Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pubs ad Music

Charlie's in Stillwater is hands down one of the coolest pubs I have ever played. We had SO much fun last night. It's one of those pub's where, in the true Irish tradition, by the end of the night everyone knows everyone on a first name basis, and is singing along to all the songs, and patting eachother on the backs, all the while nearly going maudlin for the old country. Whether your'e Irish or not.

Like that.

We had Paul Regge from Bedlam sitting in, and a 70 year old Irishman who played the accordian, named Tiny ( no, not kidding ) who brought the house down with his songs. Terry from St Dommincs Trio came by but slipped out before we could get him on stage ( we'll talk about that later Terry! )

There was an entire extended family with 5 daughters ( Colleen, Molly, Pat, Mary and Kathleen ) and all of their spouses who knew all the songs, and a very small girl who played my violen and had her face painted like a cat. When they were leaving, the little one came and gave me hug and said thank you SO for the music.

And the coupple from Madison who told us about the next door neighbourgh who built a pub in his garage, complete with woodwork and Irish signs, and when the " Pub" was open, the tiki torches would be lit, and the signs in the windowns lit, and you could come on by for a pint and some talk and maybee a tune or two.

This is why I do this.

Sometimes playing bars one forgets, but nights like this you remember why it is that it is all worthwhile.

I can't wait until next weekend to do this again. I know there will be more friends I have'nt met , who will be there. And they will make it all magic.

Tomorrow we go and Master the cd, and then I take it to Noiseland. So close.....

Tonight I have a very tired Boss who is back from his tour.

Love and music, Lorraine


At 9:26 PM , Blogger Appleblossombeck said...

Man...I wish I'd been there! There aren't *any* bars like that here. I've been writing a history paper on mead for around 13 hours, which isn't so bad at all, but if I only *had* some mead to drink, I think then I'd remember why I do this! Good luck with tomorrow!

At 2:12 AM , Blogger K said...

There are loads of bars around here, but I'm a bit short of people to go with... sigh...

(Pay no attention, I just have Monday-morning-itis. Don't like mornings.)

The CD is done - how exciting is that?


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