Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Blog is Dead. Long Live The Blog!

Not an ending, just a new home.

A beginning in fact.

Night Gardens, Haunted poetry, Bengals, Stories, Pictures.

Whatever you dream, it's going to be there.

Come with me...........


Love and Last Post Here,
Lorraine and the Best Birthday Ever!

Hello My Fiends!

First of all, last night had to have been the best Birthday EVER! Thank you for all being there with me, and making it so very special!

And BIG thanks to Dr Wicked for making it happen and for my new website, and huge thanks to Lojo , Dylan and Paul for making some of the best music ever!!!!!!

I am posting here for the moment, as I know we can all be here. Dr Wicked and are talking about the new site, and we've been getting a lot of input, but we need more. What do you like? Not like? The vote seems to be no white on black, and the font needs tweaking.

Also, Word Press isn't working for a lot of people, myself included, and we are exploring the going back to Blogger.

Minor tweaks, little bumps. I love the site overall, and can't wait for everything to be up and running, our Night Garden, more Fiend things, Lots more pictures. All coming.

So let us know your thoughts. Not interested in pats on the back, honest thoughts, please.

After all, it's your home too!

Love and new site,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabulous Lorraine's Birthday Show LIVE WEBCAST!

The Party is at

Here's the Deal............

Seems to be a lot of chatter this morning about a Certain Song. One that SOME Fiends really seems to think needs to be done tonight, live all over the world.

I am talking about the Unicorn Song.

The single most embarrassing song going. Paul and I have a rule, it is NOT in the set unless someone requests it, and he has had enough whiskey.

It's a production of a song that can often go on for 15-20 minutes.

For those of you who don't know it, Google is your friend. I can't write about it.

As for how I feel about doing this live all over the world: Shudder.

Here's the deal. You want to send tips? Send the pub cards and e-mails telling Chuck and Judy how much you can't wait for June. Send your tips to:

When Janet tells me the tip jar is at $500 I will do that song live all over the world.

Help my Bengals and I will do that song for you.

Love and Shudders,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're having a Party!

Obviously, tomorrow is The Party! Obviously, I am not exactly sure how things are going to work. That is for Dr Wicked to know and for us to find out. He did say this:

"Tell people to go to and sign up for an account in advance so we will know who they are when they watch the show and chat tomorrow."

I do know we go live at 7:30 Friday the 13th. That is tomorrow. Unless you are reading this today. Show time us USA Central time zone and will run for 4 hours, with two breaks.

We are going to be putting the finishing touches on the new website tomorrow afternoon. Dr wicked says the show will run there and here, with directions for the confused. Me being one of them, tho all I have to do is rock for you.

It will not be hard. Promise. Show up. And rock with us.

The Birdchick has the Bee Post up! Go give her some love!

I am starting to get really excited, but I am not sure I can feel it is real, playing for you all, the new site and everything. I think it will hit me when we go live. I know I will be wearing my Coraline Dunks, and hopefully will remember I need more to my outfit than that. Otherwise it will be a WHOLE lot more how than you signed up for!

I am planning to post updates as I get them tomorrow. Check back for them.

Did I tell you the URL of the new site yet? If you haven't guessed, it's:

Love and a Party,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adventures All Over....

I was talking with the Birdchick this afternoon about what you could cook in a crock-pot and things that were just WRONG in any pot, and I remembered THIS. I can't believe you haven't seen it, but it's worth re-visiting.....Take the tour, and read the captions. And don't be drinking anything.

Today's mail brought the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab proto-type of the all new Spicy Brains scent! I loved it. The Birdchick thinks it smells like bee hives. I think it is sort of a lot of smells that all work well together, very fun, slightly sneaky, and lots of spice. I'll let you know when it's ready to order. All for you, Fiends!

Today was Bee Day. We went down mostly to check the hives, and see who was doing what.
Nip over to the Birdchicks Blog for the Full Report, I am sure she will have one up shortly, and give you the Exactly what is going on with the hives picture, but I thought I would share the two photos I liked best from today, tho neither is of the bees themselves.

You can't see his face, but this is a very tired author who thinks walking with his dog, and tending some bees is just about exactly perfect. It made me happy.

This may LOOK like a tray of dead bees from the Kitty hive but it is actually my hard drive. Any advice is appreciated.

And finally, a bit of warm love from Kitty in LA...Our Princess Kylie enjoying her new life in the treehouse, being waited on paw and tail, and happy as only a kitty can be with her new friends...

Love and Adventures,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Died a Horrible Death Number Two....

My computer at the office crashed today. No, not the laptop, that was my computer at home that died a horrible death a couple weeks ago. This is a DIFFERENT computer that just died a horrible death.


The last thing Boss said to me before he left was that he had bought a backup thingie and I should back up my computer, and I mentioned like I would know how to do that, and he did say to get Bill to do it when next he came out or to tell me HOW, and I said I would....

And promptly forgot to.


Sad and depressed. Depressed and sad. Pissed. (not drunk, for you UK folks, here pissed is MAD) (Tho having Dead Val, as my designated drinker, hoist a few for me is not a bad plan)

We don't have a death sentence here yet, unlike the laptop, Hans is bring some disks in the morning and Bill thinks we can get the data off it at least. I sure do hope so. My e-mail is backed up on the web, so that's good, and just today I updated Boss's 09-10 schedule and printed it out for him to look at, then sent it off to Kitty, Him and Agent. And I think I sent Dr Wicked all my writing that was done.

But, well, I am sure you've all been there.

And then, there I was, sad and depressed, and I thought to cheer myself by trying out a new BPAL scent (Lemon Scented Sticky Bat, it is the best yet) and managed to dump nearly the entire bottle of scent onto myself. I now walk in a cloud, despite the bath, of Lemon Scented Sticky Bat.


On the good news front, the Birdchick came over and showed me a picture of a bacon corset, which cheered me up and tomorrow we are doing Bee Things, visiting hives, going over equipment, planning the new hives, all very fun. And the first version of the new Paul and Lorraine site is up. It will be refined and changing, but at least it has video and gigs up.

And on the very good news front, I got my Introduction for my new website from the person who wrote it for me, and it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Only a few more days!!!!!!!

Love and Crashes,

Monday, February 09, 2009

My Cats Bloody Butt....(And the True Meaning of Art.)

I have been thinking all day about what to write about tonight, we have a lot of new Fiends, and no doubt little lurkers out there, and I thought I should write about something cool, or interesting, or perhaps Coraline related. Something that would entice readers, impress people, make someone laugh. Above all, I did not want to start off, no matter what, with "now about my cats bloody butt...."

Anyway. On we go. Now, about my cats bloody butt. Madame Mim, Bengal extraordinaire, as some of you know from the comments yesterday, has been having a bit of a Problem, in that blood seems to be coming out of her butt. (I could say "Bleeding from her anal area due to intestinal problems, but when you get down to it, it is a bloody butt.)

She's been to the vet, no parasites, just some sort of really weirdly irritated, most likely due to a new food. She has meds. She seems fine. And no more blood is coming from her butt.


I've been thinking about music today too, with the Grammy's and all last night. I think what I don't like about radio music today, is that it all seems manufactured. A package put together for money, and it seems to have completely lost sight of what music IS and what it should BE. In the mainstream anyway. I almost want to say dumbing down for the masses, but that's not quite it.

If you go off thru the woods a bit, not very far, there is another stream. It doesn't much have a NAME this stream, not"Alternative" "Folk" "Folk-rock" "Indie" or any combination. It's just the stream where the cool fish swim. The ones who play MUSIC and who have something to say.

You'll fine the Oysterband there, and Jonathon Coultren, Paul and Storm, Jason Webley, AFP, Thea Gilmour, Magnetic Fields, Hera, The Endless, The Shondes, The Scabs, Hamel on Trial and, well the list goes on. People who are making their own music and doing quite well at it. People who know that what they are doing is real, and don't feel they have to change, or fit into some sort of "What they ought to be doing" to "Make It"

On of the saddest things going is a really great band who start listening to, Fods, I don't know who "They" are, but "They" at the record company tells the band they need to change, do this or that, in order to be more "Accessible" "Commercial" or have a "Hit" It. Never. Works. What makes an artist magic, and special, is when they do what they DO and trying to fit some sort of mold, (Intentional spelling) and be something they aren't, well, they lose what made them great in the first place.

Which brings me to another point, (we've come a ways sine my cats bloody butt haven't we?) Underworld 3. I've been trying to figure out what bothered me about the movie. It's not BAD exactly, but I wish they had trusted their audience, the people who got the story, and loved it in the first two. The story to the prequel was all there in the first two movies, and if they had slowed down, and simply told that story, relying on the fact that people who loved the movies wanted to hear that story played out in this one, it would have worked.

In Underworld 3 it seems as tho the story gets lost. And someone felt they needed to add things, change things and I am not sure what movie they were trying to make. Sonja didn't need to be set up as the rebellious child, Viktor didn't need to be an over the top evil dude, And what Happened to "We were the day light guardians of the Vampires" seems they turned into slaves in a mine.

I wish they had trusted themselves, the story and the people who wanted to see it.

I wish in art and music and movies , the people making the money decisions would understand that people are smarter than they think. Go for it. Put out something real and good.

Hey, it could work.

Love and my cats bloody butt,

Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Interview With Maddy Gaiman

(Photo of Maddy and Her Father at Last years Beowulf Premiere by Cat Mihos. We think.)

I managed to catch up with Miss Maddy Gaiman, (one of the key people behind the success of CORALINE), post-premiere at her home in Los Angeles. Miss Gaiman was kind enough to invite me to her fabulous mansion, and we chatted poolside, about the whirlwind that is her fabulous life...

FL: Maddy, nice to meet you! So, tell us how you're feeling after your star studded red carpet adventures at the Premiere of Coraline? Was it everything you ever dreamed it would be?

MADDY: Oh thanks I'm so happy to be here. let me tell you, fabulous lorraine, it was everything I dreamed of AND MORE! One of the most memorable moments of my life! so much fun fo sho.

FL: You've read the book and seen the movie, tell us, in a few words how you felt seeing it for the first time? What were you wearing? Did you have popcorn AND Candy, or just a drink?

MADDY: well i LOVED it! I believe the first time I saw it I was all decked out in a long sleeved blue shirt, with some beautiful jeans. the paparazzi just couldn't keep the cameras away. and to top it all off i was eating SOUR JACKS! they are not quite as good as sour patch kids, but they got the job done.

FL: Obviously, you were hanging with the stars of the film, Teri Hatcher, Dakota, Henry Sellick, and, um, who was it that wrote the book? We've seen the pictures, tell us, are they all as cool as they seem? As cool as you?

MADDY: is that even a question? of course they weren't as cool as me SILLY :D i mean who really is? other than you of course. *snickers to herself* I must admit though, everyone was pretty darn cool and i was totally psyched to meet them!!!!!!!!!yay!!

FL: Your Father must be very proud of you, has he said anything about a new car, maid service or a raise in your allowance?

MADDY: let's just put it this way, the private jet will be here soon.

FL: Let's talk about your DRESS! Who made it? WHERE did you get those shoes? Was that gold glitter dust on your eyes? You have been referred to looking like a "A Greek Goddess" that night, where do you get your FABULOUS fashion sense from?

MADDY: truth be told, i got it at good ol' Bloomingdale's. And YES it was gold glitter dust.. courtesy of Catherine "kitty" Mihos thanks for noticing:) and my fashion sense? why, from my father of course. I admire his out-there style, he always seems to surprise us all with his breath-taking ensembles.

FL: Your Father has been quoted as saying "I owe all my success to my fabulous daughter Maddy, and my two favorite assistants" Of all his assistants, who are your favorite two assistants, and how have they contributed to your success?

MADDY: Hmm. Umm....that's a toughie. I guessss...KITTY AND QUICHE! they are basically "the bomb". HOLLA!

FL: And finally, Maddy, I think what everyone wants to know is: What's next?

MADDY: I'm going to take over the world. bye!

Thank you Maddy Gaiman for taking time out of your hectic day to talk to us, here at The Fabulous Lorraine Blog. We hope to hear more from you soon!

Love and Maddy,