Friday, February 03, 2006

Cooking and websites

Malena and I had a talk this morning about the website and she is going to keep at it, amazing girl that she is. We want our avatar things back too!!!!! I just finally GOT one, tho not the one I wanted.

( that would be the picture of Malena in the chain mail top, she pointed out that it wasn't ME but HER, and I said it sure wasn't for lack of trying on my oart that I didn't look like that )

My poor workouts hit a snag with a sprained finger, darn it all, the thing is going to be fine but HURTS and all I can do is walk for a bit more. I am eating right tho, and getting something in every day.

Miss Kitty is coming out for a few dyas , and ought to be here soon. Malena wants pics, and I suppose you all do too. Very well then, me and the rhinestone pants!!!!!!

This is the true story of what happened to me at the grocery store today. Ah , America-land....Is it a wonder so many people are out of shape?????

Grocery clerk: Oh, ( seeing my groceries ) you must like to cook.

Me: well, yes, I do actually.

Her: Will your family eat that sort of thing.

Me: ( getting lost ) What sort of thing?

Her: You know, Cooking. It's not to weird for them???

Me: Noooo, cooking is not to weird for my family. They eat cooking....

I didn't ask what her family ate, tho I did wonder.

Love and food,


At 12:50 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

They eat big macs.
Leave the real food for those who appreciate...
All others eat plastic!

It makes sense people here like to cook. What a creative group. I love cooking. My daughter would rather eat what I cook that anything else. Sunday is her day to order me to cook one of her favorites from my repertoire. She has my Sundays booked for about a month. And of course I have to make meringues and home made egg nog for Yule.

I was trying, due to limited time, to focus only one one creative endeavor. I love to sew so I was limiting myself to sewing, but my love of fibers has brought me back to knitting (guess what I'm giving for gifts next Yule) AND, coincidentally, just as I picked up my knitting again, a loverly yarn shoppe opened here in town! AWESOME!!

Just wish I had more time!! Lots of good ideas, very little time.

At 1:06 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Ummmm......even if you eat out all the time, doesn't that clerk realize that most of the restaurants _cook_ the food before serving. ::rolling eyes:: Sheesh!

Earlier this week I made some yogurt cheese which turned out pretty good, though I guess I'll have to press it to get it thicker. Added herbs and it was really yummy on venison steaks; would work well with lamb, too.

Vanda: You love fibers! ::evil grin:: And you don't spin your own yarns yet? All it takes is a hand spindle and some roving......

At 1:15 PM , Blogger BeeZee said...

*falls over laughing*

As someone who cooks for a living, you wouldn't :believe: the number of people who think it's weird....or magic....or maybe the Good Food Fairies show up.
I have tried to disabuse my family of the Food Fairy idea, as in "I'm Not One".

At 1:23 PM , Blogger Maureen said...

It's a good thing you didn't mention that you also *gasp* grow food as well. That might've frightened her into a heart attack.

At 2:27 PM , Blogger ivenotime said...

Hmm, you mean salad isn't born in a plastic bag?!? Honestly! I am an ok cook, its not my passion but I have a repertoire that my daughters like and its fun cooking for them. (Tho anything and I mean anything beats their dorm food). Knitting! I haven't done that in years and used to do alot, did some weaving as well, but ah, my spinning was always "specialty yarn" (polite for huge thick and thin with no control) Too hard for me, I'm just not patient enough to manage it. Maybe in a month or so I will start something - I have a couple of long car trips and it would be fun to keep my hands busy. You all are so inspiring!

At 3:14 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

No...sadly I've not done any spinning. I've thought about it though. :-) Actually, I'm quite fond of llamas for some reason, and my dream is to have an artist colony/horse farm/fun place to be and have llamas (gardens, exotic chinese chickens, goats, lambs) where people can cook, spin, knit, garden, raise their favorite flowers, make way cool clothes.

Creative beings being creative (almost a palindrome). :-)

At 3:15 PM , Blogger Appleblossombeck said...

I love to cook too and it really weirds me out to be around people who don't...I just don't get it. I just learned to knit over Christmas and am making my first scarf right now with the softest yarn I can imagine. It's seriously just short of bunny soft. Heaven. I love llamas! My sisters and I have a kind of llama fixation...think I'll stop there ;)

At 6:27 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

off the subject, I am doing updated to the site and BLOG, so be patient...spiders and bats to follow..

At 6:41 PM , Blogger mink said...

cooking as opposed to WHAT, exactly?

At 7:16 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Our avatars are back!!!

Why are they called that????? I want a new one! I want to be Xena! ( if I can't be Malena, hee-hee) Or maybe the corset mouse! _

Cooking as opposed to what indeed!!! The sad thing is I truly didn't make that up....

At 8:33 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

apple: WOW! I'm so glad there is someone who shares my love of llamas!! They are such incredible creatures!!

At 11:00 PM , Blogger Appleblossombeck said...

vanda: you have nooo idea! My middle sister started it, she had this crazy obsession and would just tack the word llama onto things...for a couple of years we got mail addressed to jane llama pretty regularly, even tho her name is mackenzie...she's madsilly on a level close to Robin Williams in the Fisher King that way (without the tragedy), it's brilliant and hilarious.

At 12:21 AM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

Considering how many of my friends I've had to teach things like quesedillas and 'how to boil an egg', I'm not surprised, though the thought does make me a bit squidgy with concern.

You'd think some people would give you a look of "I'm supposed to eat THAT?!" if you just show them an apple these days. sheesh.

Damn, now I'm hungry for fruit.

And yay for pretty site updates!

At 12:56 AM , Blogger tuaregblue said...


As a foodie, I just gotta *shudder* at that story. What do you think this lady's family would do if they knew food grew outta the ground?? *lol*

At 6:13 AM , Blogger Starshadow said...


As one who belongs to the "throw whatever is available in a pot and let it stew" school of cookery, I am amazed by that anecdote. Even with all the prepared stuff in the supermarket today, any Filipina worth her salt is expected to know how to throw together a basic soup or what to season a chicken with before tossing it into the turbo broiler.

I wonder how that person would react in a "wet" market (fish, meats, chicken).

At 6:48 AM , Blogger ivenotime said...

Probably run away screaming...My sister seriously does not like meat to look like "meat"-she ordered a turkey salad once, and when the turkey arrived in strips cut from the breast she couldnt eat it - it wasn't in processed cubes. poor dear. Come to Michigan this summer all ye who love llamas and fibre! LOTS of farms midstate and a huge fibre festival in August concentrating on those who start from scratch and the animals that produce it. Really cool - I've entered the lotteries to win a llama but never do. My favorites are the angora bunnies, just beautiful. This June, Grand Rapids is hosting the Handweaver's Guild of America convention bringing in weavers/spinners/basketry/fibre embellishment/silk painters from all over the country. The selling room is amazing - the colors and fibres are glorious. I went to one in Minneapolis a number of years ago, and can't wait for this one in my own back yard.

At 7:05 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

I love the angora bunnies like they love llamas! The first time I saw them I idn't think they were real, but toys....

It is scary this food thing. People are crazy fat and really really don't know how to eat, or cook or about food. I didn't know much , then I came to work for my boss and he taught me, 14 years ago.

I remember once he got tired of me waling about the lack of Indian places to eat around here ( ie: none ) and he bought me Indian cookbooks.

So simple.

At 7:49 AM , Blogger vandaluna said...

apple: your sister sounds awesome!! I loved the Fisher King.

ivenotime: oh, you are so lucky to have all that so close to you.

lorraine: having a lack of restaurants here in PC,FL, I have to cook to get decent food. One thing I've found is that I can make food better than you can get out and for a whole lot cheaper. A $25/plate meal for $25 for four people with leftovers! The childling loves my curried chicken in coconut milk with, of course, cardamon pods.

I've always had friend who love to cook and are very good at it too. One of the really fun things I've enjoyed is getting together with friends over the years and preparing fabulous meals together. It is a way to spend time and share awesome food. It is also a great way to learn new things about cooking. Everybody does something different or that I didn't know about and I leave feeling like the people I've cooked with have become part of me in a way.

Oooh, I love to make my own homemade salad dressings with herbs I've grown myself!

Now everyone! Go cook!! ::snicker::

At 7:59 AM , Blogger Appleblossombeck said...

One of my favorite ways to get new cooking idas is to watch the Iron Chef...not because I can cook like them, but because they will put the *wildest* flavors together. The other night I think it was a mole made with maple syrup instead of chocolate. So neato.

ivenotime: that festival sounds like the most fun! I hope someday I get to go. I love angora bunnies too, I had an angora sweater in high school that I got for about $2 at Goodwill. I think something that comforting is as good as a drug. I lost it along the way, and I just hope someone else is enjoying it now.

At 12:48 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

yeah for Angora Bunnies and Llamas...and coconut curry with cardamom pods.

I have one actress friend that doesn't even make her own tea. It's the weirdest thing to be thought of as "a down home country girl" I guess out here I am.

At 3:02 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

To be fair, there are people who eat all their food raw. I don't personally know any, but they do exist. Not that I think said clerk was one of those people, either.

"Food Fairy"
Hee, hee, hee. ;)
That's one I'll have to remember. I usually use, "I can't twitch my nose and make it appear," when my two year old is having a fit because her food is not right in front of her. Not that either of my girls have any clue what I'm talking about. Well, at least not yet.
I've even made wrap sandwiches using whole wheat sandwich bread I flattened with a rolling pin. My four year old declared it better than those we've bought at the grocery store.

At 6:37 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

um, I believe angora sweaters are made from angora sheep, not angora bunnies.... at least, I sure hope they all are.

yeah for creative cooking

At 2:21 AM , Blogger K said...

Goats. Angora goats. Although you can spin and knit the brushings from your angora rabbit, if you want. It might take a while to get enough fluff, though.

I'm commenting late, only because this made me think of that quote from Coraline: "You know I don't like recipes."

I'm ashamed to say my mum does almost all the cooking in our house, but I'll cook if I'm making the meal. Not with great enthusiasm, but really, what's the alternative?

At 6:47 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

yes, that's what I meant...thanx.

At 9:32 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

I know this is a while ago, but do remind me to bring up Iron Chef at some point, possibly one of the greatest shows going!

At 3:18 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

In answer to Lorraine's earlier question about avatars:

The use of "avatar" in the sense of a graphic representation of self dates to Ultima IV (1985), in which the user was attempting to become "an avatar". Later Ultima games assumed you had beaten IV so refered to you as "the Avatar". This use was picked up by role playing games, most notably Shadowrun, and then finally popularized by Neal Stephenson in _Snow Crash_ (1992), wherein it achieved its current meaning.

Stephenson claims he thought he was coining the use originally, but surely he had at least some familiarity with Shadowrun (IMHO).

At 6:45 AM , Blogger K said...

Zara, a friend of mine, has a regular recipe-swap feature on her blog called "Aluminum Chef". Which is very funny, and occasionally features chicken breasts in the shape of the Pope and such.

At 1:40 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

RE: Angora bunnies and Angora goats and their fibers

The contemporary use of the term "angora" as regards to fiber is to the fluff combed off of Angora rabbits. It is very spinnable, as I have spun it mixed with an unknown white wool. There are lots of spinners who own Angora rabbits; there are even e-lists for them.

The fiber which comes from the Angora goat is now referred to as "mohair." It is a "slick" fiber with a beautiful sheen that takes dye well. I personally don't like spinning mohair by itself due to its slickness, and it gets everywhere.

The difference in terms for the fiber began at least 15 years ago, though I don't know exactly when the differentiation started. It gets more complicated when you start talking about cashmere, which also comes from Angora goats. If you come across the term "chiengora," that is yarn that has been spun from dog fur regardless of the breed of dog.

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