking of doing an ONLINE RELEASE PARTY where you can talk to us and watch us on our webcams. I promise to wear makeup and not wear my spongebob pajamas. We'll keep you posted.

Oh, BTW the purple T's are sold out.


At 12:00 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

I kind of like the Sponge Bob pajama look......

At 2:38 AM , Blogger K said...

Yes, I think some of the ordinary mortals who come to this site (such as me) might actually be RELIEVED to see you in your SpongeBob pyjamas.

But I bet you manage to look like a goddess in them too :)

At 12:23 AM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

Gah! You were on Haight? I live 2 blocks from Haight! Snuh - I probably wasn't home when you were shopping in my 'hood any way. I'm never home when someone I know is on Haight. I can be home for 2 solid months and the one day a friend will be in my neighborhood will be the day that I decide I need to go drop off film across town or something.

Glad you had a fun trip!

At 8:28 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

Mousey! I had no idea you lived up there. Miles parents live in San Fran so when we get up that way again, we'll have to go shopping together. Sound like fun?


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