Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!!!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving is upon us, and it was a long day, so it's a quick post you are getting tonight. The Fiends are traveling, and cooking, and looking forward (or not) to seeing family and friends, and to coming back and sharing the adventures.

For me, Miss Kitty is coming! Which is Holiday enough at any time. And heightened by the fact I have promised her dinner that is not ordered from the local Pizza Place. It's funny, I am, if I may flatter myself, a really good cook. I made what may have been a nearly perfect omelet this morning for Boss, with Irish cheddar, and a side of avocados and tomatoes.

I love cooking Indian food. A couple weeks ago I did a surprise brunch for four, catered a soiree for 40, (with Bison Chili, tomato soup and baked potatoes) and followed it up with breakfast for 15. My nearly favorite show is Top Chef.

But faced with cooking at home I seem to turn into a dithering culinary idiot.

I had thought I might do, duh, Quiche Lorraine for Kitty, how hard can that BE? But apparently it is not a good make ahead of time dish and we are going to get home from the airport rather late. Fortunately, my French teacher, Le Proff, took matters into her own hands after hearing my somewhat stumbling dinner plans.

She bade me come over today, and sent me away with turkey, ready for heating she had made, and a tub of cornbread stuffing she had just made for me, AND proudly pulled out not one but TWO tins of cranberry sauce, the smooth and the chunky (Who knew????) and offered me a selection of potatoes and yams, should it be needed and asked questions like "You DO have a pot, don't you????"

Bless her. Kind of, for me, summed up what Thanksgiving and the Holiday ought to be. Kitty and I and the Bengals will dine on turkey, and eat ice-cream and clementines, and just be happy here at the Spooky House.

Here's a few pictures just to make this visually interesting and because I have a camera now and CAN...The Evening Adventures of Bengal Venus!

"Her feet! Her feet! Ah, the smell of them!!!!!!!"

"I know there are credit cards in there SOMEWHERE....Mmmwwwhahahah!"

And finally, proving once and for all that Benglas KNOW how to party in the winter!

I hope however and where ever you are, that your day is a fine one, and you are as happy as I am. A special hello and welcome to our recent de-lurkers! Be happy with us, and we promise not to let Adriandalen get too out of control, playing with new Fiends.


Love and cozy,


At 6:53 PM , Blogger Dragonsally said...

True generosity, but then you deserve it Lorraine, you're so generous with the puddy tats and we Fiends.

Perfect puddy tat photos too.

I'm with you on cooking indian food - oh yum

At 6:57 PM , Blogger Dread Val said...

Have dominated freeways; about to go pwn the graceey store now.

That's an awesome thanksgiving gift your teacher gave you!

At 7:04 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

She is prety cool, Le Proff.

Dread Val, she says nervously, how exactly down one PWN a grocery store? Are you taking this dominating the world too far?

At 7:10 PM , Blogger Jess said...

Huzzah! Tubs of food! Two types of cranberry sauce! ANd hardly any cooking! That's my kind of Thanksgiving. :D Le Prof ce magnifique! Zut alors!


Est-ce que vous vous.

Happy Day to everyone!

At 7:12 PM , Blogger Jess said...

Q: pwning is like owning, but with a P. I don;t know why. It just is.

At 7:22 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Dread Val is going to own the store??

Eska vu vu indeed!!!!!!!

At 7:26 PM , Blogger AletaMay said...

This is the proper holiday spirit, to be sure. Wonderful holiday you'll be having and wonderful humans and felines making it so!

I have decided not to attend the gathering I was invited to tomorrow in favor of getting some stuff done that I have been avoiding. I feel very good about this decision. I want this whole long weekend to be focused on this project. I am thankful that I have the option to do this.

Tonight I will observe the traditional Thanksgiving Eve ritual of listening to Alice's Restaurant.

Happy cooking and travels or not as the case maybe!

At 7:27 PM , Blogger Jess said...

Well: by "own" she actually means "dominate." She's going to totally pwn it. Or you might say that the store will be utterly pwn3ed. Nothing shall stand in her way. Orly! Ya Rly!

I am ashamed to know these things. I'm a grown woman with a full command of the English language, FFS.

Roffle. Lolzors.

At 7:27 PM , Blogger AletaMay said...

Own like... win, not like property.

netspeak is weird.

At 7:29 PM , Blogger AletaMay said...

Jess I sorta like being old and knowing this language. Surprises the young 'uns!

At 7:46 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I'd forgotten about Alice's Resteraunt! Here's to staying home, I would be if Kitty wasn't coming in, I LOVE a day where I don't have to go anywhere or do anything.

I don't EXACTLY know what you guys are talking of ho...

At 7:55 PM , Blogger AletaMay said...

Thanksgiving was at one of my brothers homes for years. His wife and I would stay up late on Thanksgiving Eve and do prep in the kitchen. At some point my brother would put on Alice's Restaurant and join us in the kitchen. Good times! I finally bought the album a couple of years ago so I could keep up the tradition. Great song.

At 8:00 PM , Blogger Dread Val said...

Yeah, sorry, used l33tspeak:

I totally pwned the grocery store. I not only found the last two small turkeys in the store, I gave one to the other woman looking for a small turkey. Made the butcher reprice them correctly, too. No way was a 9-pound turkey $53. 'ORLY?' I said. 'Suxx0rs to be you, butcher-man.'

ph33r me, freeways and grocery stores!

At 8:03 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Clever, clever Fiends..

At 8:20 PM , Blogger Dread Val said...

Thanksgiving Eve! That's so cool. ;) Alice's Restaurant is also cool; that's a good tradition, Aleta!

Now... I just have to thaw this turkey, as it was completely and utterly frozen. And then tomorrow I'll start the roasting and the real cooking.

Tonight, I think I'm going to paint. After I finish dinner, which so far has consisted of... Guinness. I'm, uh, fasting. Yeah, that's it, fasting to prepare for tomorrow.

At 8:26 PM , Blogger Bridget said...

Mmmm, both types of cranberries... Le Proff restores my faith. As a kid, I recall the smooth cranberries being served for every day meals, and the chunky cranberries being pulled out for special fancy dinners like Thanksgiving. I'm not sure why, but I have adhered to that as an adult.

Ariandalen: Mmmm, brains.

Dragonsally: Ford sez, "Puuuurrrrr." He is usually more vocal than that, but he has a full tummy, and the bed is both warm and cool depending on the angle of his stretch.

To many others: De-lurking good. Procrastinating evil. More de-lurking. Less procrastinating. I could get used to that.

Apparently I have resorted to two-word sentences. Might be time for bed. I'll take the warm side.

At 8:30 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Dread al, you are not fasting . Hello? I seem to recall Guiness IS food...

Bridget, yes...Be with us... hours of love and fun....Two word sentences are just fine....Can you tell us where you are from? We have a Skull Map where Fiends can put a Skull on where they are from, but the new site is not yet up with it on.

Oh, by the way, new site is in progress, soon Fiends, you will have your own home, and it will be on the side of the street where all th lights are burnt out....

At 8:41 PM , Blogger Fluffy said...

Fangs for the welcome, fiends! I am now going to iTunes to download Alice's Restaurant (and Massacree) which we haven't had in years. See, we had it on vinyl but it was actually Good Sister's and we nobly gave it back so we haven't listened to it while cooking TDay dinner in ages.

Thanks for the reminder, all! Alice's Restaurant PWNS!1!

At 8:43 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I love it that we have a Fiend named Fluffy. She ought to be our mascot.

At 8:51 PM , Blogger na said...

I am getting all bah-humbug on this holiday. Not seeing a cheerful holiday in my immediate future. Having the parental unit here is ratcheting up the stress only two days in, waaaayyy ahead of schedule.

Have dominated a few candy-covered chocolates, a mountain of laundry, and a grocery list (happily, though, I too found the last two small turkey breasts, buried underneath the big ol' things). Need to take this domination thing outside!

Looking for the bright spots - lately located and now in possession of two out-of-print Borderlands story collections. Wheee! All in our home are happy and healthy as can be. And here a chance moment to follow up on loads of fiendish posts + comments, with happy cats, sparkly minds, stories of generosity and bravery and comraderie, found keys, a new language to learn... And I laugh just _thinking_ about "Alice's Restaurant". "And there I was, sitting on the Group W bench." *whew*

l4t0r, Fiends! Merry Thanksgiving.

At 8:56 PM , Blogger na said...

P.S. Eska vou vou, Fluffy and Bridget and DataGoddess, from a fellow recent delurker.

At 9:01 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Na, take heart, the FIends are here for you, and anyone to whom the Holiday gets too much..

I mean, what are Fiends for?

We KNOW. We work, we create, we are the people whom the household revolves around, we dream, and we do....

At 9:01 PM , Blogger AletaMay said...

na -- so glad you could find some joy in the midst of the stress. I am listening to it right now and it is making me happy too!

I'm off to sleep.

'Night Fiends!

At 9:08 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

OK. So I am making tea. Mim jumps up, butts the kettle, hot water goes onto me, I yelp, Mim jumps, knocks the Very Sharp Knife block off the counter onto the floor, lands on the cat food dish, breaking it into a million peices....

Bengal reaction? Wow. Cool!

Sigh, drinking tea, which I clearly need and going to BED.

At 9:09 PM , Blogger Fluffy said...

Well, I'm having a dilemma - I think I'll go for the delayed gratification - not my usual style, but you can't buy ARMassacree individually from iTunes. I googled the greatest hits album and you can only get that in CD. Hmf. According to someone on Amazon, Mr. Guthrie is on the outs with his label. So that's deciding me - if he won't sign on the digital download thing he must have a good reason, so I'm ordering a CD online. But what do I know?

My fellow Pratchett fans online sometimes cal me Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds, after the loldog of the evil-looking puppy.

na, keep up the chocolate and chant "ONLY [insert # of days here] to go!!" over and over until you calm down. If that doesn't work, just ***put the shovel down*** and go for a nice walk in the fresh air!

At 9:14 PM , Blogger na said...

Oh, I'll find the joy if I have to hunt it down and pin it to the floor with a bardiche... ;)

At 9:17 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I know some artists who are against the digital download thing. I thik they are not thinking clearly. It is very much where things are, and very much where music IS.

Music has changed a LOT in the last bunch of years, there is not so much big record company, and if you are good, and online, you are there. You can build so much and make your own calls.

Look what Amanda Palmer is doing? Her totaly lame record company saying she should pull images from her vid, (because they think she looks fat??HELLO???) and her new thing is not "MArketable" lol, she has never BEEN so successful.

Gives one something to think on..

At 9:22 PM , Blogger na said...

fluffy - LOL

Determined to rise earlier than usual, to make sure I can walk the dragonets to their schools rather than driving. Fresh air for me and a legitimate reason to be out and about for an extended mo.

AND I've just remembered, at the mention of tea, that I have at least one more packet of chai, and some honey and soy. w00t To tea and to sleep, with a stop in Bordertown. 'Night fiends.

At 9:27 PM , Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh oh oh - Fluffy - you're another Pratchett fan *high fives Fluffy*
Val, Q beat me to it. Guiness is definitely a food group for we females.
which reminds me I have some in the fridge. Might be a good way to end a busy day. hell, it IS a good way to end a busy day

At 9:28 PM , Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh, I meant to say...Amanda Palmer FAT???? What planet are those people from?

At 9:34 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Happy ThxGiving All

Fluffy, welcome!!! I vote taht you get the honorific of Destroyer of Worlds here too.

yeah... less than 60 posts!!! I haven't been able to keep up with all the comments lately... so I haven't said anything. (I was gonna say less than 30 posts but at least 7 people posted while I was typing).

Have fun Lorraine and Kitty!!


I heart L33tspeak!!

I know this is already covered but pwn sounds like own (pronounced PONE)... and means that one person has beaten another at something or successfully dealt with a difficult situation... like you won something. It is used as a verb. Val totally pwned that store. Meaning that she accomplished a difficult task. You can also use it as a noun... like 'your pwnage is extreme'.

I always thought it came from people saying 'I owned your ass at that game' and typing it incorrectly. I think it's one of these things come from people typing quickly, making a typo and creating an in-joke.... when you think of it that way it is just like Fod!!! I find that fascinating.

At 9:38 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

ach.. I just started reading a new Pratchett book. w00t

and I totally agree with everything Amanda has been doing... being herself... in spite of her label. I read about the whole thing on her blog recently. I think her music is great and honest... and honesty and being true to yourself and your art... that is the big thing.

Belly Solidarity!!!

At 9:38 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Sally... Planet Hollywood perhaps? oohh bad pun, sorry.

At 9:41 PM , Blogger Dragonsally said...

made me laugh Rubius, I thought it was rather clever

At 10:14 PM , Blogger gaypet said...

Guiness is like a loaf of bread. SO food. Sadly not vegetarian so not for me but I do love it! It is vitamin V (vodka) and O.J. for me tonight. Should be cooking or sleeping but, whatever! :)

Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds must be the mascot!

Q, I know the cooking dilemma thing. Sometimes cooking for one or two is so much harder than for a crowd. It sounds like it has worked out very well. I hope you and Kitty have a lovely and restful evening!

At 10:23 PM , Blogger gaypet said...

Ha! A friend sent me this and I think we need the Mistress to make a version with skulls! I am a proud crazy cat lady (although I no longer have so many cats as I once did) and thought some other fiends might relate.

At 10:31 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Hey! I resemble that remark!

And after I had a root canal done today. ::pout::

Oh! Hi, Fluffy! Wilkommen! Croeso!

"I wanna kill! I Wanna Kill! I WANNA KILL!"

At 10:39 PM , Blogger Rubius said...


oh dear, Ariandalen... that's not good. hope you feel better soon... and that the urge to kill fades... and quickly.

hey all you crazy cat ladies (I suppose I'm one in the making, I only have one feline overlord) have you seen Cute With Chris?

At 10:45 PM , Blogger Beez said...

Oh Gayle- I love the shirts. I think I will get one and write "barking mad" in front of the cat lady part. good to be home where the fiends are. 'twas a long night (and day) of work and I have decided that I am not cooking tomorrow. I will be alone, I will order Chinese...and there shall be Duck. Yummeh.

I'll do the T-Day meal this weekend with Thee Childe. He gets turkey twice and gets to see his little cousins and I get to read, nap and have someone deliver the food.

Total win-win.

All you fiends have full and generous and happy holidays, however you celebrate it- or don't.

*hugs* to all.

Quiche- you and Kitty have the bestest time. Bengals and turkey.

At 10:45 PM , Blogger Dragonsally said...

feline overlady just caused nasty cleanup experience. cat runs two inches from the litter tray. on the carpet. *sigh*

At 10:47 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Uuhhhh...did I say that out loud? ;)

I told you I had a second set of horns coming out.

At 10:59 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Happy Thanksgiving for the fiends who celebrate and a good Thursday for the others.
Cats seem to be attracted to foot wear. Regular fetishists they are.

Funny enough It had crossed my mind that you might make quiche lorraine.
You can reheat it you know...

I am glad someone clarified the pwned thingie. It looked more like a Welsh word to me...

Now what else needs commenting?
Brains (nicely poached with lemon butter sauce)
Demons (We need them)
Kitties (We need them as well. Despite them being real demons too)
World domination (Dan is asleep)
Guiness (Guiness?*shudders*)
Delurkers (we need more)
Teeth (it will go better, dear)
All set.

At 11:13 PM , Blogger Beez said...

[hopefully]Someone could drink Guinness for me [/hopefully]

I'm tired and starving and I badly need a Designated Drinker.

Guinness would cover the food -and- the drinkage part.

At 11:27 PM , Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Val--Guinness liquid diet!! Yah!!!!
Continue domination, you represent :)

Ariandalen--what, no whack drugs? No Fair!! You so EARNED them.

na--Sympathies... Parental Units: can't live with them, can't ah, commit patri/matricide. Just isn't classy.

Oh,those Borderlands books. Which ones did you get? The collections, Will's, what?. PART of what brought we Cali dancers and faire folk and the Minneapolis crowd together.....(I'm thinking that and Boiled in Lead)
Funny but true--friend at an DoD school says "hey, I found a used copy of that book you told me to get."
Me "Cool"
Him "Yah, there's a picture, looks kinda old, stuck in the pages....and some other pieces of paper. The picture looks familiar"
Me "'s ME!! At RenFaire, back in Twin Palms (er, the tent area we lived in) with LONG HAIR!!"
insert Twilight Zone theme music here...
next thought "I don't remember that picture being taken.....:("

Thank you all for advancing my vocabulary re pwn. Like to think can read many languages of intratubes...but obviously have much to catch up with.

At 11:28 PM , Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Beez--will Pumpkin Ale do? Local microbrewery has provided growlers...

But I can't help you until tomorrow (have to go learn how to brine a turkey from mom, now. Go ahead and laugh....sure it's simple to folks who've already done it!!)

At 11:46 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Lys, that's truly wierd.

Ariandalen.. you are letting your inner demon show. Naughty Ariandalen. Naughty.

Beez, wish I could help. Like your punctuation.

Nat, cats as foot fetishists??? You + your imagination = dangerous territory. but funny.

You know the worst part of US Thanksgiving? Being Canadian. We had our holiday in October so I am missing the turkey muchly. Enjoy!!

At 11:46 PM , Blogger Marjorie said...

Welcome Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds :-)

Guiness Good, yes, but, but - In the Fridge!?! Anathema. Don't let the Irish hear you put it in the fridge.

Must go to work now, only signed in to make sure I get e-mail commenrts really. Will comment more, later, whe I'm supposed to be working.

At 11:55 PM , Blogger Dragonsally said...

I am happily enjoying a Guinness. Yum,yum, yummy

At 12:01 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

paper pwns rock pwns sissors pwns paper

and although I don't drink beer, I DO know that guinness pwns other beer

bedtime pwns me

At 1:31 AM , Blogger Marjorie said...

I think it's Thrsday where most of the Feinds are, now, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING - I hiope that those of you who are spending the day with families (whether of the blood or of the heart, or both) have a wonderful time, that everyone's turkey cooks to perfection and that, al in all, a good time is had by all!

Q - Your prof rocks. Enjoy the turkey. I see from BossBlog that he's making cranberry jelly - if he doesn't report back on whether it set or no, I think you should....

Also - great photos! And big wave and hugs for Kitty!

Love & cranberries

At 1:59 AM , Blogger louisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to one & all!!

At 3:22 AM , Blogger Lexocat said...

Heh. Many years ago I had a friend with whom the following exchange had to occur before we could move on to any real conversation.

Him: Alice

Me: Remember Alice?

Together: It's a song about Alice.

Just in case anyone needs all the words

Happy Thanksgiving, Fiends!

PS Gayle, Guinness not vegetarian? I clearly don't know enough about what goes into it, then.

At 4:03 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

That is the strangest song ever.

At 6:35 AM , Blogger DataGoddess said...

Late to the party as usual, but migraine=going to bed early last night.

Happy Thanksgiving to all US fiends, Happy Thursday to the rest of you.

Today is marathon watching of the LotR movies (expanded editions, of course) and at some point will put a turkey in the oven. Maybe.

At 7:41 AM , Blogger Phiala said...

Oh, I'm going to comment without reading them all...

I am in Michigan, and apparently they have internet here too, but only because the nice ATT man came last night and made it work.

Happy Thanksgiving, all (and yes, I know that many of you are not in the US, but you can have holiday wishes anyway)!

I'm making rolls right now (in the oven, smell lovely), leaving for the relatives' house in an hour or so (must shower first!), and all is well (except Nick is home sick and not in Michigan at all).

At 8:18 AM , Blogger gaypet said...

I am finishing up the lemon meringue pie. I hope I can get it to the party and not eat it first.

Guinness has fish bladder in to do something or other.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Whether having a holiday or no.

At 8:42 AM , Blogger scored4life said...

Good morning all!

I don't have anything poetic or such to say, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am thankful for all you Fiends. Even if we don't interact directly, reading your discussions and being made aware that there are indeed amazing and wonderful people all around the globe fills me with hope for this world.

It is one of the many candles that illuminates my night.

Thank you all.

-Dr. Paul

At 8:50 AM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hadn't you heard that Nat-law? You neded to. Once anyway, hee-hee!

There is no late to the party, DataGoddess, it never stops! There are always Fiends here.

I think tha was very poetic, Dr Paul! And we think the same about you.

Happy Happy Day to everyone!

At 9:05 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

oh DataGoddess... I'm jealous of you. I still haven't fully watched the LOTR extended editions... nor have I watched them in a marathon... but I have wanted to since they came out.

one day. one day.

Have a happy turkey day.

At 9:15 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Very sweetly put, Paul. You are part of the fiends too, you know.

At 9:19 AM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

happy grateful day, everyone.
i am flying on the wing to my girl Quey Q's
and i will happily eat crackers for t-giving,
but sounds like i am in for a real treat from the Prof.

meanwhile, Batman is sharpening his claws, tightening down the Batarangs and tuning up the Batmobile for his reunion with Catwoman Selina Kyle...

saw Malena yesterday, she looking gorgeous as always, and she sends a little present with me to give to the Fabulous. She is going to have a houseful today, have fun all!
xox ps did ANYONE watch the finale of True Blood?

At 9:28 AM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Catwomen Selina Kyle is attempting to bust open her stitches. She has EXTRA energy after her surgery.

Mim got hopelessly tangled INSIDE the duvet this morning, I had to rescue the poor dear.

Kitty is coming! I am so excited!

At 9:33 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Poor little Mim. I used a picture of her today for my word of the day thingy... She is such a cute and lively creature.

At 9:42 AM , Blogger Fluffy said...

Hooray! Turkey is going into the oven, in the care of the Spousal Unit, who has smeared it with: local honey from the Romanian Orthodox priest's hives, olive oil, garlic and Penzey's Sunny Spain spice mix. Mmmm. Fluffy Jr. likes the green bean casserole (but not with canned beans) - okay, I do too - low tastes, srysry.

Cute With Chris is pretty damn funny.

The Doctor (spouse) says just buy Alice's Restaurant from iTunes, and with L's vote, settles the question. Good - now I can justify $10 for a song.

Hope you all have great visits and lots of yummy food! Nomnomnom.

At 9:46 AM , Blogger Beez said...


I think we should move the prty to Fluffy's and help her with that turkey- eating it that is :D

Thatks to the reminder Fiends and Quichie- I went early Black Friday shopping at Amazon and now Black Books will be mine whenever I want!

I want to be Bernard when I grow up.

At 9:46 AM , Blogger Beez said...

Clearly can't type.

Need tea

*gasp* *urgle*

At 10:05 AM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Nathilie, that's really beautiful. I want your word of the day for my wallpaper.


I know it has "s" sounds but it also sounds like a perfect name for Le Leopard. I am his Solace, and he is mine. Or will be.

At 10:07 AM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Fluffy, I really read that wrong, about your Spouse and the honey rubbing....

Aren't Itunes song .99?

I am with you on the Tea needing Beez. I want to be Bernard too.

At 10:11 AM , Blogger Fluffy said...

Oh, I guess I left out a critical piece of info - you can only download A.R. as the whole album (for $9.99,) which is what was causing me problems - Puritan ancestors turning over in their graves, etc. Seemed like the wrong day to cause them unrest!

At 10:26 AM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ah, the entire thing eh?

You can watch it and hear it on YouTube, if you don't want to go the buy it route.

At 10:35 AM , Blogger Marjorie said...

Dr Paul - that was pretty poetic, if you ask me!

Fluffy - your turkey sounds yummy - I hope you all enjoy it.
Alice... I have heard that, but not fr ages. May have to wander over to i-tunes, too, now.:-)

At 10:38 AM , Blogger Fluffy said...

The Deed Is Done. It's okay, The Motorcycle Song is also on the album. And I has the pods updated and ready to go.

The Fascist Regime is insisting that now that I'm awake (tanked with half a pot of tea) I must "get dressed." WTHeck?? Jammies aren't clothes??

At 10:47 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

having just found this song on youtube and noticed that it is over 18 minutes long!!! ... I am not surprised that it is not available for only .99... that would kinda be... sad.

Paul, you and these fiends give me hope too.

At 10:48 AM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Depends on the Jammies. I'd wait until you are at full pot to Get Dressed, and make sure the Facist Regime cal pull out a darn good reason for getting dressed.

At 11:00 AM , Blogger Beez said...

Ooh! I'm excited!

(total segue here)

Last year I bought a gorgeous silver tree for Son+ and my Christmas tree- we were making new traditions, and we made it all silver and black- black velvet wire ribbon with silver beads on the edges for garlands, a few black roses that I had.

This year we are going to have some sets of Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride ornaments

At 11:01 AM , Blogger Ticia said...

Kitty - I watched the finale of "True Blood"

I am one of those people who hate it when someone else ruins something I haven't seen yet though, so I won't comment on it here......

Happy Turkey Day all! I feel like I haven't seen you in ages! Between work and getting ready for today, I haven't gotten my fix of fiends. Now that the turkeys in the oven though, I can say "Hi!".

At 11:04 AM , Blogger Dread Val said...

Morning, Fiends!

Trust me, being Bernard-ish is not all you think it is. Why, just this morning, I had to endure the horror of trying to get things accomplished with no Minder, no Minions, and no Office Manwife. I'm doing about as well as you would expect Bernard would -- I've stuck my head under the sink faucet, turned it up to full, and now am thinking about how on earth I'm going to make coffee happen, let alone Thanksgiving dinner for my best friend.

The cat refuses to make coffee. I'd have Dog do it, but she's better suited to guarding.

I think I need to be at Full Pot of coffee before attempting anything more complicated. I'll be dragging the laptop into the kitchen, for reference as I cook. And for Fiendchatter.

Also, must get myself over to Malena's in eight hours.

Ominous thud from the kitchen downstairs; I think the cat's discovered the turkey. Right, then.

At 11:08 AM , Blogger Beez said...

*more laughing*

*awaits further adventures with Val*

At 11:11 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Fiendish chat might be difficult for once as I would expect a good portion of us are already around lunch time and should be tucking into their turkey soon enough (or might still be going around like headless chicken in firght over the meal). Or might be digesting already?

I think I shall go and dominate some more of that Selvapiana. It was far too good to let it go to waste.

At 11:16 AM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Mis-adventures is more like it...

At 11:18 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

Alice's Restaurant was interesting... up until I got to the line (in the lyrics) about the faggots... then I lost all interest. Not impressed.

At 11:31 AM , Blogger Dread Val said...

Oh yes, liveblogging the cooking! Great idea!

No coffee. But, Diet Coke, or single-malt. Should probably pick single-malt. No! Wait! I mean, Diet Coke!


No kitchen twine?! Somehow, I don't think a spare USB cord will quite be the thing. Floss, I'm sure I have some of that...


Best friend just called to say he was on his way and did I need anything. I said, 'er.' He said, 'Ahh. We'll see what you need when I get there.'

At 11:33 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

don't use the flavoured floss!!!

At 11:36 AM , Blogger Dread Val said...

Crap. That's all I have. Minty. Minty goes well with sage and garlic, right? Maybe I need tea.


Hey! Found twine inside an empty box of tea in the pantry.

At 11:45 AM , Blogger na said...

Happy t-day fiends.

About to put the turkey in the oven. Start the rest in a couple of hours.

Beez - I LOVE your idea for tree decorating! So gonna pwn it.

Rubius - why not celebrate both Thanksgivings? We are this year. Just don't wait until November to buy the fresh cranberries if you want them, I discovered - apparently they're all gone.

Lys - I found "Borderland" and "Life on the Border", two of the story collections. Have the newer one, and put the novels on a wishlist my family asked us to make. I've read a few of Windling & Co. anthologies, then read about Border ones and am so hooked.

I learned this morning that a balaclava or good scarf is in immediate order. After walking for about a half hour in the pre-sunrise cold, found I couldn't speak coherently to other preschool parents, as my face had gone numb.

Think I've seen a skull scarf pattern on the Web - wonder if that was one of the thread-gals here.

Cheers all. Slainte. Skal. Prost. Salud.

At 11:46 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

Don't tell me, let me guess... it was an empty container of Twinings tea, right?

Val, you make me laugh. Turkey jealousy rising.

At 11:49 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Boil the floss in strong tea. That should get rid of the nastt minty taste.

At 11:55 AM , Blogger Dread Val said...

Excellent idea, boiling the floss! Heck, why not?

Made red chili oil to rub on the turkey. Used a bit of red savina. MWAHAHA. Now cleaning the sage and wedging it in between the turkey skin and the turkey. Should hurry up and get the turkey in the oven so it looks like I know what I'm doing.

At 11:57 AM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Also because it takes AGES to cook. And then some.

At 11:59 AM , Blogger Marjorie said...

Meh. live action turkey blogging. If it helos, it looks from here that you know what you're doing and you seem to be dominating that turkey like anything.

At 11:59 AM , Blogger Marjorie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 12:01 PM , Blogger AletaMay said...

I don't know Arlo Guthrie's heart when it comes to gay rights. I can say that I have always heard the line with the word "faggots" in it to be more about the military's attitude toward homosexuality than Mr. Guthrie's.

At 12:02 PM , Blogger Jess said...

Floss turkey! Do it. I dare you.

(No, not really.)

Just ducking in to say hi and happy happy to all of you. Not that much is happening here. Mainly standing around mom's kitchen and getting in the way whilst taking pictures of birds at the feeder outside the window. Today's menagerie: chickadees, downy woodpeckers, tufted titmice, white-breasted nuthatches, a single American goldfinch, and a lady cardinal. Hello, and welcome to Oh, wait. :D

Soon I shall finish the butternut squash gratin. I'll let you know whether I ruin it!

At 12:13 PM , Blogger Marjorie said...

Turkey dental floss
Chillies, world domination
Honey, spice and beans

Cranberries and Malt,
Kitty Cat and leopards too
Fiendish Thanksgiving.

At 12:17 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

How appropriate!

At 12:17 PM , Blogger na said...

Turkey floss - maybe that's what that net thing is made of.

At 12:20 PM , Blogger AletaMay said...

One more defense of Alice's Restaurant and Arlo Guthrie. In the original 1967 version he does use that word. In the 30 year anniversery album, which is the one I own, he does not. In fact he says two guys walking in hand in hand "unfortunately, to a lot of people that is still a problem". The context, of course, is ways to avoid the draft.

Love the cooking play-by-plays. I am very Thankful for all the Fiends! (Dr. Score included!)

At 12:24 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Aleta, I could see that being the case.

I just really don't like that word when it is used in that context.

It was an amusing song and the message was interesting.

Boil that floss if you wanna use it... you don't want the floss-wax on your turkey.

oooh Butternut gratin... how do you make that?

I SO should NOT have brought peanut butter and honey for lunch sandwiches today. I want ThxGivin foodstuffs.

At 12:26 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh what fun!!! Live blogging on Thankgiving!

Dental Floss Turkey!

I, however, can top that. Just got back from the store with dessert for tonight.

NOTHING screams Thanksgiving like A DEATH CAKE....

Pictures in a moment, do not be drinking anything when you see it.

At 12:26 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Aleta, thanks.

Maybe I will do a turkey thing this weekend... there is always plenty to be thankful for... but I also have a glass-working workshop all Sunday. I am learning to make glass beads with a blowtorch, I believe. Ought to be fun.

At 12:28 PM , Blogger AletaMay said...

Rubius -- Thank you! Really good to be prodded to look into it.

At 12:30 PM , Blogger Marjorie said...

Death cake! Can't wait...

At 12:33 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Uploading photos now.

Death cake.

I am not talking calorie wise here, I am talking a BLACK and white sheet cake with tombstones!

At 12:39 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Left over from Spook Night?

At 12:40 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

oooh that sounds nice.

My boss's wife got a cupcake-cake around Halloween this year. It was fantastic. I only got to see it after it had been mostly demolished... but the part I saw was decorated with a spooky black skeletal tree on a full moon back ground... with dark blue sky.. very spooky. and my tongue was blue as blue can be for a LONG time.

At 12:43 PM , Blogger Fluffy said...

Death Cake! Death Cake! Sounds like something that will turn yer teeth and tongue black as a... really, really black thing.

I have brie and I have leftover puff pastry - what to do, what to do?

Heh, heh. I'm en-crouting it with cinnamon-pear caramel sauce and chopped walnuts. Ahahaha!!!!!

Yes, I did finish that pot o' tea.

At 12:48 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Should be nice though.

At 12:50 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Wicked indeed!!!!!

New post with further tales of my own culinary adventures is up!!!

At 12:54 PM , Blogger Ticia said...

aarrgggh! I want to talk to fiends, but this pesky cooking thing is getting in the way!

Keep commenting you wonderful fiends - I have two hours and counting until my in-laws arrive!

You (and Dr. Who (Tom Baker episode)) are keeping me company!

At 12:57 PM , Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ticia, come check out the Death Cake on the new post...

Dread Val??? Where are you???? worry...

At 6:10 PM , Blogger Dread Val said...

Well, there might have been a bit of drinking involved in the Thanksgiving dinner preparations. And some dressing that could've doubled as wall spackle. That's the best friend's fault, not mine. The tartest cranberry sauce in existence got made, using Boss' recipe, modified from '2 cups of sugar' to 'whatever's left in the jar.'

But it's all good now. Sobered up. Time to drive to Malena's place in a bit.

At 6:28 PM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

Give Kitty and the kitties our love!

At 7:19 PM , Blogger Phiala said...

Much fun in fiend-land while I was off with the relations, I see. :)

Much turkey was eaten, and even more pie, the company was good, and I even got to pet my mother's antisocial cat when we got back. Once. I even have a witness. After that, we were back to the "I'll hiss at you if you try to touch me" status. By the end of the weekend I expect to repeat the event; I'm already ahead of anyone ever. She is antisocial.

At 8:46 PM , Blogger na said...

Came back over here to say thanks to FabLo and Aleta for encouraging words way up there in this comments section. Came back for a cheering up. Yes, THAT kind of evening. Glad so many are having a good'un, though!

At 8:48 PM , Blogger Dragonsally said...

This comment has been removed by the author.


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