Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dark Sonnets

Thank you SO much for all the comments, e-mails , calls and orders! I am so very glad that you like the Dark Sonnet, we feel so loved! Dark Sonnet is the first cut on MIRROR MIRROR, and I want to mention that the music was done by Chris Ewen ( Future Bible Heros, Magnetic Fields ) out in Boston, and we did the vocal tracks out here. We called Chris and told him what the song needed to sound like, and what we wanted and sent him some basic tracks and he , genius that he is, he sent us back the most lovely , haunting song ever.

Neil , of course, wrote the words and music. We are truly blessed to work with some of the most talented people going. Truly.

Malena is going to put up the last track from the cd , a song called " Post Mortem on Our Love " later today . ( later today LA time, Nocturna is NOT an early riser! ) so you will get to hear the begining and the end. Post Mortem was first recorded, a little trivia for you here, by the Flash Girls ( myself and writer Emma Bull ) on our very first cd " The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones " way back in 1993. Neil worte the words, and I did the music for that one.

We are still, according to Noiseland, on track for delivery on Friday the 21st, and if you order before then, I will be mailing everything I get on Saturday morning. Some people have asked about getting them signed, and we would be happy to sign for you. Just write us a note, I am leaving for LA on the 23rd and we will be able to sign and send the following week.

Again, many many thanks. We are so very happy that you love the cd . So far. We hope that you love the rest of it as well.

Love and Sonnets in the Night, Lorraine


At 12:25 PM , Blogger Appleblossombeck said...

Oh no! What if you've already ordered didn't know about asking to have the cd signed before you did? That's awfully nice of y'all, by the way.

At 12:41 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Drop me a note with the name you ordered under and I'll take care of it, not to worry!

At 2:22 PM , Blogger Fae, afraid of heights said...

I also already ordered and would be honoured and flattened (eh flattered I mean) if you would sign my copy!


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