Friday, October 14, 2005

Off to Charlies Pub

I'm off soon to play tonight with my Irish band , Folk UnderGround, at a little pub in Stillwater, MN. Very fun place to play, in fact, it's the one I like best so far of the pubs we play in. It also has the little bonus of the fact that we only play 7:30pm to 11:30pm. I am NOT a fan of the Play Until 2:00am gig. Who wants to hear this stuff that late????? I mean if you're going to stay up, hee-hee, do something FUN!

Not that this isn't fun , of course, I have a great time, and I really get a chance to fiddle, I love playing all the fiddle tunes, and tend to get pretty on fire with them. That would be the one thing we didn't do with Mirror Mirror that I would like to do more of is some fiddle tunes, with both Malena and I playing. Perhaps we will get to put a couple on the St Patricks Day EP that we are doing , with the songs that there wasn't time or room for on Mirror Mirror. ( this ep is going to be a proper full lenth cd before you know it! )

See you tonight in at Charlies if you live close enough, or off in the Haunted Mansion of our dreams later this evening, where there is always a party going on.....

And you are most invited.

Love and dreams, Lorraine


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