Thursday, September 13, 2007

Josie, Bees, Yet More Salsa and Dogs

One of my favorite shows is Top Chef, and it deeply saddened and angered me when I read about Chef Josie Smith-Malave and her friends being attacked outside of a nightclub by a group of Anti-gay , uh, people. You can read about it here

Why? I can't get my head around the fact that there are people out there who get so upset about OTHER people being gay that they would attack them with fists and stones for no reason. It makes no sense, does it? How could it possibly affect them? Does anyone understand this??

Sigh. It's been giving me a lot to think about. My heart goes out to Josie and her friends.

On a more humorous attack note, you can read about the amazing Bee Attack that the Hot Birdchick and I experienced yesterday over here. Sure, it's funny NOW......

This morning was much fun, I woke re-freshed and lark-like ( Much like our Malena in the morning. OH! I slay myself! ) and made two more salsa's . One I call " Red Tomato and Onion Mild Salsa ( the onion part is because I think I used too many ) and one I am calling " Chili-Lime Hot Salsa " , which has more lime in it and only chili peppers.

I would be making " Jersey Devil Habenero Mango Salsa " but there are no ripe mangoes in this town today, so I am waiting for the mangoes to ripen. A lot like watching grass grow. Perhaps tomorrow they will be ready. Jersey Devil's are a seriously weird tomato I discovered at Tomato Bob's and grew for the first time this year. Here is a picture...

I am getting down to the wire on tomatoes ( teach me to plant 30 plants ) And I need one more salsa, I think, after the Mango one. Maybe the last one will be everything that I have left over, and whatever I can find in the fridge. I wonder if honey would work in salsa? (teach those bees! ) I could call it " The Birdchick's Revenge "

I went with Cabal the Dog to the Vet today. Now some Vets are just Vets, but my Vet is a Rock Star Vet. Spent over an hour talking Dog with me. ( I am a complete novice at this ) When I told him about being tired of my Upper Body Workout every time I took this Dog in public ( remember the Renn Fest Tragedy?? ) and how I was having trouble learning to use the Gentle Leader, he took me thru it step by step.

The Gentle Leader is the Single Best idea ever come up with. No more Berserker Boy.

Coming into the office was much like a cartoon with me flying along behind, and leaving, well, Mr Cabal GOT it, took him about two minutes and even the other dogs in the office didn't stop his staying by me and not pulling! Everyone cheered. Kid you not.

I think we are going for a walk thru town now.

Love, Salsa and Gentle Leaders,


At 5:17 PM , Blogger Malena said...

I wish I was there when those IDIOT FREAK ASSHOLES beat up that girl and her friends. Kitty, Lorraine and I would have given them a bruise or two. Ohh yeah! Give ME a rocket launcher, a couple of grenades, and a glock! (You all know I want to be a secret agent and kill bad guys.) I'm ready. I can't stand it when ANYONE gets picked on for no reason. "If you don't like it, don't look" that's my motto.
WHY can't people just be kind and tolerant? ewwww!

Ok, I will stop now before you all think I have an anger management issue. He hee

I can't wait to taste Lorraine's salsa. I get mine at Trader Joe's and I think THAT'S fresh. I miss her country garden. Now, I'm off to get the poopers a "gentle leader". I can't imagine it will work on 3 bloodthirsty pitbull freaks, but hey. We got em for a reason.

At 5:50 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

Bless you Lorraine for posting information about the cruel, vicious on Josie! I'm a big Top Chef fan and my heart broke when I read the story! Also, bless you for coming to the rescue to Sharon during her bee attack. I've gotten a bee stuck in my hair while gardening and it does freak you out. You acted like a true blue friend to her! Bravo! Please, post your recipe for salsa sounds tasty!
Again, bless you sweet Lorraine!

At 6:01 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

You know, I was thinking about that , Malena. If I had seen that, I would have been in it. No question.

The Gentle leader WILL work on the poopers. It worked for Berserker Boy, 80 pounds of I AM GOING HERE NOW AND DON'T CARE IF YR ON THE END OF THE LEASH. We just walked thru town, with lights and cars and noise and dogs. No problem. You may have to work with them a bit, it might not happen in a day, but it will.

At 6:32 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Boy, Lorraine, that sure made me mad (but thank you for sharing). I grew up in a relatively small seaside tourist town and I've worked in Tourism quite a bit so my first thought was: Write the town hall!!... Show them how this affects people's views of their town. Tell them how disgusting that type of hate-crime is. I just sent off an e-mail to the town hall ( If they get letters from across the world they will have to acknowledge this publicly. It is also a great way to get your anger at this on paper.

Glad to hear Cabal is doing better on the leash.

At 9:40 AM , Blogger K said...

You're absolutely right. Of course.

I am jealous of your tomatoes, because it's been the coldest, wettest summer ever here, and we're just now getting a few sunny days. So far the yield from my vegetable garden has been:

One portion of sugar snap peas.

One zucchini (currently the size of my little finger). The eleven other plants got totally eaten by slugs.

Three tomatoes, currently green and the size of jelly beans.

Yes, that's for the whole summer. I did manage to grow quite a lot of rocket and giant red mustard for salads, so it wasn't a total loss!

So either I need some garden karma sent my way, or maybe just some Midwestern weather...

At 6:42 PM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

I cannot believe some jerks attacked Josie. I was so pissed off when I heard. Grrrr.

Three cheers for the Gentle Leader.

At 8:21 PM , Blogger elionwyr said...

This video made me think of your kitty!

At 11:14 AM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

why people are so ignorant and intolerant leaves me so saddened and confused.
i miss you all.
am home now from a trip up the coast, we returned the Pacific Coast hwy drive & stopped at the Mystery Spot, which really is a mystery to me.
i am skipping the big KROQ inland invasion, was supposed to work the smashing pumpkins but find myself still a little worn out from tour.
anyway, getting my new phone today, it has been a real vacation with NO cell phone. but this weekend will end the silence as that phone is a ringer...xox to the L'amMMMMMMies.

At 11:20 PM , Blogger Mary said...

And at first the police did almost nothing....

grrrrr. It makes my blood boil.


The salsas sound wonderful. Did your garden get hit with the frost? I know it was in the outlying regions as far south as Stillwater.

Gentle Leaders are a hands-down miracle. My (previously mentioned) 90 lb. Lab took me for Unintended Walks too until I got one. She literally bucked against it for about 5 minutes, and then settles down and walked as nice as you please- and this was in Uptown with all the usual hubbub.

I'm glad you have a Rockstar Vet. They are something to be treasured.

At 9:48 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Of course honey will work well in the salsa. With a little red hot pepper too it should be nice.
Would you mind mailing me your hot lime salsa recipe ? Or posting it ? It sound wonderful...

Great to read about you being able to walk Dog and not the other way around.
Not so great to read about his poor girl being assaulted. It is so absurd it drives me murderous.


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