Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Sword of LaM

Happy New Year tomorrow everyone! Miles and I will be spending our new year in Disneyland! Maybe....
You see, it's raining here like mad. I guess it's a big deal for Hollywierd. I love the rain. It washes away all the pollution out of the air AND it smells so clean! Today is about getting ready for our guests. We have one of Miles friends and his family coming to stay for a few days. That means putting all the skulls and books in order to make room for company. We have WAY to many books...and skulls.. (As if that were possible) Books are like shoes and can never have too many. So, throughout the day I'll be posting some cool bits. Lorraine will be rocking the house tonight. Wish I were there screaming with her. I told her to wear 3 times as much makeup as she thinks looks good. (The lights take over 75% off you know) So, if you see her looking like a mini nocturna, it's my fault.
Let us know what you're up to.
With pirate skulls and buried treasure,



At 9:13 PM , Blogger Appleblossombeck said...

Happy New Year everybody! I spent the evening playing catch with a two and a four year old, who apparently thought I'd invented it, and deemed it "a *really* good game" Sooo much fun! Blessings and joy to every one in this new year!

At 9:58 AM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

oh man! did you go to D-world?!?!
i love that idea for the new year...
am still east coast, but flying home the 4th,
this vaca has run a tad too long, and now i am
caught by that dread sick.
can't wait to see the lovely ladies...
kitty the fierce

At 8:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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